Unusual love

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Chapter 11 :

Ellyan :

Oh boy no you didn't say that .

Please tell me I am dreaming..

My feelings threatened to explode from my chest , for the first time in my life I do not know what I feel . am I happy that I will return to my previous life ?? Or sad because I will stay attached to this man wherever I am going?? I hope not because that would be so crazy ! But I am so thankful that I will go back to my college and start over hopefully .

I stayed silent for minutes before I nodded , I will figure something out right after I get out of this trouble and hug my freedom, then I might just move on or tell the police ?? Would it work ??I don't know but I am not giving up , I promised myself to get rid of his grip and find a new goal to live for .

His arms wrapped themselves around my waist tightly and pushed me against his chest that I literally feel his heartbeat , though his body is larger than mine maybe twice as much as I can tell , I fit in his arms like a missing piece of puzzle and I somehow liked it - what are you thinking about Ellyan ! No ! Stop it that's not how it should go -I scolded myself and blushed . I hated how he makes me think about him as if he controls my mind even when he doesn't , I should probably do something about it .

Time passed by , my heart and mind finally stopped racing and drifted into the most peaceful sleep I have ever had in my entire life .

Next morning , I woke up to a very annoying sound coming from William's phone . I groaned as I tried to get up but his arms were locked firmly around my waist . I must admit he looks like a devil who just finished a long day of torturing people and giving them troubles , he is literally frowning during sleep but truth must be told his face it's so cute that it makes me wanna kiss the space between his eyebrows to take that frown away .
After satisfying my eyes , I carefully unlocked his arms and got up . I moved towards the huge window and looked at the gloomy sky and people starting their routine , some are taking care of the garden , the other is cleaning a balck car while an old man was cleaning the ground .

" What are you doing there ?? " William spoke from behind and I make me jumped from my spot , his morning voice is something else - omg stop it Ellyan ! You are not going to start this ! - I scolded myself once again at my dirty thoughts .

After a while , William got up and stretched making his shirt to go up a little bit showing his V-line and few hairs of his navel , " My eyes are up here " He teased and I peeled my eyes from his body to his eyes . I shook my head and closed the curtains , he smirked again and moved towards the bathroom to start his morning routine , starting with taking a bath and brushing his teeth then he stepped out the bathroom with a towel hanging dangerous around his waistband .

He came out from his closed with a black suit and white undershirt , it somehow made him look like Lucifer , I mean he is Lucifer when it comes to his smirk and doings and all I was doing is staring and admiring how hot he looks . He did his tie and turned to look at me " We are going to your home after breakfast so get ready " I swear that I feel like a happy puppy or a little kid after he recieved his Christmas gift right now ! I missed my home .

" do you remember our deal " And he knows how to spoil the mood . I don't want to be around that man but there's no way around it .

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom to start my own routine . I stepped in and closed the door . The first thing I notice was a make up bag full of different products and different type of shampoo are standing around it , he must've brought all of these , but is for me ?? I used to watch tutorials on my cheap ass phone that I dont where it is now , they helped me alot and I always loved Jeffree star and Nikkie so today I will try and follow their steps and come up with a beautiful look .

I took a long relaxing bath and dried my hair after that , then put on some clothes that William left infront of the door , it is basically a black oversized hoodie and his boxers .. I wished something longer but this is better than nothing . After I made sure that my body is all clean and set I moved to my face . My skin was already clean and clear - this is probably the only thing I am thankful for - so all I need now is some blush , eyeliner and soft lipstick .

After what it seemed to be 30 mins , I left the bathroom completely proud of how I look ! Gladly , Will left a guard to guide me towards my destination ; this is my very first time walking to this area of this mansion " the kitchen " . It it so big yet beautiful . It contains everything a person needs and unlike other rooms , the kitchen colors tend to be white and gray and other cold colours . A counter made of gray marble took place in the middle of the huge space and it is surrounded by chairs that matched it colour , without forgetting about the chandelier hanging from the ceiling right above the counter which gave it a beautiful scene , it is perfect for a dinner date .

Also there was a woman who is wearing an apron maybe she is the chef but from how she is looking at him and the way he talks to her .. she must be something more than just that . She looked around 60s or maybe more , but her face was so beautiful . With big olive eyes , soft pink lips and black hair cut short . Despite her age she moved around smoothly making breakfast for William and I since there is two plates . I hesitantly walked in , and everyone looked at me including Will . He looked a little dazed , do I look ugly ?? Maybe i really fucked the make up ?? Do I look like a panda because of the mascara ??

But a wave of relief hit me when he smiled and nodded in approval way , I walked towards the empty chair infront of him and sit down .

The old woman served the breakfast and it was so tasty , but she gave me a cut of milk instead of coffee and when I looked at Willima questionably he just said ..

" You need milk to grow up little girl "

Ugh ... This is going to be a long journey .
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