Unusual love

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Chapter 3 :

I don't know how long we've been there but it was long enough for my legs to hurt . " Elena can we head back home now ?? " I asked politely in hope my puppy dog eyes would help but sadly she insisted to buy more clothes and stuff she will need "Oh my God look at this shirt ! It will suit your figure more right " I looked up at her in suprise when she handed me the shirt that screams expensive , I mean the whole boutique does , everything inside is cool and beautiful almost every girl's dream but I can't waste my money for a shirt while I can eat three meals everyday so I politely refused " N-No I.. I cant uhm accept that , i-its expensive and I don't wanna be a burden " I felt my face turns red as a smirk found itself to her face " Oh honey , This is nothing , you can say it's a gift from me to you " With that she put the shirt on her palm along with the other stuff she bought " alright with all that I guess it's time to go home!"

We spent the rest of the day roaming around the place and I really enjoyed it , she was so much fun and energetic but troublesome she almost jumped on a guy who flirted with at her and that took everything for me to stop her .

" I'm so sorry for today it could've ended way better if that dickhead minded his business " she let out a sigh and ran a hand over her long blondie hair , now I know that she is so kind but when it comes to her dignity she would RIP your throat out and of course I dont wanna get in her bad side . " Its fine , I really enjoyed today , thank you " I sent a smile her way before walking down the street to reach my home , it was about 8:30 P.m and it's not safe to be outside at that time specially at this street , so I pulled the hood over my head and my hands found their way to my hoodi'e's pockets in a try from me to gain confidence and comfort of course warmth too .

As I am walking , I felt someone watching me , burning holes in my back but i didnt mind it my imagination takes the best of me sometimes since I've read alot about kidnapping stories and watched movies that are based on stuff like this so I started taking deep breathes while walking as fast as I can . When I finally saw my home two strong arms that belong to a very build and fit man were wrapped around my waist pulling me back till my back met up with a strong chest , I struggled to free myself but that made the stranger tightens his grip around me .

Deep breathes Ellyan , don't freak out , don't panic , think about a way to run away .

" Was your name Ellyan ? " the strage voice whispered near my ear and then he moved down to breath my scent which was creeping me out real bad , I found it so difficult to think about a way to run and then a way to deal with my panic that was now on the surface , is he going to kidnap me ? Kill me ?? Or rape me ?? Maybe all of them ??

" Don't panic kitten , I am going to take care of you and your body " He whispered the last word with a deeper tone . Okay now its obvious that I am going to get raped but I dont wish to be treated like that , I've survived worse situation and this one wont break me so with one swift move I elbowed what it seem to be his face which made him groan and loosen his grip on me .


I am not going to waste this golden opportunity . I started running for my dear life so did the stranger , his footsteps were heavy from behind and that only made me turn around to look at his shadow but that caused me to stumble and fall down hitting my head hardly " Ah kitten see ... you shouldn't have run away from daddy " I sensed a smirk on his face " Now you are injured see " He continued and I suddenly found myself between his leg while I am still on the ground feeling dizzy . " W-..Who are you ?? " I managed to say and his reply was a finger rubbing my lip and then my jawline , other fingers joined the chat and wrapped themselves around my neck gently " P-Please dont hurt me "I pleaded ,yeah and what else should I do ?? Fight a giant man ?? " Shh Shh don't babygirl , don't beg me now " for a moment I thought I was dreaming but no that man what William , with a bleeding lip and hair that is now short covering his eyes , and Why would he kidnap his step sister's friend !? Why me ? What did I do ? Is it possible ? Is he a psycho ?

" What do you want for me ? " Okay that was a brave question , hopefully he would answer me but instead he kept his hot gaze for seconds and when I thought that it's over because he got up , it was just the start for the worst night ever . With a quick move I found myself on his strong shoulder walking towards no where , I hit once twice but it is just a tickle to him and then I start feeling down, weak and nothing , a man was kidnapping me and here I am doing nothing but praying to god to save me and bring me back to my home , I am scared and hopeless .

" Please leave me alone " a sob escaped me and then another , then another till I was a mess , he didn't talk or react not like he would . Once he is done with me God knows what will happen then , maybe I would be dead and finally meet my dear mom or maybe tutored or raped over and over , I should've been more careful , I shouldn't have looked back at him I should've met him in the first place , is that all a plan ?? Is Elena a part of this plan ? Am I victim !? Wait no it doesn't make sense , was she a part of this ? But she would've dragged me somewhere else but not the mall , and then she took a taxi home and she also told me to join her but I refused since she wasted alot of money on me today , I am so stupid I should've accepted her offer and now look at me , with her step brother inside a car ..

Wait a car ?!?!

A CAR ?!


When my new situation sank into my mind I shot my eyes open and try to escape his hold but I then my body didn't help me and my headache got stronger I found myself on his lap trapped between his arms " Hurry the fuck up ! She is losing blood ! " I heard a voice yelling and since his chest was going up and down and vibrating I realised it was his voice " Hey Will , calm down she will be fine " another voice joined and I unconsciously snuggled closer for warth and comfort since I feel cold and a real pain inside my head and slowly my breathes calmed down and black dots covered my vision and right away I was in the darkness alone .

Hello everyone , please don't go hard on me i know this is not that good and my Grammer is trash but i promise I'm working on it :") !

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