Unusual love

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Chapter 28


I kept hearing Elena knocking on the door but my so called father held me close to his chest till I came back to my conscious state . He smelled good not gonna lie and part of me wanted to hug him back because after all he is a part of me . But the huge part of me is begging me to run away or at least yell for help . Yet again , he is the dangerous man alive so he could end my life here and now without hesitation .

" please don't hurt me " I said with tears in my eyes . My knees touched the ground as the tears ran down my cheeks . I felt his strong arms wrapping themselves around my arms and lift me up . I kept my gaze down but he rised my chin to look straight in my eyes .

" I'm not going to hurt the only one I've been looking for . " He smiled . It creeped me out because it has double meanings . And the most believable one is he is going to kidnap me or kill me .

" Are you going to hurt me " I said hopefully he will say no .

His answer had me shocked . " why would I hurt my princess " He smiled again softly . He then placed a hand on my cheek .

I looked at him confused as I stepped back . for a second I saw the regret and pained look in his warm brown eyes , I never thought I will meet him one day and he would say such words with such impressions . Yet again humans can wear mask so I didn't let mayself fall for his lies .

" Wh-What do you want from me " I asked sounding angry and I hope I don't regret it later . " What do you want after the hell you've put me through ! You killed me ! You killed .. her " I cried out . with every word I felt the same scar open again and much deeper .

" Ell listen to m-.. " he tried to speak but I interrupted " What do I need to know !?lies !? How can you do this to our family , your family ! " I scolded more , yelled more . My heart tightened inside my chest .

" I didn't want to kill her ! " He yelled this time , causing the walls to shake . I sat down on the couch nearby the wall and looked at him with wide eyes .

" I didn't want to kill her " I saw his eyes closing as the tears left his eyes "I had to stop her from hurting you " He started .

Hurting me ?

" Hurting .. me " I repeated " How can I believe you "

" She wasn't what you think " He stared at me and knelt before me , placing his hands on my knees " When you were born , she expected a boy " he started " She wanted a boy not a girl , but god sent you to us . A beautiful gift "

" I don't know how I didn't notice but when I come back from work , I would see blood drops on the ground , leading me to the basement where she keeps her stuff " He stopped to wipe his tears " I trusted her so I never searched the basement not even for once .. but I was so stupid " he finished .

" what do you mean ? It makes no sense " I spoke throwing my hand in the air . It doesn't make sense inside head .

" let me finish please " he begged and I nodded my head . " it was Christmas when I left my job way too early , I opened the door but she didn't hear me , the house was so dark that I couldn't see my own hands " he looked at me " There was light coming from the basement so I followed . She was there with a book in her hand and you sitting on a rug with candles surrounding you . You were wearing a white dress she bought for you and a handmade necklace " He closed his eyes " she was using you as a road to the other world , she was trying to sacrifice your soul for power " He broke crying .

But I was sitting there paralyzed . Not knowing how to react to this . I used to have a white dress , I wore it in most of pictures with her . I even had a necklace she gifted it to me when I was young . So it was true ?. She used me ?? But how I don't remember ?

" I .. don't recall these events "

" I know because she erased your memories after her sick experiments are over " he said angrily . " I didn't know what to do so I told her why she is doing this but the next morning she escaped with you . I hated myself because I couldn't protect you from your own mom , I hate her for doing this to you "

I sat there trying to take in all the events that been hidden from me for years .

" she was a witch , she used my baby so I joined that one council that fight these people . I tried my best and learned the best just for the day I meet her again "

The world started spinning around me .

" God fulfilled my wish and brought her to me . But I couldn't kill her , she was the love of my life . She attacked me and accidentally stabbed her with the knife right in her heart " He cried again , I joined him .

" I didn't want it to end this way . I didn't want you to feel scared around me , I died inside when I knew my child is runnin away from me " he hugged me tight " I'm so sorry baby , I shouldn't have left you in the first place " His grip tightened on me .

I really don't know how to deal with this . I can't even think straight anymore . Everything seems wrong yet everything is clear as day now .

" How .. hwo do I believe you " I spoke after long silence . He looked at me then smiled " I don't have a reason to lie , I will give you time and I will always be here for you as your father "

" Why didn't you look for me .. " I asked again .

" I was .. I tried to track you but you ran every time I get close " He answered " That's why I am here , and I'm glad " He smiled and held my hand .

" I don't .. know " I said honestly " I don't know If I will ever trust you again or even call you dad "

He nodded and bit down his jaw .

I was in complete daze with the door flew across the room . Both my father and I's heads snapped to the very angry William standing with his chest heaving up and down .

" Joseph Calderwood " William spoke with deep voice .

" William James Blackstone " Dad said back more deeper and more dominant .

I don't like this .

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