Unusual love

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Chapter 16

William :

Well I didn't mean to kiss her but my wolf was more than just satisfied , little bit pissed because it has to stop that early but I can tell that she thinks I'm into her now or maybe I have feelings for her while I am aiming at the info she hides in that mind of hers , sooner or later I will get them and forget about all the attempts I am going to do . I've been thinking about that moment the whole road that I didn't notice when I reached my place . It was dark by the time I parked my car and gave the key to one of my guards . To my surprise my chef didn't cook my dinner for tonight because my sister was here , she said she knew something new about Ellyan .

I took off my jacket and put it on the sofa then eyed my sister moving around the kitchen making our meal . I was the first to break silent between us and start the conversation I've been dying to hear all this time . " So why you're here " I said with a lazy tone . I don't like anyone to bother me in my house or when I'm alone because there is something called 'privacy' .

She looked at me with frown on her face " what do you mean ?? I'm here because of what you make me do to the only friend I have " She started . " The friend you are talking about has hunter father and once he find out about you or my pack , he will kill us all " I snapped standing up from my place , " And if you wanna be the good friend you are then get ready to die " .

Seriously , Ellyan's father isn't someone we want to mess with every since the tragedy between him and bloodmoon pack . That motherfucker slaughtered every single wolf he found in his way .. can you image ?? Eliminating whole pack by yourself ?

Elena seemed to realise how dangerous the situation is , she better be because I don't wanna overthink about her safety too . " O-Okay but she doesn't need to know about that " she said hesitantly and I nodded in return . The next 30 minutes was silent , her making our table and me checking my plans and work I have tomorrow , I have to go back to Alaska within one month and running out of time .

" Okay so .. I talked with her many times and she said that her father isn't that friendly "

I know .

" her father is a hunter as you said and she lived with her mom for the past years till she .. got killed "

I know , by who ?

" she didn't want to tell me who killed her . But from the way she acted and felt when she reached that part .. maybe it's the one you're looking for "

I looked at her with widen eyes " Her father ?? Why would he kill his wife ? " I questioned .

" I don't know .. but she also told me that she left her hometown to run from her dad because he chased her too " she continued . What in the motherFUCK is going on , and why would a father kill his wife and go after his daughter , a lot of qurstiones crawled to my mind .

" stay in contact with her okay .. get closer and try to make her reveal her father's location " I ordered and walked to my room , closed the door behind me and held out my laptop typing the info I just got , but nothing is clear yet .. at least I know how cruel a father can be towards his family .

Hours passed by , and my wolf slowly started feeling anxious towards her and longed to see her , kind of growing protective . I shook my head to keep these thoughts at bay , mission first and no feelings are involved .

It was midnight when I felt a pinch in my heart , awakening the beast inside me and making it wilder . I sat down and held my head in my hands " what the ... " I mumbled and blinked few times before drifting again in a uncomfortable sleep .

7 : 00

I groaned as my alrams filled my eardrums and the sunlight hit my face directly , I hate morning . Nothing about it is entertaining and don't have a fucking idea how people can feel good about htat damn morning but whoever thinks this way is such a fool . While my mine was cursing my body was making a move and got up with every it has of energy from bed , I just want my warm bed that looks so comfy and still calling my name and ...

Her .

Said my wolf . He has been doing this recently and I know he is teasing the living out of me and it starts getting annoying . Anyways , I did my morning routine and changed my clothes and got ready to begin a new day with this case . Sleeping was impossible last night , I've been investigating about Ellayan's mystery and all I could find was her picture years ago when the incident happened .

'Father kills his wife for unknown reason'

' dead body found in basement with knife of silver on the neck and many more '

Whatever happened that night was so much related to supernatural world , either she knew something dangerous about him or ...

Wait ..

Can she be a .. no way she can't be a werewolf or else I could smell another wolf or just a little bit of our DNA on Ellayan but there's nothing . In other hand , why would he kill her ?? Were they fighting and suddenly killed her or she being one of us is real . Without a second thought , I held my phone and left my place towards her building , things are falling in place and I'm close to connect the endings .

" get the fuck up I'm going to meet Ellyan and pick her up , Sammy will be outside to drop you there " I shouted from the kitchen while holding a glass of water drinking it at once .
" why so early , do you have anything to do ?? " said a soft sleepy voice from behind . " I think I'm figuring things up , and I need you to talk to her about her parents relationship " I ordered ready to leave . " wait how can I d-.. "

" I DON'T CARE ! I need her family document tonight and done " with that being said I left my house towards my car and drove as fast as I can to her place .

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