Unusual love

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Chapter 4 :

What a weird dream , I guess I should stop watching movies because now it's messing with my brain . I stretched both my legs and arms and here comes a deadly headache causing me to hold my head and groan in pain , and I surely need to sleep early from now one .

" you work up babygirl " my eyes went wide as I heard a sexy deep voice speaking from the other end of my room , wait hold on ! I looked left and right trying to remember what happened and suddenly i felt dizzy and my headache goes like a bitch , I clenched the sheets in frustration and fear as my panic attack broke into the surface again , it wasn't a dream I am kidnapped by that man and no one can help me , no one knows where I am and they will never know , did he take my virginity already !? Am I alive ? Please tell me it was all a dream .

" Babygirl " please tell me I'm dreaming , then why can't I look up and see who's there , it's all fake Ellyan calm down . A part of me wanted to believe that this was all a lie but when two hands shook the hell out of me I realised that everything I am going through is real , my life is messed up I will never manage to bring it back to it right way , I am trapped here just like I was when I was younger , that man will treat me as my dad treated mom and he would probably kill me as my dad did to my mom , he will hurt me and no one will know, I will die and no one will know , no one will visit my grave or put flowers on top , who will cry ? Who will get sad ? No one ..

The hardest I think about these thoughts the hardest it becomes to breath , " Hey you breath ! " I wanna get out of here , I wanna go back to my small apartment " No you won't go anywhere Babygirl ,you will stay here with me " well fuck , I said that out loud and what I received in return made my blood freezes inside my veins . " You won't go anywhere , you stay here , please me that's how it will go with you " .

Please you ??

" N-No " I shook my head " I wanna go home , please let me go , please " At this point I couldn't stop my tears from falling , I couldn't stop crying and he is infront of me looking at me with cold face , as if he is listening to a boring lecture and more than that he smirkaed nd rubbed my cheek with his knuckles " No no no more of that , We will talk tonight , obey me and no one will hurt you ." and with that he got up and walked towards the door , leaving me there crying my heart out . This is not going to be good at all .

I lied there for hours looking at the ceiling , thinking about what is going to happen to me and what will happen when that monter comes back , I should really get out of here I can't just stay here , not when he is here and most of all why did he kidnap me ? What is going on here?

A knock on my door brought me back from thought so I payed all my attention to whoever is behind that door , after few seconds a man walked in holding a plate in his hands , I can tell he is about 40 years old since few white hairs revealed themselves . " Mr William wanted me to bring you food " he eyed me with lust and a dirty look which I didn't like . " I... I-Im not hungry sir " I said pulling the sheets close to my body as if they will protect me from that man's looks " You can't say no to him you know that right ?? " he snappeď and placed the plate on the night stand beside the bed and I slowly backed off " I... I d-don't care , leave me alone " I tried again maybe he would leave after that but no he instead got closer from me and I back off in return " He won't like it if he knew about this " suddenly I was pulled towards him " But I can tell him you ate .. only if you know ..we can have fun before that " What is going on here ? Why they are all think with their dicks ?? I start pushing away but he was stronget and forced kisses all over my face with his fucking mouth that is smelling like rotten egg " N-No ! Stay away from me ! " I tried again when he didn't let go I punched his face and managed to stand up only to feel dizzy and fell backwards .

I groaned but nothing was compared to the pain I felt when that bastard kissed my neck which will leave marks , 'marks that I don't want ' .

" Stop resisting and fucking obey " I again felt pain but this time on my cheek then I knew he slapped me hard enough to feel like passing out " Good girl , see now we are good " without wasting time he ran his hand down my stomach to my Jean's button then the zipper but he was interrupted with a dangerous growl from behind and thankfully that made him stop and get up immediately " S-Sir she... she forced herself on me , I w-was trying to get ... to leave b-but .. " the growl got louder and deadly .

" Dimitri ! " the second man shouted , and I recognized the voice right away , William !

"S-SIR WAIT IT'S NOT L-LIKE THAT PLEASE " I could feel that bastard's fear and I know he was shaking but I dont know if is it because he was caught red handed or by calling that Dimitri, maybe both.

" Take care of that piece of shit , keep him alive till I deal with him " William sounded so pissed off , ready to take the man's head off of his body . Heavy steps come close to me then heading towards the door and them 'SLAM ' the door is closed and it's just me lying on the ground with probably a bruised cheek , bleeding head , and a messed up mind , I felt a presence beside me but I was way too weak to notice , a hand held my cheek made me strong enough to look at William who is truly pissed off .

" Tell me how that happened " He growled and I closed my eyes not allowing the tears to escape my eyes " H-He .. tried to r-rape me " I hate myself because I always show how weak I am , I raised myself by myself and I didn't know how to stand for myself or how to protect myself , I give up and let it be , because that is my destiny and now I hate it .

While I was thinking this way , William carried me to bed and made me sit on the edge with him kneeled down between my thighs " Let me see " that sounded like an order and I obeyed , not like there's something I can do . " Motherfucker " He hissed and I noticed his Adam's apple going up and down " He left some damage , I will make him pay for everything " he talked to himself more than talking to me , but I stayed silent just blaming myself for everything that is happening .

" Ellyan fucking talk to me " I jumped from my place when he slammed both his hands on the mattress " Answer me when I am talking to you ! " He did it again . " What else you want me to say !?you brought me here against my will ! Locked me here and sent a man to rape me ! Not like you wont do it ! " I breathed heavily and then glared at him " What are you going to do to me ? Why am i here "

Till now I don't know why he is just staring at me without any emotions , so I took this as green light and continued . " Talk to me !! Why am I here !? Why are you doing this to me !? What have I done to deserve this ?? " my voice cracked in the end and my tears are now wetting my hoodie .

" that was cute , but I do what I want and you my little girl should not question why , understood? " he kissed the top of my head and then left the room .

His little girl??

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