Unusual love

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Chapater 27


Two weeks passed by really quickly . Everything was ready and so is everyone . I was told that whenever William comes back to his hometown , they make a party dedicated to him .

Today Elena and I have to go around and invite people . Half of them know about the party already which made it really easy for us . I was introduced to some of her friends . They were really kind .

It was 11 P.m when we came back to the big mansion . Alot of people were there , the mension's doors are always open and everyone is allowed in . I don't know why but they must be really comfortable around each other to come inside others houses .

On my way to my room , a figure was standing there . I got closer and figure became clearing to my mind to take it in . Josh was standing there with his arms crossed on her chest . He was wearing a hoodie and pj pants . Me in the other hand was wearing three 3 shirts then a warm hoodie along with a jacket on top . I swear these people are something else .

" Hey there beautiful " He greeted and I smiled then nodded . " what are you doing here ? " I asked .

He tilted his head and smiled at me " I was told to inform you that William will be out for some time . So I need to keep an eye on you " .

So he decided to disappear and send his brother to tell me huh ?? What does it even mean ? Is it possible that I fell for his lies ? And he is just playing with me till he get what he wants then leave me ..

Or I am just too bad for him , I mean I know I am not that perfect and my body isn't the best that you lose yourself for it but at least I don't play with hearts and I am not a gold digger .

I looked down feeling the tears filling my eyes . I cleared my throat and opened the door but before I close it and waved goodbye to josh " thank you but I will be alright " I tried to not cry infront of his brother .

I fooled myself and fell for him , he is using me and I am dumb enough to believe him . The first thing I am going to do after he comes back is packing my stuff and leave .

I rested my head on the pillow and cried myself to sleep .

Three days passed by and William still didn't come back , I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel worried about him . He didn't text me no even a " fuck you " .
I tried to ask his brother but he said nothing is happening and ignored me too .
But the bright side is I have girls around me and we have good times whenever I had a chace . Just like today , I went shopping with Elena and some of her friends then had lunch . But Elena was always out and quiet most of the time . She didn't talk unless she is talked to . We were really worried bout her but her answer was " I am worried about my brother " .
I understand.

After that I came back to my room I locked myself . This isn't a trip anymore . That's a mental and physical torture .
I pulled the covers over me and started at the sky from the huge window facing me . Alot of thought came rushing to my mind . From my job to my bells to the friends I made . They are so mysterious , I don't know lot bout them and so they are .

I was swimming in my sea of thoughts when a shadow passed by my window. It scared me like shit . I sat down and focused on the source but I failed .

The curiousity inside of me moved my body and stood infront of the window staring outside . But nothing was off .. until I spotted the shadow again . Even though I couldn't see his face I had that feeling that I know him , like I've seen him somewhere .
I stayed there for long time , that I didn't even know when he disappeared from my sight . I closed the curtains in terror and stepped backwards . My breathes refused to leave my lungs . I felt like suffocating .

I turned around to leave the room and find someone because I felt a presence around me . And let me tell you this , it wasn't for good .

I tried to open the door but I forgot I locked it so I came back and looked for the keys , that wanted to disappear just now . I leaned down and open the nightstand's drawer to find two shiny keys . I smiled in relief and walked towards the door again .

I felt the cold breeze hitting my bare back . I shivered and turned my head just slightly because I was so scared .

Then I saw it . The figure .

Was standing there in all it glory , tall and creepy .
I still couldn't see the face . The outside' lightning hit his back causing his front to go all dark . The curtains danced with the breeze and welcoming the stranger's presence .

I gulped and tried to unlock the door while looking at the man before me .

The scream reached my throat but refused to leave it nor did my words . But I tried .

" wh-wh-who are y-you " I asked .
" I'm not here to hurt you " he said with deep voice . I can tell he is old . Maybe around 40s or 50s I don't know .

" I am here just to see you " He spoke again . His voice getting closer from me .

He stepped out of the drakness and I swear my breathes left my lungs as the colours drained from my face . My body froze and the wolrd vanished around me

" it's me , your father remember me " he said on last time before makikg himself known .

My father was there looking at me with his eyes . Same as my eyes . The killer was there , free and alive when he should be in hell burning with his friends , the demons .

" I am your father " He smiled softly and pulled me in a hug . I didn't react because I was so numb to do so .

I think I might faint and I did .
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