Unusual love

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Chapter 18

Ellyan :

I waited till William drove away towards his destiny and then walked inside to come face to face with Tom . From the look he is wearing I can tell that there is something bothering him and that thing is probably Will . I want to ask him why they fought in the first place and why they hate each other that much but I guess each of them have reasons . Looking around I finally met his eyes , " Tom .. "

" No need okay ? Don't apologise just stay away from that man ! You know nothing about how dangerous that fucker is ! " He started with anygry tone which didn't like at all . So I pulled him towards an empty area to have some of privacy and try to understand and give piece of mind . " I don't know why you are saying this but I'd love to see what you are seeing " I said as softly as I can . Running his hands through his blonde hair in orther to calm himself down . This whole time we spent together I never saw him this nervous about something at all . " Ellyan , there is something you don't know about him .. he is a fucking we-.."

" there you are ! " a voice shouted from the very end of the empy hallway , her voice echoed and steps got closer to us . At this point Tom was about to explode and whatever he was about to say got interrupted by the walking beauty . " I've been searching for you two the whole time " she breathed heavily while placing both her hands on her knees . " I gotta go " Tom said from the other side bitting down his jaw , I looked at him while he walks backwards eyeing me carefully then turned around and disappeared from my view . This is so weird .. literally .

" did I ... "

" No no you didn't , we were about to move anyways " I said quickly just to avoid her question about the situation . " oh okay then , I heard that my brother dropped you here this morning " She smirked and wiggled her eyebrows in a teasing way . I blushed and tried to hide my shy smile that crawled to my face .

" Let's be honest here , he is so into you and I can tell ! He never let a girl on his car before even me ! " she started fangirling about out unreal relationship , she is good at creating scenarios that will never happen but who am I joking , I can't stop her .

" and he really wants to know you more . "

" Me ?? " I repeated pointing at myself with my finger . " what do you mean ?" I asked in hope I get the answer I want .

" uhm like your favourite things , what you dislike and your family and stuff " she answered giving me an excited look " And I really wanna know you more , you seem nice "

I blushed at her compliment and it feels so good to have someone who wants to know you and be beside you for the rest of your path . But do I really want to tell her about my secret yet ? Is she trustworthy ? Well it won't hurt to let her know little bit about it right ?

" Okay so how about we skip this class and grab ourselves something then talk ? " she suggested and I immediately accepted , after this morning's events I need space from males .

30 mins passed just talking about ourselves and family , she told me that he father died years ago and her mom lives in other country , she doesn't have any siblings besides her step-borther . About William and since they share same father , his also died along with mom and left alone to deal with the business his dad has before . Also I knew that William is 28 years old while Elena is 22 . But now it's my turn to tell about my family .. where do I start from, what should I say what should I keep secret .

" Well .. My parents .. uhm mom is dead and my father works in other city , uhm I didn't meet him since I was about 12 or so " I looked down feeling the tears filling my eyes " he destroyed our family and left us alone . But came back to take a life with him " fisting my hands , ghe anger was there too . I only wish to know the reason why he killed my mom , why would he do this to us ?

" If you don't mind asking .. where is he now ? Your father that is " Elena softly asked me while running a hand up and down my back in a comforting way . I looked up at her and smiled " I don't know , and I don't wanna know .. he used to work around the country and last time we spoke he was in Alaska " when these words left my mouth Elena's body tensed and he eyes went wider than ever , " A-Alska you said , is he still .. there ? " she asked again .

" I don't know .. that was years ago "
" Oh I see , I hope you're fine now . And I'm sorry for your loss "

" I'm over it .. " I just noticed how beautiful the sky was , blue and the clouds were separated in different places even the sun was smiling and shined on my face making my skin glows . I used to enjoy this view with my mother before she died , but now whenever I look up I imagine her blood all over the sky and ..

" Ellyan .. are you okay ? " Elena said beside me and I didn't realise I was crying untill I heard my sobs . Shit ..

" yeah yeah .. memories . We gotta go ,the next class is going to start soon " without a second thought I collected my stuff and walked towards my college .

The rest of the day went by quickly , and my thoughts grew louder inside my head giving me a headache . Tom didn't talk to me the whole time we spent , while Elena didn't took her eyes off her phone , whoever she was texting I can tell that their conversation was heated . So I was left alone with my thoughts of William .

My phone puzzed in my pocket and the ID shows unknown number , I didn't want to answer at first but my curiosity took the best of me ..

" hello ? "

" Hey it's me .. I'm picking you up at 7 tonight for dinner " a deep voice spoke from the other end .

Speaking of the devil !

My heart started racing and blush rising to my face , with a smile on my lips I immediately said " Can't wait to see you again "

In return he let out the sexiest chuckle I ever heard " Can't wait to taste your lips again "

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