Unusual love

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Chapter 23


Okay so the hard part is done , now I am taking my final step . My wolf is doing flips because he will get to be with her , everytime I let him take over he starts saying shit like 'she's mine' while our mate is somewhere out waiting for us . The last he was with her he claimed her as ours . Like how stupid you can be ? I am her kidnapper yet she is falling for me .

We finished out breakfast and discussed when we are going to travel . I decided It will be three days from now , so that I can settle my business here and get my pack and my older brother , Josh , ready for their Alpha's arrival . Also , give time to the ladies to pack their stuff .

It is going to be a very long journey but I will finish what I started , and free the world from the sins of that old man .

" Uhm Elena doesn't answer is she okay ? " Ellyan suddenly asked holding her phone to her ear " I've been calling her since the morning " She finished .

" I don't know maybe she got her ass drunk again " I answered honestly . She loves drinking and sleeping around with so called boyfriend , that dude is so suspicious and as her older brother , I have to protect her from any harm . But does she listen ?? No .

" That hurts my feelings brother " Elena spoke from behind . Being the drama queen she is , she placed a hand on her chest faking a cry . I opened my arms welcoming her to my embrace . " I am being honest " I hugged her as she did the same . " You didn't have to show my sassy side to Ms innocent right there " Elena joked and broke our hug to give one to Ellyan whose face lit up immediately . " It's fine " Ellyan laughed softly which made me smile unconsciously .

" YOU'RE GOING TO ALASKA WITH US YEAA ! " Elena jumped up and down excited . And there goes the ladies talk .

I excused myself but got stopped by a small hand placed on my back , I tensed because it belongs to the one I don't to touch me . Why ? Well I'm a bitch when it comes to self control .

" Hey before you leave .. I wanna tell you " She looked at me straight in the eyes " I'm sorry for what I caused , I shouldn't have asked you for a wal-.. " Before she finshed her sentence I did the one thing I've been dying to do .

I kissed her .

It didn't take me long to pull away , she was lost in her own world of suprise . I smirked and leaned closer to her face . " I told you I can't wait to kiss your lips again " I gave her a hug which she didn't return and left her apartment . I can tell she is still standing infront of the door But I had to do it .

Ellyan :

He freaking kissed me . I never thought he'd do it because I was such a bad kisser . I must admit , even though it was short it means lot to me .
Elena stood beside me holding her chin " Aah the motherfucker likes kissing you " I jumped from my place and hit the wall . I didn't notice her presence because I was taken to my world of fantasies . " Wh-what ? When did you get here ? "
She chuckled and pulled me towards my room " You've been standing here for long time so I had to se if you're still alive " . I sighed and stopped resisting the feeling that were blossoming inside of me . I had to tell her bout how I feel towards her brother . Part of me disagrees with my thoughts , because first of all he kidnapped me and treated me like shit . But the huge part of me is happy of him being inside my life and making me feeling like a human again . What makes it even more better is that he almost confessed his feelings to me this morning and we are going to travel together . But what if I came face to face with my father ?
" From earth to Ellyan , we are trying to pack here and I need to go to mall to buy new jacket " I snapped from my thoughts and hummed in hope she repeats what she was saying . " I said where is your suitcase we need to pck your stuff first , because you're the only one left " she repeated . I just obeyed and put my warmest clothes inside my only pick suitcase . Then Elena suggested going to mall for some stuff she needs . Since I have nothing to do .. I accepted .

Two days passed by quickly , tomorrow we are going to fly to Alaska for two weeks vacation . I am excited but at the same time scared . The last thing my mom told me about my father was his location and now I am going to him with my own two legs but William and Elena are going to be there , so I don't have to worry right ?

I shook my head and checked my suitcase for one last time in case I forgot something or needed something . Elena in the other hand bought her own baggage to my house because she is spending the night with me , tomorrow her brother will pick us from bere and drive to airport . Oh my god I can't wait.

Before I went to bed , I put my passport on top of the nightstand and held my phone . William didn't text or even call ever since the breakfast the other day . I tried to reach out for him but he would be either busy or ends my call simply . I won't deny the angry growing inside my chest but again , who am I to tell him what to do ? Plus , he must be really busy and tired . After all he's running lot of business around the country .

Being the understanding lady I am . I let it be and put my phone back down .

Elena was first to sleep . It was a very fun night . We started it by doing masks and skin care then we ate whole bowl of ice cream , we ended our night with a movie and telling our secrets .

I ended up telling her about how I feel towards her brother , her face fell and her expressions went from the hyped girl to the sad ? Sorry girl ? I didn't know why but she told me that she won't get into our business and whatever happened we will stay friends .

I stared at the ceiling , thinking about how my life is going . I'm very thankful I met Elena who made living much easier . And William who made my heart beat again .

I think I like him .
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