Unusual love

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Charter 10

Ellyan :

Everything is dark and silent around me , at this point I don't know which world I belong to . Humans or death . I lied there paralyzed , I can't feel my body but I can say that I am on a soft thing , but I can't tell what it is .

It's still dark and cold , it is so scary and I don't want to be here just yet . I am too young to die this way , I didnt even fight for my freedom or my dignity , but here I am .. a lonely lost soul that can't find her way to heaven . While my thoughts were all fucked up and messing with my head , I remembered him and his voice , his presence that made me feel safe although he was the danger , he protected me from that man and kept me by his side , he treated me like shit but something is wrong about his behaviour , something is stopping him from showing how kind his heart is , and I suddenly wanted to know , but how am I supposed to do so if I am a spirit ?? HAH ! I will chase him and make him fear me , I felt like laughing but that headache didn't let me live my little moment ..

Wait !? Headache ?? Do ghosts feel this way ??

When I almost believed that I was a ghost , my eyes opened , and my body came back to life but I still can feel how painful it is to move to my elbows and look around the room , and I wasn't dreaming ! I am alive ! I have another chance to prove myself and do things I couldn't do ! And this time nothing and no one will stop it , even H-...

Where is he ?

My mind started thinking about him again since this was his room , it was so dark that I can't even see what's infront of me but thanks to moonlight that peeked from the closed curtains , I scanned the area and tried my best to spot his figure or anything that can help me , only to land on a body sleeping on a chair in a very uncomfortable position . His head was leaning against the wall while his hands were on his parted thighs , he was naked , his things were covered with a towel which is good . My eyes kept going up and down his sexy body , I'm not denying the fact that he is hella attractive with such beauty and figure , basically he is fit , with 6 hard packs , sculpted arms and very hot V shape that goes all the way down .. there .

My face went red at the thought , because I never looked at him or anyone that way but now ... look at what I am thinking and wishing for , that would be a cool show to watch and waste my money on to be honest . I shook my head and threw my legs out of bed , the cold breeze hugged my body and made me shiver , poor William he must be so cold . I looked at the warm blankets and picked one of them then walked towards him just to cover him and maybe admire his beauty from that distance .

I tiptoed towards him and opened my arms to wrap the blanket around his shoulders . He let out a small sigh as the warmth made contact with his cold body , I smiled at the sight and turned around and walked to his bed again , with one move I was lied down with blankets around me protecting me from the harsh weather outside .

Darkness surrounded me , and silence spread throughout. It is a rainy night suitable for nightmares and your worst fears, although it reassures the calmness and tranquility for some , but me .. I am not friendly to such weather, especially now that I need someone to comfort me and tell me that the storm won't hurt me .

I don't know what time it is now but I woke up after a terrible loud sound of a strong thunder , which happened to match my nightmare events . My father was present again , carrying a knife , the same knife that was stuck in my mother's skull after she was found in our basement with a little letter on top of her chest ' you played with the devil '

My eyes shot opend and I froze in my spot , I can't help but tremble like shit . I won't never get rid of him no matter how much I try or do , he is here whether I want it or not .. he is part of my miserable past , painful present and unknown future .

When I came back to consciousness , I felt the presence I used to daydream about when I was imprisoned in that cold room , the same presence that used to hug me and wipe my tears when I felt like giving up but now it was realistic and believable that I can feel his steady breathes caressing the little hairs on my neck . I turned around slowly then the reality hit me on my face strongly, as much as I hate thinking about it .. this man behind me was the one who brought my nightmares to reality , he is the same person who fucked my life and made it upside down not to mention the way he took everything I worked hard for , and all my dreams that burnt infront of me !

I faced the huge window infront of me again as my tears threatened me to escape my eyes , bringing my hand close to my mouth and bite down on it to stop sobs taking over but who am I kidding !

I tried to get up and walk towards the bathroom , at least I will have an opportunity to cry my heart out and reduce the pain a little , only to feel two strong hands crawling from behind to my waist pulling me close to a warm hard chest , his burried his face in my neck and inhaled my scent deeply, oh shivers please .

I tried to get away from his grip but I just made it even more worse ! " Don't move " He said with the deepest voice he could ever made yet it sounded like a growl as well so I obeyed and let it be since I have nothing to do about it , I am not ready for another punishment mentally and physically .

" Why are you crying?? " he asked and I tensed but I remained silent , William sighed and pulled the blankets around us making himself more comfortable . When he finally found the right position and spot be spoke again " I just want you to know that tomorrow you will join the college and continue what you started "

My heart stopped beating and I thought I died for minutes , are you kidding me !!?

" But you will agree on one thing " He stopped and my my heart started racing inside my chest .

" You will be mine .. " he continued and this time I felt died .

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