Unusual love

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Chapter 2 :

Why did I look up ?? Why didn't I protest back then!? Why am I even here !?

The car's door opened revealing the most gorgeous, breath taking man I've ever landed an eye on , not like I'm flirting but the truth must be told , his dirty blonde hair was tied up in a tiny bun while his face wears strong experience that matches his sharp blue eyes and full lips ready to get kissed along with strong jawline that was covered with beard , my eyes landed on his neck and I noticed ink peeking through his suit collar, that man was tattooed for sure , I kept looking till I am now face to face with a sexy fit body , his suit was pressed against it so I know he was large , his arms were something else , as long as I hate to admit it I felt a strong bond pulling me towards him , but I know I am not his type and he isnt mine as will , God forgive me .

I was enjoying my time studying his body when a cough pulled me back to reality , Elana looks at me with a smirk , " Ellyan meet my step-brother I told you about , William . William meet my new friend Ellyan " he exposed his hand and I shyly shook it , but he didn't seem to let go so I looked down hopefully that my blush is hidden ! " Nice to meet you Ellyan " He says with the sexiest and deepest voice ever , it held dominance and sexiness at the same time which sent chills down my spine .

I struggled with words that didnt want to leave my mouth " N-N-Nice to meet you too Sir " when I felt his smile on his beautiful face I looked up . " Call me William , Kitten " I swear my heart is about to stop beating . Kitten ?? Did he just call me that ?? No way ! I need to say something ! I have to do something , he still doesn't want to let go of my hand so I looked up at him " Call me .. Ellyan or Ellie " I nodded and he smirked "I call people what I want , no one tells me what to do kitten " Okay that was rude now , with all the confidence that I had and have now I pulled my hand away and sent him a glare " Thank you Elena for your invitation but I have to go now " I looked straight at his oceans eyes , I am ready to get drown there even though I can't swim .

" Wait ! We are supposed to have lunch together ! And I dont have your number yet Ellie ! " She dramatically complainsled and that William is having fun since that smirk didnt leave his face and his eyes burning holes in my body , and I suddenly feel ashamed and small comparing to his large one , he can literally wrap his arms twice around me .

" Uhm .. I ... g-give me your phone " I don't really have a good phone , and I don't want to make fun of myself infront of these wealthy people when I cam hide that for now , as I expected she handed me the lastest iPhone and hesitantly typed my number " Here , see you tomorrow .. okay ?? " Before I could move William started laughing at us , caused both of us to look at him " What's up brother-... Hey give my phone back ! " My eyes went huge when I realised that he is now holding two phones , one is Elena's locked phone with my phone number on the surface and the other black phone that belongs to him , he rised them high out of our reach , and used his fingerprint to unlock his " H-Hey that's mean ! " I charged at him first and tried to grab the phone , I dont want my number on his phone ! I dont wanna talk to this man 'no you do' my other half added and I ignored it because all what matter now is my number .

He started copying the number and writes 'kitten' as a nickname , I was jumping to reach it before it's too late but I failed , now he has my number and he will bother me every now and then , maybe he doesn't care he just wanted it anyways . " Great " William sighed and put his phone back to his back pocket .

" You are such an assho-... " She was interrupted by her phone , her expressions immediately light up and her eyes were about to fall off her sculp " he is calling me !! Stay here Ellyan I will come back right now " I gave her a confused look and tilted my head to the side " Hey Jack how are you ?? " I wasn't able to hear the rest of conversation or even argue about leaving me with this stranger alone , meanwhile I just wrapped my jacket around me and snuggled for warmth , now it was my turn to walk away before a hand grabbed my palm and pulled me back , I almost fell down but a strong chest stopped me and I immediately knew who is standing there , I swallowed my fear that was about to explode and tried to keep a serious face when I turner around all what I could see is a Greek God looking down at me " where are you going ? " he growled and I shrinked " H-Home , where e-else " I answered and I sense my panic attack taking over .

" We haven't introduced ourselves well yet .." He shamelessly brought his face close to mine that I felt his breath caressing my face that is now as red as a tomato ".. kitten . " he whispered tbe last word in my ear and for a moment I thought I am going to faint before he stood in full height and crossed his arms " where do you live ? "

" T-The other side of ... town " I gulp and got ready to hear funny jokes about it , but instead he just nodded his head and hums " Have you ever been somewhere else ?? " Where are you aiming at sir ? What does it mean ??why is he asking me this ?

" Y-Yes , New York , LA and then here " I narrow my eyes and look up at him " Why you are asking , it's none of your business " I protested against the idea of him getting into my life , yeah we just met and he wants to know more but that sounds more like Mr detective job " I ... I-I am sorry I d-didn't mean to " I apologised as I heard him growling ,and why in hell I find it hot ?

" As I said , I hate being told what to do and what not to do " he began "Besides I want to know and thats it " he continued and without any warning his fingers run through my long dark hair down my neck , I hisser and trued to break his spill but he wrapped his fingers around my neck not choking me and rubbed his index over my lower lip " So try and use that language with me then I will shut that little mouth of yours with something else " He let go and turned his back and walked to his car all while I was standing there frozen trying to understand what just happened , it was a sudden move , something I never thought I'd experience .. ever .


After minutes ,Elena came back bouncing but she stopped when she saw me sitting on the ground with my mind completely dozed " Ellie ?? What happened??? " Elena rushed towards me and kneeled down " are you okay?? "

"YEAH ! I am fine , but what hell is he ?? " I looked towards the car that was now gone .

" Oh William ,dont mind him , he is just so selfish and possessive but trust me he is such a sweetheart once you get to know him "She giggled at the idea and rised both of her brows " Someone is falling ?? "

" N-No !! ... I am afraid , afraid of him and everything around him " I saai out loud and I wish I meant it , she let out a snort " Oh c'mon he won't eat you and it deserves a try but anyways let's go and have Starbucks ! " we both got up , and I guess she is talking about something but I cant focus on anything more than ...

William's Sharm.

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