Unusual love

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Chapter 13

Ellyan :

When Willima dropped me home and after the conversation we had everything started falling in place , I contacted Elena and she visited me every day and made sure that I am not feeling bad or insecure anymore . I didn't want to tell her about whatever happened between me and her brother because no one wants to start fights especially with me involved so I just shut my mouth and kept it for myself . My first steady week at college went so smooth and exciting as I expected , I roamed around the place and get to know where every class is along with the surroundings . And during that period of time Elena and I met two cute guys who happened to be our classmates . One of them was Tom , taller than both of us , his dirty blonde hair was cut short with high cheekbones and sharp jawline but his eyes attracted me more than the rest if his body , they were like ocean and I'm ready to swim . Without mentioning the pierced nose and lip that add more hotness . The second was okay , shorter than Tom . His skin was warm toned almost like caramel which I really adore . His eyes were black and so his breaded hair with full lips and acceptable jawline .. his name was Jim .

We hang out together every Friday after classes , Jim showed alot of affection and emotions to Elena which isn't really surprising , I mean the girl is breathtaking and her attitude is so sweet and full of love , fun . Honestly she represents the best example of the ideal bestfriend but nevertheless no one wants to get to her bad side or else you are so fucked up . then there is me an open book to everyone to read , what a life .

Today is like every friday we attended our last class and during that we planned where we are going , Tom wants to watch a movie while Jim suggests beach walk and I immediately accepted the second option because why not . Tom smiled and scanned my body , his eyes held another emotions I couldn't tell . Elena used to pull my legs with the heated looks he gives me but I always brush it off and pretend it never happened though I wasn't really annoyed which is suprising . Maybe .. I like him a little .

According to my personality , I'm not a social or fun person even when I was a little girl . Playing with dolls wasn't something I needed and I didn't go out like the rest of my peers . And what do you expect from a girl who used to see weapons and her mother being violated by her own love ? Literally nothing . All of that reflected negatively on me , on my relations and attitude towards the others rather it is male or female .

Elena looked between Tom and my blushing self and laughed her heart out . I know why she is making this scene but not everyone here shares the same point of view .

Tom snorted and crossed his arms " What's up with you Elena ? " he asked biting the inside of his cheek to remain serious even though he wasn't , to make things worse he pulled me closer to him and looked at my now red face . " Oh so you are laughing at her little red face " he joked and I threw a soft punch at his side , he jerked off and steps back in surrender . " D-Don't say that " I faked a glare and smiled in the end .

Everyone was laughing and joking around till I felt a presence behind me . They all went quiet and looked at whoever is standing behind my figure . Unable to look behind I winked at Elena in hope to know who is this . She smirked and said out loud " Oh my dear brother payed us a visit " as these word left her mouth my face fell and my colours drained from it completely , I suddenly felt cold and lost control of my body . He can't be here , I thought it's over and now everyone will mind his business ! What in hell is he doing here ?

" Turn around " His deep voice demanded , and unconsciously I obeyed as if he used a special power or a spell to control my body . I looked at the most handsome yet devilish face I've ever seen in my entire miserable life . All the memories kicked my mind's door and rush back to me , all the pain he put me through and all the horror he forcibly implanted in me .

" Cat got your tongue ? " here comes the troubles . Bending down till his face was so close from me that if I moved forward just liiiiiiiittle bit out lips would meet . Tom held my shoulder and pulled me backwards towards his chest . I am wide awake but I swear I just saw william's eyes turns from blue to gold but it stayed for secs that no one noticed but me since our eyes locked .

" You are giving her bad time man , back off " Tom spoke from behind and tightened his grip on shoulder as if he is telling me I am here don't worry . The whole atmosphere changed from fun to dangerous and they both sent dead stars at each others but from what I noticed , William was more tense and scary than the guy standing behind who was now kinda shaking .

Thankfully Elena saved the situation and held my hand , " Okay guys we are not fighting now , how about lunch?? " she suggested and everyone nodded but me and William , we were just looking at each other and fucking hell he looks so damn sexy when he is pissed off , I should do that very often just to see these looks . My skin tingled and I bit my lip out of my mind which made him smirk and nod accepting his sister's invitation .

What did I do !? I am so stupid ! Cursing my stupidity , I just gave up and followed the group with William beside me all the time .

When we reached the restaurant , everyone took their seats around a tall table and started joking around but nothing changed between Tom and william . They locked their stares again but suddenly William gave a murderous smirk which sent chills down my spine and at that moment I knew that he was planning something and whatever that thing is .. someone will get hurt .

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