Unusual love

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Chapter 20

Once we got out of the restuarant , many men stood there looking straight at William with unspoken words , their eyes said everything . One of them walked ahead and pulled something from his back .

The rest of his men followed and pulled the same thing from their backs or their waistband . It took me few second to recognize the shiny items they were holding .

Guns .

Fucking guns !

We're going to die right here ! Every single cell in my body tells me to run away . My blood froze in my veins but a warm hand held my wrist tight and whispered loud enough for me to understand his order " Turn around and run inside the restaurant " I looked at him like a crazy and did just as I was told but I pulled him in with me . The glass shattered behind us and the only voice that was heard in the background was gun shooting at everyone inside the bulding . Luckily none of the bullets hit us . One , because of how good Will was good at dodging . Second , he would push me or pull me close to him every time a bullet would get near me . I don't know how but I'm glad we dame it out of the building through the backdoor .

We were so close from the parking lot when William stopped walking .

Bang . Bang .

" why did you st-..." He was shot . William was shot . I can see the blood coming out of his mouth and drip on the ground . My eyes met his . my tears fell down my cheeks and my my body moved by it's own to support his large one from falling .

" Stay with me William , nothing is going to happen to you " I said through my tears and two other men stood on each side of him . I glared at then and held Will close to me , protecting him . But they told me that they worked for him and they indeed were working for him . They took both his arms and wrapped them around their necks . I held , now unconscious , William's face in my hands and kissed his forehead .

" is he going to be okay ?? " I asked in hope to get the answer I am looking for . They stared at me then at each other .

" who are you ?? " one of them asked and I told who I am and what I am to William . A friend .

" we will take him to our pac-... to the hospital and you can see him later on " the other said and I snapped my head from William to the giant guy . I don't wanna leave him ...

" he will be fine but we will get going now " and they did just that . I stood there looking at the car driving down the street we came from . I just can't believe what just happened . Why would they do this to him ? I know he haves enemies but not to the point of murdering him !

I checked my purse to find my phone , I need to tell his sister she desrves to know . I called her and I couldn't stop myself from breaking down throughout the call . But once I told her what happened she did the same and more . I ended the call after I begged for her to keep me updated and send me the adress of the hospital he will be staying at .

I catched a cab to my house and all the time I felt eyes on me . Maybe they are the same men from before ? Or maybe people looking at my fucked up make up and tired state . Maybe both ..

I reached my home and didn't even bother to lock my apartment's door . I stripped from my dress and stepped towards the bathroom . Lights lit the room and my scary ass self . My make up was indeed so fucked up , I am so pale as if I saw a ghost . But I've seen worse than that . People on the ground and William unconscious not even knowing if he is dead or not .

I washed my face and took a quick shower . I lied on my bed but sleep refused to joined me tonight so I just stared at my phone maybe I will see William's number on my screen and tell me he is fine . Hours passed by still nothing . Even Elena didn't call , is he okay ?? Oh lord I can't just sit here with my arms crossed so I called him , his sister . I called and called but no one answered . I don't know what to do ! It's all my fault ! It's me who told him to go for a walk ! It's all me , if he died I will never forgive myself .

The bad thoughts consumed me , and my old me was coming out from the depth of the darkness . All these years I tried to keep it under control so that I won't lose myslef and become a worthless human being . But you always kill close people , you always hurt them , said my old self .

William will die because of you .

You killed your mom .

You were the one destroying your family

You can do nothing bout it .

Elena is next .

" Enough ! " I yelled covering my eard with both my hands in attempt from me to stop the voices inside my head . " please stop " I whispered through my tears , rocking myself back and forth till I felt sleep taking the best of me . I let it take over but only after I cried my eyes out and prayed for god to protect him and take my own life if needed .

But would that even happen ? or should I suffer for more time before my wish become true ?

There two chapter in the row , I might go for the third tehe~

Peace out lovies <33
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