Unusual love

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Chapter 24

I drifted into a deep sleep with Elena beside me , she talks during her sleep . She wasn't making any sense just random words like 'wolves' , 'pack' , 'mate' . I woke up around 3 Am to make breakfast for me , her and William . I don't know how should I be feeling right now , I'm excited but at the same time my heart is restless . Something bad gonna happen , hopefully not to my friends nor me .

By 4:30 am , I finished making breakfast and William texted me saying he is on his way home . I woke Elena up which was the hardest thing I have ever done . She doesn't sleep but die . It took me 15 mins to wake her sleepy butt up but luckily I made it . After a warm bath she changed into blue dark jeans and white sweaters along with oliver green jacket . I must admit , her sense of fashion is pretty good . I took one myself and in all black . Black jeans and black hoodie with dark blue jacket on top , talking about fashion .

Watch the sarcasm everybody .

William knocked on my door , my heart started racing as I felt myself sweating . I opened the door to come face to face with a tall man wearing the same outfit as me ?? Black same hoodie ?! And same jacket but much bigger than me . Oh so Elena planned this huh ?

" are you trying to be like me kitten " He stepped in till our toes touched , then he closed the door with his foot . " I like it tho " He smirked and walked past me leaving me there , wondering what in the hell would elena match my outfit with his .

I saw them standing right there whispering to each other , Elena would send glances towards me as if she is makimg sure I'm not eavesdropping , that's means because I don't even care .

I settled our table and sat down there waiting for them to join me . Eventually they did after 10 minutes of whispering . " Sorry We were talking about some business " Elena apologized and took the seat on the other end of the table . William joined us while after and took a seat beside me . Everyone started eating and suddenly I felt a big warm hand on my thigh . I looked down at the his hand feeling the heat crawling up my cheeks . I payed my attention back to Elena so that she won't notice anything and tease me after . He kept his hand there but this time he moved his thumb creating circles . I felt so uncomfortable with a man touching me but he in the other hand seemed used to it .

The rest of the breakfast went smoothly , but the hand on my thigh .

" Alright , it's time for us to move ladies " william announced and we all got up from the table , I was about to hold the dished but Elena stopped me saying that maids will clean it for me , and that we will miss our flight . I agreed .

William and his inner gentleman helped us with suitcases and placed them on the two cars outside . " Someone is joining us ? " I asked hoping for answers . He shook his head " No , one for Ell and the other for us " he sent a wink my way and opened the door for me to get it . I obeyed and looked inside the luxury car . It was all black even the leather seats were black .

" Relax " William spoke from the side holding my hand in his . I wasn't scared , I am just admiring the car sir .

Our drive to the airport was silent , comfortable silence if I might add . We got out of the cars with the suitcases and walked towards the back of the airport . For a moment I was so confused , we passed the gates where we supposed to go to . Then the thought hit me , he owns private jet !

How rich is this man ?? I mean I know he is rich but to own jets ? That's too much for my empty pocket to handle .

He looked down at me and smiled softly , I smiled back and put the hood over my head considering how cold this place is .

The pilot was standing infront of a white jet smiling at us . He looked around 40s if I'm not wrong . Blue eyes and thick black eyebrows , with black hair styled backwardd and beard . He was attractive actually .

" Goodmorning sir , I will be your pilot for today's trip . " he said politely and shook William's hand . Then mine then Elena's .

William nodded and lead the way towards the stairs , he helped me in and my dear cookie , this is better than my house . It screams wealth and coziness . There was a sofa on my left and seats on my right . The seats were in brown leather , infront of them were tables for two people and on the side there were windows of course . On my left , there is a small sofa if you want to sleep and beside it was a little fridge for drinks I think . All in all .. this place is really beautiful .

I took a seat besides the window . I put on my headphones and closed my eyes . Since it was still dark I immediately fell asleep . But I woke up after half an hour I guess , I felt cold and everyone was asleep . Elena on the backseat and William on the sofa , I looked for anything I can use for warm but found nothing .

I took off my jacket and used it as a shield from the cold but eventually it didn't work . I took off my shoes and brought my knees near my chest then put on the jacket on top but that didn't work too .

I stared at Elena's to find her sleeping peacefully . How in the hell these people didn't feel cold ? It is freezing here .

I looked out the window to see the most beautiful view of sunrise ever . I took a pic and came back to the problem I'm facing .

" come here " A thick voice said from the side and I jumped from my place . That scared me .

William's eyes were close but I can tell he is awake . He layed there with one arm behind his head nd the other on his chest . " Don't look at me this way , watching people when they are asleep can be creepy " He joked and I rolled my eyes then looked towards the window again . He sighed loudly " Don't be stupid and come here , I can see you shivering " He said irritated . I am indeed cold but part of me refused to move because he can't just tell me what to do especially after he ignored me , no sir not today .

He sighed again , but this time I felt it close from me . I turned my head to his direction to find his face mere inches far from mind . His eyes were dark and full of .. concern ?

" You love disobeying me aren't you ? " He held my chin . " I hate repeating myself twice kitten " He intentionally deepen his voice at the kitten part , which caused sparkles to explode all over my body .

While I was in my daydream world he picked me from my seat and threw me over his shoulder like a leaf .

" H-Hey ! Put me down " I grabed the fabric of his hoodie tightly afraid of falling down . The next thing I knew , my back was flat of the soft sofa .

He hovered over me , putting one elbow above my head and the other hand on my cheek . I noticed the new color on his eyes , it was silver not blue , silver . Maybe it's the lightning or I'm too sleepy .

" Fuck , how it is hard for me to pull my shit together around you " He said huskily and I gulped . His index finger ran over my lower lip and leaned down to kiss my lips very slowly and passionately . claiming them . His tongue danced with mine and made sure to discover every hidden part of my mouth . I put my hand on his chest but then he pulled away smirking " I'd love to go further but privately " He winked and rested his head on my chest and his body between my legs . It was a very comfortable position . But that wasn't enough for him so he grabbed my hands and placed them on his head . I got the message and cuddled him . "Better" he said on last time before falling asleep .

I felt his warm shielding my body and putting me into the most beautiful sleep ever .

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