Unusual love

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Chapter 25


I was feeling hot . One beacuse of the clothes I'm wearing . Two , the warmth of the body on top of me . I'm so aware of the fact that William was using me as his pillow and Elena will wake up soon .

I looked down at him , he was sleeping peaceful . I just noticed how long his eyelashes are . I ran my hand through his dirty blonde hair gently , I wrapped some hair around my finger then let it go . I kept playing with his hair till the pilots voice came from somewhere .

" Ladies and gentlemen , please take your seat and put your belts on . We are about to land . Thank you "

I gently shook William awake , he was galring at me but his look soften when I told him the pilots words . He obeyed .

I did the same too as the plane starts to land , It was terrifying but William held my hand comforting me . I smiled and looked through the window .

We landed peacefully and the weather was much colder than ever . It's safe to say I am about to freeze . William took of his jacket and wrapped it around me as if he is not effected by the cold weather at all .

" Aaah home sweet home " Elena said from behind stretching her arms and taking deep inhale of oxygen . William did the same causing his hoodie to go up little showing the two abs right above his private area .

" You can have it all later on kitten , save that energy for me " He caught me staring . I blushed badly and remained innocent .

There was a car waiting for us outside the airport , it was so freaking beautiful . white beautiful car .

What I didn't see is the figure beside the car . He was as tall as William , he got the same dirty blonde hair combed behind . His eyes were as blue as the sky without mentioning the staright nose , full pink lips and sharp jawline . He sent me a genuine smile which didn't go unnoticed by William who wrapped an arm around my waist protectively .

The beautiful man walked towards us or should I say me then held his hand out for me to shake . " My name is Joshua but you can call me Josh " He smiled down at me which caused me to blush .

When I was about to shake Josh's hand William did it instead .

" Nice to see you again big brother " He spoke with tight smile . I can tell it was a warning sent towards his brother .

So that is Josh Elena told me about . He shook his head and chuckled " Well I don't know why you're acting this way but .. Nice to see you too "

Elena came between them and hugged them both tightly " I'm hungry , let's go home ! " She said excitedly and moved to the car with William . Oh they just left me here ..

" What's your name " Josh spoke beside me leading me towards the car himself . " Ellyan " I answered with a smile on my face . " Nice to meet you . " he bowed politely with a hand on his stomach and opened the door for me . I got in to find a very angry William looking at me . What did I do now ?

" You weren't supposed to let him touch you " He complained and I gave him the 'what the hell ' look . With the courage I had I said " at least he didn't leave me behind him and walked away " He seemed shocked by my answer and bit down his jaw " I see " he said simply .

That's not how I imagined our trip to start . He sighed and pulled me to his chest " Fine , I am sorry " He aplogized and looked at him questionably . He said nothing else but held me close to him . That gave me an opportunity to smell his scent , I don't know if that's his natural scent or a parfume but god he smells so good . I inhaled it and sighed softly .

After 30 mins we reached a huge mention , the cars stopped infront of a gate with two wolves statues on both sides . The gate opened allowing us in . There was a fountain in the middle and bushes taking place all the way to the double doors . After we got out of the car , three men walked towards us helping us with our suitcases .

" Welcome back Alp-... " Elena elboyed the first guard on his side " S-Sir " He corrected himslef and got a nod from William .

Soo I guess he runs this place too ??

The inside of the mantion was 100 times beautiful than the outside . A big shiny chandelier hang down from the ceiling and lot of paintings on the walls . And two staircases coming down from both side of the room . Then a table in the middle with candles on top of it .

I might be really bad at describing how beautiful this place is because words cannot show the real beauty .

Elena took me to the guest room so that I can rest or do whatever I want . Her room was right beisde mine , while William's was on the second floor .

My room was much bigger than the one on my apartment . It colours were dark red and gold , chandelier hanging down from the ceiling and queen sized bed . Also , I noticed two doors , one leards towards the closet and the other is the bathroom I guess .

It was 8 p.m when I woke up from the nap I took , it was dark outside and so cold . I wrapped my warmest jacket around me and headed down . They were all settled down around a tall table full of food . William was at the head of it , on his right was his brother Josh and on his right there sat his step sister . And the rest of the seats were taken by people I don't recognize .

I stood there looking at them . William held his head high and smirked , he pointed at me with his finger telling me to come over . I obeyed but for no reason .

"We are waiting for you " He said . I stared at him and give apologetic smile . He pointed at his lap " Sit "

I blushed hard . I can't sit on his lap , especially infront of people . Hell no .

" People are staring " I whispered and he pulled down to his lap , right between his legs .

I hate this situation . I don't like me being the centre of attention , especially from strangers .

We started eating and Josh suddenly talked " Because William is here , finally " that made Will glares at his brother . " We are going to organize a welcome party to the one and only William " He laughed and Will frowned more .

I swear these two hate each other but .. love each other at the same time . " Everytone is invited and we are going to party two weeks from now , CHEERS FOR HOES " he shouted and rised his glass of wine high in the sky joined by Elena " Cheers ! "

Everyone looked at each other and burst laughing including me . William didn't seem happy about it but he let out a deep chuckle in the end and rised his glass " cheers dumbass "

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