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Chpater 19

Before I start I want to say sorry for not uploading for 2 months or more , I was hospitalized . I'll try to write as much as I can from now on . I'm so sorry again and hope you're enjoying my story <3

Ever since I settled the date with him I felt so nervous , my stomach won't stop doing flips and my heart is racing so fast that I think it'll break my ribcage anytime now . I needed Elena's help because I don't know how to impress a guy or how to get ready , especially for someone like William .
Speaking bout having crush ? Yeah I won't deny the attraction I have for him . I mean c'mon won't you have one too ?? I know he did horrible things to me before , he even kidnapped me for unknown reason but they say love is blind . Plus he is being nice maybe he is trying to fix what happened and begin a new chapter of our friendship .

Elena was so hyped because I told her that her brother is taking me out . She insisted on going out after college so we did just that . We bought bunch of stuff for one night , or I can say she bought . I would go bankrupt if I bought one of these expensive items and dresses inside those fansy bags .

" so we will start with your makeup then your hair , is that cool Ell ?? " she stood behind me but kept the eye contact through the mirror , which means ' there's no way in hell you're going to argue with me ' so I nodded my head and let her do whatever she please with my face . Elena is as bossy as her brother but she haves a cery big caring heart which I love . Luckily , and as if she knew what I wanted , she went with a soft look that matched my eye colour perfectly but I think she went extremely too far with the dark red lipstick . Do I tell her bout it ??no I don't wanna die yet .

" oh c'mon don't give me that look . Your dress is that colour and you need something to get all his attention " she winked and grabbed a brush from the desk that was by the way full of makeup products . She started combing my hair and decided to go with a high bun with few hair strands running free from the front and others from the back of my neck .

It was 7pm when she finally finished and help me put on my dress . It was dark red sleeveless and backless dress . My left leg was exposed from the front but It wasn't a real problem as my back that was bare . All in all it matched my curves perfectly as if it was designed specifically for me .

Elena gave me a thumb up in approval . I smiled shyly and looked at myself at the mirror . I stood there for moments just trying to recognize myself with all the make up and jewelry . My eyes went directly to the exposed leg and the matching heels . Do I really want to go out like this ?? I don't know really but I will be fine , one night won't hurt .

I shook my head and took one last glance at myself only to notice other presences behind me . It wasn't Elena but him ..

William .

He smiled and scanned from head to toe , almost like admiring how I look . And suddenly I felt self conscious and turned to look at him them down at his toes .

Damn speaking bout how hot he looked at his 3 pieces suit , all black and gray with a red rose on his hand . His hair was styled back while his jaws were shaved clean . His fingers wrapped themsleves around my chin and held my head high enough to look at him in the eyes . Everything else disappeared around us , it was just me and him . Nothing else . I was drowning in his eyes and he was swimming in mine , my mind stopped thinking bout the world and focused on the man before me . I'm sure he said something but everything was going slow and I can only see his lips moving slowly and curling into the sexiest smile ever . I really wanted to kiss him badly , and save him all fot myself , maybe lock him inside my room and so all the dirty things adults do . He tilted his head to the side still holding my chin .

" Are you thinking about something you shouldn't be thinking of kitten ? " He smirked and sent me a wink which didn't go unnoticed by me . I blushed hard as the meaning of his words hit me . I shook my head as no since my mouth was going dry and words betrayed me .

" oh is that true ? We can cancel the date and focus .. " he looked up and down at me slowly , taking in every inch of my body . He then bend down close from my lips and whispered his next words " you baby " .

I can feel the waterfalls going down there , while butterflies ran free inside my tummy . I gulped and he chuckled darkly . " you're too innocent for my dark side " he hissed and let out a very cute ' aah ' before taking my hand in his nd made our way out of my apartment towards his fancy black car . I know he owned lot of cars but he bought the one that I love more .. isn't that cute ?

Our ride to the restuarant was silent but comfortable . His hand on my exposed thigh and the other on the wheel . His eyes would look my way every now and then , I in the other hand kept my head down looking at his big hand on my skin . It felt weird yet beautiful . I know we are taking this way too fast but I am not going to let him take the most precious thing to me away , if you know what I am talking bout , tonight . That's not my plan , I want to get to know him not .. fuck him . I mean I will but not now .

We reached the restaurant and he rushed out to my door just to open it for me . Being the gentleman he was , he helped me out and made sure I won't fall because of dress . We got out of the parking lot and walked towards the restaurant entrance . While William was busy glaring at the men looking at me and my ass I had the chance to admire how beautiful this place was . The light were dim , only candle that were placed on the floor showed our way to our table which was breathtaking honestly .

A table of two people , with flowers and candle in the middle and food . Trust me that was how I dreamed bout my dates with boys but no one of them get the idea or the whole romantic thing , but william ? That's something else .

He pulled my chair and I sat down giving him a smile as a thank you . Then he took his own seat . The rest of night went by quickly, we talked bout everything . From ourselves to what we want to be in the future to some random facts bout us . it might sound small and nothing much but it's important to know every detail bout your partner , at least thats what I think .

It was bout 10 when I started feeling tired and asked politely to go out for a walk but I wish I didn't because what happened next will haunt me for the rest of my life .
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