Unusual love

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Chapter 30


I swallowed hard because I know I fucked things us between me and my mate . The one who was made just for me , the one who will spend the rest of her life with me . I felt a terrible guilt eating me alive . The look in her eyes was so painful as if someone was tearing my heart slowly .

Her scent filled my nostrils , my wolf howeld and jumped excitedly but I in the other hand was in daze .

I kidnapped her then used her for my own stupid plans . And now she is bleeding .

I stepped closer when I felt their grip loosened . Carefully I stood infront of her , lookiong at her .

Her father was rubbing his hand up and down her back in a comforting way . I don't fucking trust this man , besides The thing between us isn't done yet .

'Call Diane right now' I mind-linked my brother and he obeyed . I knelt down and shot her father a glare to step out of the way . My beta got the message and handed his hand to the old man " The doctor is going to be here " Dimtri spoke which caused Joseph to smile ? Then nodded his head " thank you , I'd rather stay besid-.."

" I don't need anyone here ! Can you just leave " Ellyan said with such a sad voice . Her father's face dropped to the ground and nodded then walked out . I still feel him outside the room but at least he gave me a room to explain myself .

I placed my hand ontop of her head then moved it to her cheek . " D... Does it hurt " I asked knowing the answer . She nodded without saying a single word .

" I .. " I sighed frustrated " I am sorry , I didn't mean to " I apologized but what I didn't expect was her turning her head to the other side away from my touch . That alone can kill me , yet again I deserve it .

" Don't hurt my ... father and leave I wanna stay alone " She said in low voice and I just did what I was told . Even though my feet stayed glued to the floor for few moments but I Walked away .

I came face to face with diane , she nodded understanding the concern in my eyes . " don't worry Alpha " She whispered and closed the door behind her .

My next move suprised me and Dimitri all together . My wolf took over suddenly and held Joseph's neck tightly to the point he starts shocking . Dimitri grabbed my palm and tried to free the man but I just got him where I wanted . While Josh wrapped his arms around my waist pushing me backwards , sadly it worked and I let go of him .

I was so mad that I didn't notice when my canines showed up . " Alpha I get you are angry but he wants to speak to you , to us " Dimitri said . " There is some shit we got wrong " Josh added and I laughed .

" so you believed him huh ? " I said sarcastically and eyed both my men . " he got proofs " Josh said again . " we better take this to your office because your little princess doesn't wanna hear this "

" Don't you dare call my daughter that ! " Joseph snapped at Josh . Suddenly the old man was lifted from the ground as Josh's grip tightened around his neck . " I am not William and you don't wanna spend the night with the devil right old Josie ? " He caught me off guard by saying his nickname out loud without caring . He threw him away and smiled his way " Office shall we ? " with that he walked away as if nothing happened .

The next 50 mins we spent was literally awkward as Joseph spilled the whole tea . We were mistaken about a lot of shit . Honestly we kind of misunderstood the man .

" what do you mean you didn't kill her " I asked . He shook his head and told us the whole story from A to Z . So she was a witch and tried to use my girl to open a gate to the other world , like that ? So he has to stop her without killing her but he did finish her accidentally .

" that makes no sense , then why all people throw dirt on your name " Dimtri snapped . Joseph smirked and leaned his head back " The damn bloodsuckers "

My eyes went wide as he mentions vampires . As you know , werewolves and vampires never get along . With all the humiliation going on , they'd do whatever it takes to take us down sooner rather than later .

" what do you mean " Josh and I said at the same time . " The blue moon pack , they killed every single person there , and since me and the witches hunters were spending the night there , they accused us or shall I say me since I was the only one with exposed name "

" how do we know you're not lying " Dimitri added and we all nodded .

" why would I mess with werewolves ? They can kill me easily . Plus I have nothing against your kind " he said and for the first time I felt honestly and pride then . Well we are strong after all .

" especially that their Alpha was a goddamn lycan . And he died with poison right ? And where do we get that poison from " Joseph spoke and the realization hit us like a train .

" the fucking vampires " I murmured still kind of not believing him .

" For more explanation , we went there for a mission . There was a group of witches who needed to be stopped " He held out a paper with date and time of that mission . I took the report and read it .

My eyes moved carefully analyzimg every single word written there . Same exact date the pack was attacked and same date the Alpha died .

The man was indeed right , we accused him for something he didn't do . We were chasing him for long over nothing .

Joseph Calderwood isn't our enemy .

The fuckimg vampires are !

I looked at the boys and nodded " He is fucking right " I ran my hand over my hair .

I was about to speak with the door flew open . Diane was standing there with her chest heaving up and down . I stopped breathing as I waited for the worst to hit me .

" Ellyan wants to see you " She reported and I was about to die from happiness .

" Mr Calderwood " She finished .

Well that way the biggest sike I have ever EVER experienced in my whole life .

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