Unusual love

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Chapter 5 :

William :

I sent one of my best men to Ellyan's room to give her food and tell me how is she , he asked me who is she but answered with nothing , it has nothing to do with him or anyone else around here she is mine and that obviously she was mine from the very gaze and I promised myself to bring her with me the next time I see her , and that what exactly happened . I wasn't planning to take her with me yesterday since I was heading back home after a long ass meeting and it happened to notice her down the street , so I left the car and came back with her in my arms I immediately lost myself when I touched her , well yeah I lose control when it comes to my things is that weird ?? And if you think that you can escape with whatever that belongs to me ,then you are dreaming buddy because you will fucking die just as that little piece of shit who was now drowning on his own blood .

" Burn him or do whatever, I dont wanna see him " I wiped my hands on the apron I was wearing " Dimtri , search about her past " with that I left the room and started heading towards my room , where she is staying and spending the rest of her time here . The moment I stepped in everything was dark but with the help of the moon I managed to spot her little figure laying down on the bed hugging a pillow , and that alone drove me crazy . She was actually beautiful and something about her aura pulled all the men towards her , Her hair was long and light brown ,while her eyes were lighter than her hair's colour , her skin looks so smooth and untouched , while her lips were the ones testing my self control , rosy and kissable . Her body was unique at least for me , tiny , curved and perfect even though her hoodie covered most of it , she needs a bath after that and clean clothes , my clothes .

After what it seemed like years I peeled my eyes away from her and walked to my closet , I need a bath and then a nice nap but before that I have to check on her , that idiot left enough damage on her face and who knows even her body .

With a deep breath , I kneeled down and gently checking her face but first I brushed some few hair away and placed them behind her air revealing a scratch on her bruised cheek . " Oh look at your face babygirl " I murmured and ran my fingers up and down her soft cheek , she let out a small hiss when I accidentally touched her scratch . " Sorry" I apologized and walk towards my bathroom

Time for a cold bath .

Ellyan :
I need water , my throat is dry , my stomach is growling , and I'm so cold . All of these made me open my eyes and look around at the darkness but I followed the only source of light which is coming under a door , maybe bathroom . No way , someone is here I need to ru-...
" You woke up " said the deep voice , my body reacted to his presence even though he kidnapped me and took me from my house still he is the one I trust here, maybe .
" take a bath ,your clothes are inside along with towels and everything " he ordered me and walked towards his closet , I couldn't help but look at his body with only a towel wrapped dangerously around his waist showing the most perfect V ever , while his upper part was muscular , "Like what you are seeing " He joked from the closet and I immediately got up and walked towards the bathroom carefully not to fall down and make a joke of myself . Once I was inside I locked the door and looked around the huge bathroom , The marble covered the majority of the the place , the walls, the floor as well as the ceiling, although it was black in color but it only added a kind of luxury , on my right there was a huge mirror covering the whole wall along with a white sink that contained so many products , most of them belongs to women , but what attracted me more were the lights that took over the bathroom and the white fluffy carpet that layed on the ground . On the other side there was a huge bathtub for two or more , and it was surrounded with white unused candles , If not for this situation, I would say that this is romantic, but unfortunately all I want now is a warm water for my sore body . After what it seemed half an hour I got up from the warm water room to find myself shaking , without any other thought I wrapped a towel around me and moved towards the mirror . What is obvious is my face now looks so damn fucked , bruised cheek and a cut near my eye , but my hair looks way better after a nice bath and that shampoo I used , is that all a coincidence or that man knows how to buy shampoos ? all I need now is clean clothes , but they are no where to be found . I looked everywhere but I can't find them , should I walk out like this ?? Or call for help ? The first thought sounded more logical , I mean I don't wanna wear my old , blooded hoodie , it was dirty and had enough of me today. so I opened the door and looked from the crack to see where he is at but he was also nowhere to be seen , I let out a sigh of relief and walked out holding the towel closer .

Suddenly I felt presence behind me , and I froze .

He was right behind me and I can say he is enjoying it . " Now it's my turn to look at your body " He said shamelessly and immediately turned around and stepped away , " Y-You said that my clothes are .. I-inside but they are .. not there " I looked down avoiding his eyes , but he has another opinion . " Look at me when you are talking to me babygirl " He spoke rising my chin " Good " with a nod he walked past me towards the bed and came back with black clothes .

" Wear these "

I took the clothes from his hands and headed again towards the bathroom only to get stopped by an arm around my palm , I looked behind questionably and he smirked in return " Here . Change here "

I shook my head disagreeing with what he wants and pulled my arm away from his hold " N-No , that's.. that's.. not good "

" what's not good ?? I will see what's under that towel anyways , and you are mine now " he said 'mine' with a growl and got closer " Mine and I will kill whoever tries to land a hand on you " He continued and I just gulped my fear and pushed him away gently , luckily he let me be this time . Luckily .
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