Unusual love

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Chapter 12

Our drive to my home was so silent , he didn't dare to speak neither I so we decided to share that silence . After some minutes we came across a familiar street and buildings . I wasn't living in a very fancy apartment but it was good and cozy , smaller than william's but warmer .

We drived past the library and then I felt happiness climbing up " to your right " I addressed since he asked me to and he just obeyed me . As we got closer I was hyped and ready to start my own life over again .

William parked his car in the parking lot and I immediately opened the car's door and rushed towards the building with him behind me . AHH it's feels so good that I am here finally , I've been waiting for this the whole previous week I spent with him . Without looking at where he is or what he is up to I tried to open my apartment door but then it was locked . Oh no I forgot that I had the key on my bag and it is not with me right now ! What an idiot ! Turning around to come face to face with smirking william , he knows how to piss me off and play along with it .

I glared at him and his amused look dropped right away , and what he did next made me regret what my behaviour . He walked closer and pinned me against the door with both his strong arms beside my head , he got me trapped right where he wanted me to be . " Don't try and show that face to me again little girl " He growled near my ear and for the first time it was an animalistic growl , wow how can he do that ?

I gulped the fear that is climbing in my throat and nodded just to get some space between us and fortunately it worked . Taking few deep breath I said " can .. can you wait her till I get another key from th-.. " without any warning he kicked the door with his leg strongly , I was about to start yelling and protesting when I saw the door wide open . " Did you just break the door !? " I growled and he threw a warning towards me . I sighed and walked in..

It is just the same , same light walls along with pictures of me and flowers in the hallway that leads towards the living area . It is the largest room in my apartment , with TV on the wall and fish pool underneath it , I have a golden little guy there that doesn't have a name because I will forget about it right away . Along with set of sofas and loveseat and a glass table in the middle , too basic but so cozy and light . On my right I have two room , one leading to my room and the other is the kitchen , the toilet is on my the other side of the house .

William seemed to like how my apartment looks , but his eyes fixed on a certain picture of me with my mom . "You look cute with that cute little dress " he teased and I blushed at the compliment and I decided to brush it off instead .

" do you want anything to drink or eat ? " I suggested .

" your food and stuff might be expired by now " He reminded me and I scolded myself , I should've bought what I need on the road but a little rip outside won't hurt .

Before I could say anything he walked towards me closing the space between us , " As much as I hate it , I need to go now but I will come back later to check on you " he said and cupped my cheek . Yes ! Leave I missed myself ! I thought to myself and nodded to him , with no more words he left me in the middle of the room .

I am alone ! And ready to enjoy my time !

William :

I hate faking my feelings but I am doing it now , the only way to get the info I want out of her is getting close from her , and that means showing how much I care even though I don't, only that thought makes me sick in the stomach . I thought about this for a very long time now but I couldn't come up with any other useful ideas more than this one so I am giving it a try .

This morning I had to company her to her house drop her there and see if there's anything particular but jokes on me I found nothing . Only pictures of her graduation and childhood . But there was one with her mom . All in all the house wasn't bad at all as I thought it would be , she worked hard for that little apartment and I don't blame her .

I left the building and drove back to my office , I have a lot of work to do . Especially her past and the events within it , it might lead me to her dad and that means killing the headmaster of all the hunters around the country . that's not easy at all ..

Days past by and shit keeps coming to me , business and deals I have to cancel or go along with it . Lately , when I was searching I figured out that Ellyan's mother didn't have any files or identity , also she was using fake name and that explains alot . Maybe she was in a run from her psycho husband and his workers , but he wouldn't kill her for nothing?? Maybe because of his daughter ?? Or there's some shit going on in that case ?

Rubbing my face with both my hands thirdly , I got up from my chair and walked out the office . I was planning to pay a visit to Ellyan since it's been days and as magnet I need to be beside her . I don't know why but I have to .

The ride from my office to her building took me about 15 mins . When I reached there the door was fixed and locked ,I frowned at the thought but then I remember that she is a college student so she might be there . I took my phone out of my pocket and texted my step-sister about it since she is at the same class as hers . As I expected she sent me the location and I drove there .

When I reached college all the eyes moved to look at me giving me confidence. Not like I need it but that makes girls hyped and it feels disgusting af . I walked through the huge gate and scanned the place . And it is not that bad .

Minutes passed by and I was waiting for her but no she didn't come . Then my sister's laugh guided me towards a group of two guys and two girls I know , one was admiring my sister's look while the other was looking up and down Ellyan's body . I tilted my head at the group , I made my way towards them as I started hearing whispers .

Look at that guy Oh my god .

That's a way to finish our day with .

I want to be in his bed tonight .

I stood behind Ellyan and they all moved their attention towards me , but my little girl didn't .. she knew I was behind and she knew what is waiting for her .

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