Unusual love

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Chapter 31


I asked for my father to be present beside me . I need him to explain alot of things .

My head injury wasn't something bad , luckily my hand took the most damage that was aimed at my head .

The doctor was so sweet and treated my scratch really carefully and gentlely . After that she excused herself and my father stepped in after few moments later .

He pulled a chair and sat next to my bed , he reached for my hand and I let him . " How are you feeling ? " He asked . He sounded really worried and concerned about me . " I am really sorry for not finiding you early and give you the love you've been missing " He knelt down with his hands held high together " Forgive me Ellyan I really tried my best " Even though he won't admit it I heard a sob coming from him . My heart tightened . I was freaking out because my father is kneeling before me asking for forgiveness .

" I-it's fine I had already forgiven you dad " I smiled when he looked at me right after dad left my mouth .

" that's why I called you in the first place , because I know .. it's none of your fault but it will take time to get used to it " with a nod he sat back down . We had conversations here and there , throwing facts and what we've done in the past years .

You can say it's our first step towards a better beginning than this .

After what seemed to be 2 hours I fell asleep and woke up feeling all thirsty and hungry at once .

I looked at the spot my dad was sitting on , he was right there sleeping in a very uncomfortable position . I couldn't tell how because the room is all dark and there is no source of light outside . I covered him and kissed his forehead lightly then hopped on my bed once again .

" You just kissed me , didn't you "

My head turned around quickly that I felt dizzy . I looked at the figure who was now standing tall , all his mighty and glory . I don't remember dad being that tall .

The steps grew closer as the room suddenly lighted up with light . I closed my eyes tightly and covered them with my hand .

" oh shit , too bright " I don't remember dad cursing too !

The light became dim allowing me to opened my eyes and knowledge the man which I pretty think is William or his brother Joshua .

Scratch that , it's William .

My eyes went wide as my heart started racing inside my ribcage . He handed me a glass of water but my body refused to move at this point and stayed still .

He smirked and looked at me " Cat got your tongue ? " He joked pulling me out of my surprise . I shook my head and sipped the water .

" You feeling alright ? "

I nodded .

" DO you feel pain or something ? "

I shook my head as no .

" Great , I didn't want you to spend the night alone , you might need something "

I didn't reply and just rested my head on the pillow , with my back facing him .

It made worse because the next thing I felt was a warm body behind me , arms wrapping themselves around my waist and head dropped to where my neck and shoulders meet . I blushed hard as I tried to push away .

" Fucking stop moving , I need it . God " He groaned like a 5 years old boy whose mom trying to wake him up or taking his best pillow from him . Then he tightened his grip on me pushing me even more further to his front .

I felt something on my back but I brushed it away since it will angry him more . Plus the blankets here couldn't warm me up enough so maybe I can take the opportunity .

I sighed feeling the butterflies crawling my stomach . Not gonna lie this kinda turned on . Especially when he doesn't have a shirt on . That's something I noticed around these people . They don't wear warm clothes even though it's cold here .

I pulled the sheets on us , since William was fast asleep . I covered him up making sure that the blankets covered his back and blocked the cold . Then I snuggled closed to his chest . He must've felt my movement because he wrapped his arms around me again .

My head was underneath his chin and my arms on his chest . I couldn't help but ran my fingers up and down his abs gaining a puur from him . Wait do we purr ?

We stayed like that . On each other's arms like some lovers . His scent was so freaking good . It's a mix of woods and rain , it was very relaxing especially when his parfume was added too .

Few seconds and I drifted into a deep sleep full of , well , good dreams .

The next morning I woke up by a shuffle in the room . I opened my eyes and closed them again then slowly opening them . I scanned the room and William left of cou-..

No he didn't , he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and wet hair falling on his forehead . Heat crawled my face as I took in every detail of his beautiful body . He turned and faced the mirror to dry his face . He caught me looking and smirked .

He walked towards the bed and hovered over me . Slowly and with careful steps I was lying flat on the matress , his body was so warm that I felt the heat coming out of it .

" It's all yours kitten , touch me . Unlock my body " He whispered huskily and lowered his head . When he was about to kiss me he stopped .

" don't look down " He said as I saw red on his cheeks . My curiosity got the best of me and I lowered my eyes .

I wish I didn't !

The towel that was covering the most private area was now on the ground . His guy was there , hanging down . Huge and well .. hard .

I closed my eyes immediately , I couldn't contain my laugh so I let it out because somehow I found it funny .

He shortly joined my laugh with one of his . Let me tell you this , it was the cutest thing I have ever heard . It was soft yet manly .

He grabbed the towel and put it back on " I warned you , but you pretty much liked it " He laughed and left after telling me that the breakfast would be ready downstairs so I gotta get ready .

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