Unusual love

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Chapter 15

William :

I was on the edge , I was seeing red and all what I wanted is his head between my hands and his blood all over me , his whimpers won't be bad too . I noticed both their absence and I knew something off and it turned out right . I will never forget the uncomfortable look that her face showed and his dirty hands touching what doesn't belong to him .

At that moment I knew that he won't get out of here alive , the beast inside of me wanted his blood so I obeyed gladly and let him take over . I'm so aware that Tom saw that side and he probably noticed how black my eyes were . It wasn't me ..

It was the Lycan I am .. it was the wolf inside of me .

With a single movement I managed to break his arm and push him away from Ellyan who was so terrified that she did not lift a finger . Man I am going to feed him his own dick and teach him a leasson afterwards.

According to what I am dealing with humans is so much easier for me , it's like killing a fly or so . I was trained by my father since I was a kid because taking his place as a kind of certain creatures isn't that easy so I had to train to death for such a duty . I honestly don't feel bad about what I went through on the contrary, I am grateful that I've been able to be who I am today .

In the other hand , there is that little piece of shit .. drown in his own blood and gasping for air , my wolf is so satisfied of the damage he has caused . He wanted to go further and murder him but soft hands wrapped themselves around my bicep pulled me away from my pleasure to reality.

I immediately pushed my wolf back and cleared my mind then looked at her teary eyes . My wolf whimpered at the sight . He never reacted this way towards someone especially a woman so that made me little suprised but yet I didnt mind it and did what it has to be done . " No no no shh .. shh don't cry flower " I said as soft as possible , luckily she responded and stopped right after my hand made contact with her skin . After she calmed down I decided that it's better to leave here before someone sees us . " Wait ! We cant leave him here " she argued and I gave her the ' excuse me ? Don't use that tone with me ' look and told her that my sister would be here . Without any other word I dragged her towards my car and smiled slightly at her running fingers along my knuckles .

I will heal so soon because of my supernatural genes so I don't have to worry yet I wanted to play along and let her take care of me . I got in the car with her on my lap , I held out my fists and waited for her next move . She looked back at me questionably , I pointed at the passenger seat and she followed till her eyes met the little box underneath the seat . She stretched out for it which caused her skirt to lift up Showing her thigh along with her shirt that showed beautiful waist with smooth skin that yells my name and begged for me to touch it .. and I did it .

My hands went under her shirt and held her waist with both my warm large hands and caressed her skin and pulled her closer till her front was pressed against mine . she tensed but didn't stop me or gave me a sign to , I took this as my golden chance and brought her face close to mine . Her breathes were hitched but warm as they mixed with mine , her heart raced , she is excited and I can feel it .

" May I taste your lips baby ? " My voiced betrayed me and came out deeper than anytime before and shaky . Truth must be told , I never felt this way when I want to kiss a girl and no one managed to get my wolf to this level of excitment . He is acting so weird lately or whenever I am around her and this is annoying ..

She went quiet and gazed down at my lips and bit hers instead , that only made me go mad and achy . My fingeres crawled to her face and release her lip from her teeth " That's mine to bite , you get it ? " I whispered through gritted teeth and closed the gap between us .

From the way she froze , She never kissed someone before so she is all pure and I am her first . The kiss was slow and passionate , If she let me this close then I'mma make it unforgettable that she will ask from more .

Breaking the hot kiss , both our lips were swollen and breathing heavily . Her in the other side was still suprised that I dared to get this close but I swear I can go any further and take her to my bed , but now I have to focus on the task in hands .

I can tell from the look she is wearing that she liked it and she probably wants more .

" Not here baby , be patient " I whispered one last time and pushed her gently towards her seat and did her seatbelt . She looked down disappointed and still in daze which made me unconsciously hold her face and kiss her again gently this time her eyes lit up and blushed deep shape of red then slightly smile .

You better not take this seriously . I said to myself and drove off the parking lot .

20 mins passed by and we found ourselves infront of her building's gate . She mumbled a goodbye then left my car . Her scent filled the car for the rest of the day and so is my suit . She smelled like strawberry and mint .. man my wolf is addicted to it now .

From all the scents roaming around me and catching my attention now and then , only hers attracted my wolf and .. well .. a part of me too .

Opening my room's door , I held out several papers and looked here and there .. she is still mysterious , alot of her secrets aren't revealed yet and she never showed her emotions more than shyness and fear . I have a month from now to move to Alaska , where my pack is located , and the reason why I am here was never related to Ellyan or her past but every since I met her I knew something was off about her .. and I am not going to waste my time flirting with her .

I need information , I want this case closed and her dad dead ..

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