Unusual love

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Chapter 32


the past two days went by smoothly . My father and I are getting more comfortable around each other so as my relation with William . He isn't mean anymore or rude towards me but I still feel something odd about his doings .

Elena decided to pick my dress since tomorrow is the day we all been waiting for for weeks now . I refused to get any showy ones because I will immediately feel self-conscious about my body . Although she complimented my curves many times and whised she had ones like mine without trying .

We went through many stores before my eyes landed on that beautiful white dress . I ran my hands along the side and held it in my hands . It was a sleeved one . Backless . And would reach my knees . Alos there were many pearls on the front giving the dress another special touch .

Elena came from behind and gasped " Oh my .. this dress is made for you " She spoke my mind and I nodded with a genuine smile on my face .

I purchased the dress and went to find a shoe that can match my dress , luckily it didn't take us more than 30mins to find white heels .

After that , we decided to go and eat . Since I was hungry I ordered hamburger along with fries and warm drink , Elena in the other hand ordered a salad with soda because she didn't wanna get fat . I laughed at her joke and brushed the thought .

We reached home at 6pm , I put my stuff in my room and put the dress inside the closet where it can be safe and sound .

I took a nap and woke up around 8 . William isn't home yet so I took the opportunity to meet my father in the library where he spends most of his time . He wanted to leave the day I recovered from so called injury but I stopped him and begged him to stay little longer .

I tried to convince him on living together , but he disagreed saying that all his businesses are taking place here in Alaska but he promised to pay visits every now and then . After all I'm used to living alone .

" Hey there Ell " Dad greeted with a smile on his face . I said Hi back and hugged his waist . He was such a tall man yet I am a midget .

" are you ready for tomorrow ? " he asked with excitement written all over his face , I nodded and examined the book he was reading .

I tilted my head to the side as I read the title 'the world of werewolves' . I touched the surface of the book and asked " What is that dad " .

He closed the book nervously and put it on the table neaby . " Nothing just an interesting book about those .. imaginary creatures you know " His words came out suspicious and nervous but I let it go since it's nothing of my concern .

9:43 pm and William was no where to be found . I missed him and I admit it . He used to be home around 8 and we would have dinner together . Now he isn't here .

We all sat around a long table in the dining room and started having dinner . Throwing conversations here and there about the event of tomorrow . I ate in silence .

There was a blonde girl across the table that I haven't seen around . But I remember her coming out of Will's room every now and then when I asked Elena she said she was his maid and she would clean his room , because he trusted no one .

She was laughing all confidently and smacked the guy whose name was Leo . He is such a cute man with dark curly hair and blue eyes . I was told that he was the best of fighters here .

The blondie now was flirting with him giving him dirty looks and seducive ones that can melt one's heart just like Leo's .

She looked at me or should I say behind me " Willy ! " She said with a high pitched voice and got from her seat .

Who in the cookie is Willy ?

My curiosity got the best of me as my head turned around and was met with very tired William . Oh so that's Willy for her ?

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek . What a kind of maid .

" Jessica hey " He said but didn't hug her back .

" how was your day ? " she asked running a finger down his chest . That made me jealous as hell .

" it was fine " He answered and pushed her finger away . Then he grabbed a chair and sat beside me . He shot me a smile and placed his head on his hand supporting the weight with his elbow .

Jessica in the other hand gave me slutty look and walked back to her post .

Our conversation was so normal , just asking about each other's day and what's the plans for tomorrow as usual . Still I felt hatred looks being thrown towards me and it was most probably from Jessica .

If you are just a maid why would you hate me or get jealous because I was talking with your boss ?

We finished our dinner and sat next to the fireplace .

Dad and Elana sat next each other because she saw him as her father why ? Becasuse they share same interests and got same sense of dark humor . While Dimitri who grew more friendly with me sat next to his girl Amina -she was such a sweetheart with her beautiful features and kind heart- . Then it was me sitting next to William and his brother Josh facing us . Jessica was sent to her room after the hategul comment she made about me .

I drank my hot chocolate while the brothers spoke about their businesses and the security of tomorrow's event . I started feeling sleepy from all the things I did today and suddenly I felt pair of hands pulling me to that familiar lap . William's lap . His arms pushed my head to his neck and played with my hair as if he is offering me a lap to sleep . I gave him questionable look and he just shrugged and continued talking to his brother .

Two can play this game .

With the courage I had I pulled a blanket over the two of us and placed my hands on his thighs . He immediately tensed and looked down at me . I smiled innocently and continued moving my hands up to his abdoman . My fingers ran freely over his solid abs and my mouth leaving light kisses on his neck . I made sure that I didn't make any sound or my moves known by the others .

His chest vibrated and his hand digged into my hips with a sweet pain . I felt something poking me down and the realization hit me .

I turned him on .

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