Unusual love

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Chapter 29


I blocked everyone from my mind link because they kepy saying 'we smell other presence around our land' before I left my territory I made sure than everything is under control , plus Dimitri is there and so is my brother . They can take down an Alpha in no time let alone a rogue or some weird ass creature .

The reason why I left my home was one of my man having extra info about the man I'm looking for . He got his location and where he goes in his free time so I had to go to the town and find him if not kill him . It won't take long for me to do so especially when I am a pure lycan .

I parked my car on the parking lot of a restuarant where I am supposed to meet the guy . Luckily he came in time but with his face as pale as a white paper .

He sat down and got close from me " I have bad news William " he said rapidly . " Joseph left the town this morning , his friends said that he is moving to woods where your territory is located "

I stopped thinking , as the world started spinning and everything disappearing around me . He is moving to my land , he is going to end my people . The warriors were right , they smelled him but I ignored the sign .

I got up from my place with such a force causing the chair to fall down . Everyone looked at me as I made my way out of the restuarant . I heard the guy calling my name over and over but all what mattered to me now is the ones I love were in danger and he moved this morning so he is probably nearby the land if not inside making such a scene .

I opened my car's door and revived my car then drove back home . I broke some driving rules but doesn't matter , I can hit the officer with million dollar right on his face .

It was dark outside and snowing when I finly made it home . The guard were by the gates and happily opened them for their Alpha . "Is everything okay ?? No one is hurt ? " I asked and they looked at me as a crazy " Fucking tell me ! " I used my alpha's voice and they bowed . " No alpha everything is under control " one of them asnwered and I let out a sigh of relief , he isn't here yet . " Get ready , we are expecting an attack " I announced and walked towards the mansion .

It was quite , and everyone seemed asleep . I walked to Ellyan's room but the light weren't on which told me she is asleep . I turned around and walked to Elena's room , she was awake . I knocked and walked in .

" William ! " He rushed to me and hugged me tightly . " are you okay ? " I said kissing the top of her head . She nodded and gave me questionably look .

" Elena , Joseph is on his way here " I told her honestly and she seemed shocked and scared at the same time . "Don't worry , I will protect you " I promised " How is ... Ellyan . My wolf was so restless and acting all weird " I told her again .

" she wouldn't come out from her room and Josh said that she almost cried when he told her you were out " She finished . I felt that kind of pain in my heart as my wolf whimpered inside .

Stupid wolf .

" I tried to knock on her door but didn't open . I heard her yelling at someone inside of her room . I knocked but still didn't answer me , something is off William " she finished with tears in her eyes .

"Go back to sleep , I will check on her " I walked out of her room back to Ellyan's . When I tried to knock I heard a man voice along with sobs . I frowned and called her name . She didn't hear me so I did what was right .

Broke the fucking door . FBI way ?? Yea please .

I scanned the room , my eyes landed on the very wanted man . Inside my territory , with Ellyan whose eyes were wide in surprise .

My wolf came to the surface feeling all protective and angry at the same time . " Joseph Calderwood " I growled and he growled back then called out my full name . With no shame no respect he said it all .

" William James Blackstone "

I was about to charge at him when she came between us . I stopped because I didn't want to push her away which can make her lose her conscious or worse .

" get off the way "I said through greeted teeth not breaking the eye contact with the devil .

She didn't move .

" I said move the fuck away ! " I growled louder making the ground shake underneath me but this time I looked at her . She was frightened and ready to cry but still didn't move . I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away , she stumbled and hit her head with the corner of the table .

I was way too mad to notice . I saw red .

My first fist met his jaw and the second his stomach . I pushed him against the wall and sent another punch at him but it was met with wall creating a hole . He is fast for an old ass . He moved around and caught me off guard hitting the back of my leg . I knelt down but quickly stood up . I was about to charge at him when I saw him checking on Ellyan .

Someone held me tight from behind . I turned around in rage to see my brother Josh having tight grip on me follwed by my beta . " Fucking let me ! " I ordered and they disobeyed . " control yourself pup " Josh ordered back .

I growled and tried to free myself but Josh knew how to hold me down perfectly .

Ellyan in the other hand was sitting on the ground pressing a piece of fabric on her fresh scar . " Please stop fighting " she whispered but I heard it as clear as day .

Then it hit me . I pushed her , I could've killed her !

" Ell-... I .. " I tried but failed to speak .

" please stop it " She looked me in the eye and begged .

'Mate' my inner voice and my wolf said together .

This must be a joke right ?

She is my fucking mate !

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