Unusual love

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Chapter 33


Things will get spicy down ! Wohooo~

He chest vibrated underneath mine as he started losing his focus on whatever his brother was saying . I looked up through my lashes to see him bitting down his jaw . Trying to co trol himself .

Suddenly he stood on his feets holding me in his arms . His hand came behind my head pushing me into his neck . " I need to put her in bed , she already slept " He announced to everyone then to his brother , without waiting for their answer he walked us to the hallway then to antoher room .

He opened the door like a madman and slammed it close . My feets touched the ground and the blanket fell on the ground . I looked up at him , his eyes were dark in hunger and lust , lips parted taking as much oxygen as posssible .

" what were you trying " He said with deep voice , more like demanding one .

" Nothing " I said innocently feeling my inner bitch taking over .

" I don't think so " He took a step closer , I took one backwards but got stopped by his hand in my hair pulling me close to his face . " You've been a bad bad girl " He whispered near my lips and smirked . My breathes hitched and cheeks redden . " What should I do with you kitten " He asked still having the kinky smirk on his face .

" I'm talking to you " He yanked my hair earning a gasp from me . I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turned on by his words and the way he got me infront of him . " I ... didn't do anyhting wrong " I lied and he knew it .

He chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed . " Come sit on daddy's lap " he leaned on one arm while the other pointed at his parted legs . I was feeling so nervous and didn't know what to do but in the end I obeyed and clambed with both my legs around his torso my hands on his shoulder for support . He looked into my eyes for awhile then payed me a smile which I never knew it existed before captured my lips in his .

The kiss wasn't rush nor boring . With each passing second I felt myself growing more needy and horny . As the kiss deepened and tongues danced together . His fingers brushed the hem of my shirt liftining it to my abdoman . He broke the kiss asking for permission . I nodded and kissed him again .

It only took minutes for my hoodie and the shirt underneath it to land on the floor . Leaving me only with my dark coloured bra . He hissed and took his time looking at me .

For the first time I didn't felt self-conscious but confident and ready to get nasty . I pushed him down with my hand and pulled his sweater up " Dominance huh ? " a deep groan came out from the depth of his chest and his hands were placed behind his head watching me doing the job .

We both were half naked in the chilly night . I shivered while he was super hot . I leaned closer and kissed him again but this time I was in charger and controlled it .

His hands held my wrists tightly . I stopped and shot him a questionable look " Fuck " He cursed and bit his lower lip making it go white for mere seconds . " You better back off before I lose it baby " I grined because his eyes said a different story . I lowered my head to where his neck met his shoulder and bit gently . He groaned " Oh my fucking .. I've been waiting for you to give me the green light " William flipped us over so I was under his huge warm body " Let me claim you " . My hands were pinned above my head with one of his hands while the other roamed around my body . " I would love to give you pleasure but fuck it I am selfish " His lips came down my neck kissing it , licking it , biting it . I'm sure this going to leave some marks but who cares .

He stopped at this very sensitive spot , and nibbled even more that exactly send shiver down my spine , within few tries I was moaning softly . This is my first time sleeping with a guy and it's safe to say I'm not experienced at all .

After long session of kissing and nibbling William grew even more impatient and moved to his drawer and came back with a little packaging in his hand . He ripped it open with his teeth and held it between his lips for moment .

Our eyes locked . I nodded because I got the message do you want this . I don't wanna die virgin .

" I want you so fucking bad " He murmured and started pulling down his pants along with his boxers . My eyes almost came out from my scalp of how huge he was .

Is it going to fit in ??

He chuckled darkly and brough my lower lip between his teeth " It gonna fit " He said as if he was reading my mind .

He rolled the condom over his dick and frowned " nothing is better than skin to skin " He murmured to himself but somehow I heard him .

His hands played with the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down gently and slowly down my thighs , knees , then threw on the floor next to our clothes .

The way he took off my panties was freaking hot . His didn't use his hands at first but his teeth with heated look on his eyes .

He placed himself between my legs and rubbed his tip along my entrance . Another moan left my mouth and eyes shut down .

"Look at me , I wanna see your face when I go all the way in " He spoke and fixed his ocean eyes on me . Suddenly I felt pain down there . I closed my eyes tightly and fisted yhe sheets .

" You are fucking .. " When he was all the way in , he let out a sexy sigh " tight . I don't think I am going to hold for so long "

He was ready to move out but I stopped him in order to adjust to his size , he frowned and held my chin " What's wrong ? " he asked worriedly " am I hurting you ? " he asked again , I in return blushed and looked away .

" Don't tell me .. you're virgin ?" A mix of emotions washed over his face . One I can see excitement and honor to be my first ? Then kind of regret . " so you are virgin huh"

" You should've told me " He whispered near my lips . " I want to be your first and last "

" your body , your fucking tight pussy belongs to me " He growled " You belong to me . You are mine " With that he stard thrusting . At first it was gentle but then turned to hard dominate ones . Our moans filled the room . His hand on mine holding me tight as if I'm going to disappear but I liked it .

He fucked like he was born to do it .

Hellooo !

I know I know , I am bad at that kind of scenarios but I am trying my best !

Enjoy <3

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