Unusual love

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chapter 22


I won't say that this is the very first time I sleep this comfortable , but it's safe to say I really enjoyed her body against mine . She was small but adorable , also she smells like peach which I am kind of addicted to . Not me actually but my wolf , yeah my wolf is addicted not even me .

Im here for Info nothing else .

My sister told me bout her parents , and she mentioned yesterday that her mom is dead and killed by her father . But the weird thing is no one and no documents were written about her death or even her , which makes me really curious and annoyed at the same time . Something is wrong about that family and I will discover it .

After lying there for hours till I started feeling bored so I looked at the girl before me . Actually she is that type of girls you'd love to keep because of her innocent personality and beautiful face but I don't like innocent girls , they are boring and they don't stand for themselves . But why does it hurt to bullshit her ?

Stupid wolf .

While I was busy thinking about how to tell her that we are going on a trip to Alaska , to my pack , she shifted and turned around snuggling closer , she let out a small sigh and rested her head on the centre of my chest . I held her hand and played with her fingers . She must've felt it because the next thing she did was opening her eyes and tense . Then she jumped off the bed causing her to land on the ground with a thud .

Im going to gell for laughing .

She rubbed her head and looked at me in terror . She didn't expect me to be beside her or what ?

" did .. did we .. " she asked leaving me the room to connect the end

" No we didn't , I iust wanted to check on you " I said honestly and handed her my so called helping hand , she took it right away and sat on the bed . Her eyes were red because of how much she cried last night , she didn't even wipe her make up properly . " Uhmm are you okay now ?? Does it hurt ? Why you here ? you need to be at hospital right now , it's not good for you to move right now ! " .

Man she's annoying .

I placed my fingers on her lips to shush her a little . " Don't worry kitten , chill . I'm here to ask you something " I tilted my head and kissed her near her lips . Aww she blushed .

" I am fine and I don't even feel it " I lied . My back is burning and I feel the pain increasing with every move I make but tomorrow I will be more than just fine . She nodded and got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom most probably for a bath . After few moment later she stepped out all freshened up and ready to start her day . " do you want some breakfast ? " She suggested, I accepted because I'm soo hungry for food and her .

Damn wolf ! I am here for info , nothing else . I'm here for what ? For info . Good .

With a huge smile on her face she left the room . I took my chance and started looking through her stuff . Nothing was out of place . Bunch of pictures of her and her so called family , then her birth certificate and other papers . probably of her bank account . As I dig deeper I noticed a notebook which I assume her diary . Before I even touch it I felt her present beside me .

Well done William , now get your ass out of that sweaty situation .

" You look very cute in these picture , I mean you still are " I smiled , or should I say .. faked a smile .

She smiled back and ran her fingers over that one picture of her and her mom smiling at the camera and closed the drawer . " good old days . Anyways You've been here over 30 mins so I had to check on you , breakfast is ready " She said and held my hand with both of hers dragging me out of the room towards her kitchen .

I took a seat opposite of her and started eating the meal she made . I must admit this is the best breakfast I had , not beacuse of who cooked it but how good it was .

This is my opportunity . But I am afraid she might refuse because she will get close from father or probably meet him which will make things go even more faster than it already is . Still , I'm so confused . Like how in the hell he didn't attack or even tried to when he really can end my whole pack . I mean that man is the one who can bring your nightmares to reality . It's true that my pack is the strongers , fastest , and smarters out of all packs around the states but I'm talking about the motherfucking Joseph Calderwood . Joseph !

" By the way , since I am getting attached to you so I really want to take you out for some time , just me and you " Now I am playing my last cards and I hope it work .

She cleared her throat paying all her attention to me " Uhm yeah but where ? "

Well here goes nothing . " Alaska "

She tensed , her eyes wide open , and her lips dry . I hit the spot .

" I .. " She straggled with words as I can see wheels turning inside her head . I can tell she is having a hard time deciding but I have to play dumb .

" C'mon I really want you to meet some people who I consider family , we will have good time babygirl " I offered again this time placing a hand on top of her small one . I know I am wearing the begging face right now but not like I have other way to handle the situation .

She looked down then at me with a weak smile " I would love to but-.. "

" Elana is going too " I interrupted as I threw my Joker card at her . Now she won't say no . She feels comfortable and safe around Elena more than she does aroud me and thank the fucking goddess .

" Fine " she smiled but her face says 'Hope I don't regret this later'

Well I can't promise Ell ..

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