Unusual love

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Chapter 21


What in the motherfuck happened to me last night ?? All what I remember is going out with that hot girl who happened to be the same girl I'm playing with . Hope she is fine tho but I am the one who's tuckled under thousands of blankets for no reason . You can also add the annoying sound of machines beeping . I looked around and then I knew I am in my house , in my bed . I tried to sit down but pain travel from my back to the rest of my body . I groaned and lied down again . My sister kicked the door open and rushed to my side . That girl scares the shit out of me sometimes ..

" oh my fucking god ! I can't believe you blocked me from your mind link you asshole " she complained . Yeah I blocket her because she'd keep asking me how's my date going and tells me to take care of someone who I don't even care bout , I am here for info not love .

" thank you , I'm fine now sister " I answered sarcastically , she rolled her eyes in return and grabbed a seat beside me . Even if she is my step-sister , I see her as someone I should love and protect ,because she is my bloodline and I have no one left but her .

" Just tell me one thing .. since when you become a gansta ? " she asked and I glared at her . " what gangsta? What the fuck Elena ? " I don't get it , I've never met a gansta before so why would they shoot me . They don't even have scent . I didn't even notice their presence .

" You've been shot twice William , and for no reason ?? Hell no " she stopped " And the bullets had certain poison covering them . It was a failed attempt to kill you but they were close .. you're lucky " she continued and I see the worry in her eyes . But no worries sister I will chew their faces off once I get them .

" I don't know what you're talking bout but .. I don't even know a mafia thing . As for bullets they must be aware of what I am . " I gazed at her and she agreed with me .

Suddenly and out of no where my wolf become restless and sad for no reason . This is strange . Especially with Ellyan in my mind . The more I think about her the more my wolf go crazy .

" Give me my phone " I ordered my sister and pointed at the little nightstand on the other side of my bed , she obeyed and threw it my way . " Oh damn 13 missed called from Ellyan , this girl is something else " she said to herself but thanks to my hearing ability i heard her . " I will go out and call her back , rest for now Brother " she waved goodbye and left my room . I rised my eyebrow and checked my phone only to find 20 missed called from the same person .


What is wrong with this girl ?? God what if she wanted to make sure I'm fine ? And what if they found her and she called for help ? I suddenly felt protective for her and I had that bad feeling about the whole situation and urge to check on her . My back will take some time to heal but I really want to see her and so is the wolf inside of me.

I mind-linked the doctor ,who is by the way a werewolf as well , and told him to come over and take all the beeping shit away from me so that I can go to her apartment . Being the scary Alpha I am , he obeyed and made sure everything is under control .

I put on the closest hoodie I found infront of me along with black sweatpants . Then make my exit out of my home . Direction ?? Ellyan motherfucker .

By the time I reached her doorsteps it was around 5 am , her door wasn't locked which planted another seed or anxiety that I didn't know it exist before . I opened the door and looked around for her , but she was no where to be found . I closed the door and walked further in the living room . From here I can see a figure sleeping in a very uncomfortable position on the bed . It must be her . I walked towards the bed and I accidentally stepped on her beautiful dress . She looked really fucking sexy in it , it made it impossible for me to keep my hands off her and not fucking her up .

I stood there as a hawk watching her asleep . She was curled in a small ball with sheets on the floor . Damn her skin looks so smooth , and her ass .. fuck I wanna touch it but let's not be a creep and get some rest maybe ?

I picked the sheets from the floor and put it on the bed , I hopped in behind her and wrapped both my arms around her waist , she immediately tensed . She is awake now and I'm so aware .

" shhhh .. it's just me " I whispered near her ear and she relaxed , but she started shaking . I frowned and sit down looking at her . She .. she is crying .

Once the thought sank in my head , I myself felt sadness and the urge to comfort her . I grabbed her arms and made her sit and face me . " I .. I .. thought .. You died " she said through her tears which literally broke my heart . How ? I don't know ?

" Hey hey hey c'mon calm down kitten , I'm alive .. It wasn't serious " I ran my hands up and down her arms and pulled her to my chest , where she belongs . Said my wolf .

Hell no ! Shut the fuck up .

She hugged me be back and stopped crying right away . We stayed like that for moments till she fell asleep again . I put her down and covered her , then I spooned her . With one arm' wrapped around her shoulders and other around her waist pulling her even more close to my body , and my dick ? Well , pressed on her back . It's really hard to keep my hands off her and even more harder on her ass . She's thick as fuck .

Tonight is going to be so long . But it's fine because I don't even want it to end ..

I MADE IT TO THREE ! That's my apology and wait for three more tomorrow .

Peace out lovies ! <33

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