Unusual love

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Chapter 14

Ellyan :

Lunch passed peaceful and everything was settled down right after William joined the chit chat but that didn't stop him from sending deadly gazes at Tom . Elena herself didn't hide her irritation towards her brother's behavior while Jim kept kicking his friend's leg to calm down . All in all I'm glad that no one got out of the restaurant dead or at least hurt .

Tom was never relaxed and ready to insult soemone so in our way to a coffeeshop he got close from me , or we can say .. william .

" Ey man I never get to introduce myself , I'm Tom fucking Harper " he snapped and my eyes were about to fall from their place , and immediately the atmosphere became tense again but what I didn't expect was Will smiling to Tom . " Yeah I figured . That's what parents call a sperm like you , and honestly I feel bad " his smirk deepened as he continued " William and my last name is none of your concern " as he finished , I'm sure that whatever Tom saw in his eyes was creepy enough to make colours drain from his face but that didn't stop him from returning the smirk " cool " . William chuckled deeply and I wished the circumstances were different to admire that sound he made .

Elena and I exchanged looks both trying to understand what just happened between these two but we brushed it away . As we made our way towards our destiny I felt a set of hands making their way towards my waist , I jumped and tried to get away but it was just Tom . I let out a yelp and laughed nervously as I started walking again a little bit faster when I saw the group got away from us and the discomfort of his movement but Tom did not take that into consideration and tried again , this time he got his arms locked around me . " T-Tom this .. this is not wha-.. "

" Shhh .. I'm not trying to do anything I'm just trying to calm my shit " He admitted . I never thought that hugging someone this way calm you down but I hate it when I make contact with whoever the person is , especially a man because their intentions are never good and that's what Tom exactly proved . He tightned his grip and inhaled my scent deeply , when he was about to place a kiss on my neck I felt a strong warm hand snatching me from Tom's embrace who was now growling in irritation . " You digged your own grave buddy " my breathes hitched and my knees became weak .. oh boy nothing is going to be okay now that William found out .

" oh ? What are you saying ?? " Tom in the other hand was ready to start a fight and sent a challenging look . The man behind me wasn't as patient as Tom so he charged towards him and with a blink of an eye , my friend was pinned on the wall from his collar and his face red . " No one touch what's mine , you get that you little piece of shit ? " he growled and Tom struggled . The way he said 'mine' sent chills down my spine and made the butterflies break free , I mean I don't know why he is calling me his when I'm no body's . While I was deep in thoughts Tom was beaten to death and his lip bleeding because someone just tore his lip piece from it place . My heart was about to stop beating , I have to do something before William kill hin ! So I charged towards them both and grab Will's arm and tried to pull him away " William stop ! Please you are going to kill him ! " a whimper left my mouth as I look at unconscious Tom , I don't know how but I get to stop him from going any further .

He stood up and shook his hand and clenched it many times before looking down at my hands around his palm " No no no .. shhh don't cry flower " he said as softly as he could while wiping tears that escaped me with his other hand " let's go " He spoke and threw one gaze at Tom before holding my hand and walking the opposite way . " wait we can't leave him there ! " I argued and he glared at me in return " My sister is on her way there " He answered .

How will she know !? He didn't even call her !? Or maybe she noticed Tom and I absent ? Did he tell her about him beating him ??

I want to ask more questions but I don't wanna anger him more than he already is so I just shut my mouth and followed . I galaced at his hand and noticed how bloodied and raw it is , unconsciously I run my fingers along his knuckles and he didn't even move . His hand was big and warm but rough when it needed and the prove is right infront of me .. He chuckled and looked down at me " what are you doing ?? " he asked sarcastically and I shrugged in return . I don't really know what I am doing but his hands needs attention and bandages as soon as possible " You need to .. take care of this " I said still running my fingers over his gently . He stopped to open his car's door and took his time staring at the progress we are making . " oh yeah ? .. they are calling for your attention " he spoke with a tone I'm not familiar with . I blushed deep shade of red . Well I know how to take care of people but .. not a man !!

Without asking for my permission he get in the car and placed me on his lap and held out both his fist clenched " They are yours princess " this is my very first time sitting on man's lap , and my first time this close from him . He is so .. ugh .. how am I supposed to deal with him especially when he is pinning me with his stares . I'm so glad that his car's glass is dark or else I don't know how I am supposed to face the world after this .

After what it seems to he ages I made my moves and unclenched one of his fists and took close look at it . It is not as bad as it was earlier , more like its just shallowly but it doesn't mean we ignore it .

But then I released that I have no bandages to wrap around his hands or something to clean the blood with , as if he was reading my mind he smirked and pointed towards a box underneath the passenger's seat . While I was in his lap .. that means I have to reach there ..

But I wish I never did .

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