Unusual love

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Chapter 17 :

Ellyan :

Being in bed for long period of time had my body addicted to sleep and warmth especially that today is colder than other days , winter is here after all . I gazed at the watch on my wall and it was already 7:20 which means I only have 30 minutes to get ready and have my breakfast . I'm not the 'waking up at 6' type because i don't have much to do ,I don't wear make up and I dont bother picking up my clothes as if I'm going to a party, my all time outfit would be a hoodie and some random pants if I wanted to change I pick a sweatshirt .

Pushing off the sheets my body was welcomed with a cold wave sending chills all over it but it didn't take me long to get used it and run towards the bathroom where I striped from my clothes and allowed the warm water to replace the harshness of winter . After few minutes I stepped out of the bathroom towards my room to pick my outfit and brush my hair , then I walked towards the kitchen and started making my breakfast when I heard a knock on my door . Stopping the toast mid-air to my mouth I got up and opened the door . To my surprise the one I was expecting wasn't infront of my doorsteps .

" goodmorning Ell " Tom greeted . I hate to say this but he still look cute even though the bruises and bandages that covers most of his face , He took off his lip and nose piercing because of how swollen these places looked . " So you will admire me and let me in or ... " he teased and I forced myself to peel my eyes from him and stepped to the side allowing him to go in . The first thing that came in my mind was a well deserved apology " Hey Tom I just want to say how sorr-.. " I started but was interrupted by the man infront of me .

"You don't have to okay ? It was a such a fucked up situation but nothing that big " He said softly . I actually felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders . I returned the smile and invited him to breakfast . Few minutes later we were ready to go and leave my house .

" You ready ??" I asked putting on my shoes , he nodded and opened the door " Yeah we are running la-... "

Pause .

I stood up and looked up at him , but he was pale and his adam apple slowly rising up go back down . I followed his stare to meet two deadly eyes daring me to make another move and expecting explanations . I never felt speechless but all my words refused to leave my mouth and all the thoughts on my mind disappeared to leave it blank . I couldn't move as we locked our eyes , he was questioning me about what in the living hell is Tom doing here .

" William .. " I finally spoke breaking the tense atmosphere between the three of us but neither of them moved nor said a word , " w-why you're here William " I tried once again luckily it worked and broke their killing unspoken threats . " came to visit , can't I ? "he tilted his head and crossed his arms making his suit tighten around his biceps , I followed the motion but looked away when Tom cleared his throat . " I will see you in college , stay safe " Glaring at William he took his leave and walked away .

" mind explainimg the fuck he was doinh here " he said dangerously low waiting from me to spill the tea , I looked up at his eyes "He visited me this morning that's it " I answered honestly but that wasn't a solid explanation to him . " Is that it ?? " looking back at me sent shivers down my spine and gave me vibes I never experienced before , and I liked it . " Y-yeah why would I lie ?? "

He hummed and walked towards him car . Was that jealousy I just saw in his eyes for few seconds before he turned around or it's just me ?? Oh my god I can't help but giggle to myself of how cute that was . William seemed to hear me because he turned around sighing . " what are you waiting for ?? Get your ass here we need to go or you will be late "

Hold on ! He wants to pick me up ?! With him !? I said to myslef wondering if I'm dreaming or not .

I didn't know when or how but in a blink of an eye I was on his shoulder hanging down " what are you doing !? " I protested . Who am I kidding ? That man is enjoying himself without mentioning the victorious smile on his beautiful face .

Within few seconds I was on his expensive black car with seatbelt around me , We didn't talk the whole trip from my home to my college , it's just because there wasn't much to say and I somehow have a feeling I can't reveal just yet . A cough pulled me back from my thoughts, we were already parked and the gate of the huge building open welcoming the students . Without a second thought I got out of my car when warm big hand pulled me back to my seat , Looking back I noticed how his attitude changed from the weird man to the caring one , " be careful okay , call me if you need help " he spoke in a soft tone which gained a nod and a smile from my side " You too " I said back and let go of his hand . I wanted this to last forever and I really want to feel him this close again .

He can be my way out of this miserable life , and I want him to be my guidance .
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