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Chaoter 26


The past three days had been very busy , tiring , pain in the ass . Name it whatever you want .

I was trying to find out who was trying to kill me that night with that exact kind of bullets that only vampires have . What support my idea is how good they were at hiding their scent . But who ?

I will take care of that once I get back there but not now .

The dinner was perfect , everyone enjoyed it . Everyone was satisfied but me . My brother kept looking at Ellyan whenever he had a chance , her in the other hand sat down between my legs eating from the same plate as mine . She was really small .

" So since we agreed on throwing a party two weeks from now we shall start the preparation " Elena said and everyone nodded . " so we are going to separate the tasks " she added and the others nodded again .

" I will take care of decorations " Chase suggested . Chase is my beta and my right hand , he always take my position when I'm out of pack .

" And I will keep an eye on him " Emily joked . She is his mate and one of my best warriors out there . Everyone laughed at her joke and I just smiled at her silliness .

Josh groaned and ran his hand through his hair "I wanted to take care of him ugh " I looked at him questioning his sexuality .

He felt my gaze on him . " No homo . I am not ready to babysit their forth - soon to come - pup " He corrected which caused the mates to burst laughing , joined by Ellyan too .

That planted seed of jealousy deep within me .

" I will take care of security , that include the best of warriors to make sure no rogue comes in " Josh said and I nodded , finally something useful . He was supposed to take my place as an alpha since he is older but he declined saying that he isn't meant to be one , and he won't be able to protect everyone around him so it was automatically directed to me .

" Hmm then I will inform people about it " Elena spoke . " I will help you " Ellyan said .

My hands tightened on her waist . " You aren't going anywhere " I said protectively . Or should I say my wolf .

Elena smacked my head bringing me back to my state of mind and I loosen my grip . " Fine , do whatever you want " with that everyone went to his room after we sat on the living room chatting and drinking . I noticed how Ellyan would eye my brother or blush whenever he speaks to her . They are getting together so fast . Maybe she is his mate ?

I hate to admit it but it made me feel slightly hurt , if I can't have her no one can , but yet again do I have feelings for her ?? Nope .

On my way to my room , I stopped infront of her and looked down at her small body . " what's wrong , you look pale " I aksed putting my hand on her forehead to make sure she doesn't have a fever or something .

She shook her head negatively and rapidly " N-No I'm fine , nothing is wrong m-maybe tired " Words seem really heavy and hard to believe so I suggested this " If you want you can joined me "

She looked at me as if I just said the weirdest shit ever . I tilted my head waiting for her answere .

"I .. will be fine " she nodded and entered her room . I shrugged and moved to mine .

There were lot of papers waiting for me to do .

I took off my shirt and put on my glasses then pulled the cover over me . Time to work .

I don't know how long I've been working but when a small knock interrupted me I got the chance to see the time .

It's 5 fucking Am !

Who would be up this late ? " come in " I ordered .

Whoever was behind that door took few moments before opening it revealing itself .

As I didn't expect , it was Ellyan in her hoodie and my jacket on top .

Not gonna lie , that kind of turned me on .

I sat straight and took of my glasses , " why you up late ? " I asked . She stepped in and closed the door lightly . " uhm I couldn't sleep and wanted to give back your jacket " she stripped from it and handed it to me .

" okay but how in hell sm I supposed to hold it from this far " I said sarcastically and she blushed very hard . A chuckle left my chest as I signed to her to come over , she obeyed and put it on one of my pillows .

" You couldn't sleep you said , or you are scared ? " I teased but she frowned .

" N-No ! I just .. I .. coul-.. fine I was " She admitted .

I held her hand and pulled her to me , then I made her sit on top of my abdomen . She was light too , I barely felt her weight .

" you don't have to feel this way when I'm here " I suddenly felt my wolf in the surface so I allowed him to take over , knowing that she might notice the change of my eye colour , but since I can't stand flirting with her . I let them both together .

I placed my hands on her hips looking straight at her eyes . They were huge pools of honey .

" Talk to me babygirl " I said softly lifting my body to reach her lips . Supporting my weight with both my elbows .

She blushed and kept silent . For the first time she touched me . tracing the tattoo on my chest with her fingers . Shivers ran down my spine as I tried to hold myself from doing something I might regret .

" Beautiful tattoo " she said with a smile on her face and lowered her face to pick my lips . I was so shocked , she never made a move but tonight she went all freaky at once .

I kissed her back and spent her around , placing my hand on her back just above her ass . I pulled her close , kissing her back . I asked for entrance and she let me taste her mouth once again .

The kiss deepen and I felt myself losing control so I let my human side taking over again .

I brokw the naughty atmosphere and stared at her face , she really wanted this but nah , not that easy .

I placed my finger on her lips , tracing my way to her neck then her chest , reaching her belly then my way back to her lips . I kissed her one more time .

" you are not ready for this baby " I smirked and layed down beside her . She stayed still so I had to pull her close to me . Her body relaxed and let out a breathe she was holding .

" Once it is time to .. I will fuck you like there is no tomorrow " I promised and kissed her forehead . She tensed which caused me to laugh . " Don't worry you'll enjoy it , now sleep "

She did just as I told her . Goodgirl .

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