Unusual love

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Chapter 34


My body felt extremely warm that started sweating . I tried to break free from whatever that was holding me but nothing worked . I opened my eyes slowly .

The room wasn't my room but beautiful . Dark coloured walls with golden lines decorating it . Paints and photographs . The furnitures were made of woods and placed around the room .

I felt something wet touch my neck . I froze as the memories of yesterday hit me . I had sex with William , I lost my virginity last night . I don't know if he feels the same but I am falling deeper . Despite the fact that we are moving too fast, my feelings are growing stronger and stronger as if there is a pull or kind of communication between us.

I turned around slowly and faced him . Our nose touching and breathing each other's air . He was so relax yet there is that hard look on his face .

My hand moved by itself and brushed the messy blonde hair off his forehead . Never thought his hair would be that soft but looks like he will always prove me wrong . I smiled at the thought and kissed his lips lightly . I don't know where did I get that courage from but I did what my body desires and my soul .

Luckily I managed to get out of the bed . Damn I felt soreness between my legs but I walked out quickly down the hall with his shirt on . I opened my room's door and stepped in .

I felt disappointed that my room smelled like woods but not his scent . I pulled my dress out of the closet and put it on the made bed then threw the heels beside it .

I wore my casual clothes and moved downstairs for breakfast . Today the whole mansion was hyped and excited for tonight . The event will start around 7p.m but people had already started the party . Music replacing the usual silent morning , couple dancing here and there . I spotted Josh from the very end of the room , beside him was Dimitri and his girl and Jessica . She looked hella pissed .

Until now Elena is nowhere to be found . I sat on a chair as the chef handed a plate full of goodies . While eating I felt hands massaging my shoulders , I knocked them off rapidly because I don't want no one to touch me but him .

" it's me chill " William said and placed a kiss on my cheek then took a seat beside me . I stared at him , he looked more alive . happiness or excitement covered his icey blue eyes as they sparkled under the light .

" G-..Goodmorning " I finally said and offered him some food . He smiled then ate my food .

The day by went quickly since everyone was busy doing whatever left for tonight . By 5p.m everything was set and ready to go . They decided to take this outside the mansion . The party took place outside on the garden , which made me regret choosing a short showy dress .

I walked to my room along with Elena who got drunk yesterday with my father . I know I had the same thought . They didn't sleep together . My father was sobber enough to drop her in her room and slept on a completely different one .

I put on my dress that hugged my body perfectly and made my breasts look bigger . Next thing Elena did my hair . We decided on a simple hairstyle, down and curled ends and some strands on the front . My make up , well I wanted it to match the party theme so she went with smoky eyes and dark lipstick .

As we both were done . Josh walked in looking hotter than ever . With three pieces suit and hair pushed back . He let out a whistle . It was directed to me as he eyed me head to toe .

" damn that's hot "He laughed and stood infront of me with his hands on his pockets .

Few moments later William came in . My jaw hit the floor , my mouth watery and eyes wide open .

That man looked like he just came back from photoshoot for the hottest/attractive men alive magazine .

Unlike his brother . William wore white shirt tucked under his black pants , the first two buttons were undone . With a black coat on his shoulders . His hair was styled in a messy way . At the first sight it gives you the bad boy vibes .

Our eyes locked through the mirror as he stepped closer . He stopped after his front met my back in a protective way . He looked at his brother and wrapped an arm around my shoulder .

I followed his eyes to see them changing colours , they literally went from blue to silver . My head tilted trying to understand how in the hell can someone do this .

" Well too late brother , she is claimed " William broke the silence and confessed finally . My cheeks heated up and my eyes stayed to the ground . I don't know if it was because of the fact that everyone knows we had sex or because his words were sent to me and Josh at the same time .

Josh let out a chuckle and put his hands in the air " I won't fight the Alp-... Boss ! " he corrected quickly . The wheels turned inside my head . I am pretty sure Josh meant to call him alpha . I heard someone calling his that too , even Elena . Maybe because he rules this place? Who knows .

We all walked outside . Josh left first then Elena . So William and I were left alone . Nothing happened , he just told me about how beautiful I looked and all the things a man would tell a woman .

The view was breathtaking beautiful . The garden was even more better with all the lights on the trees and tables on the yard . Drinks and music . Women and men dancing or sucking on each other's faces .

I hugged myself , it was freezing outside but thanks to this gentleman beside me . Will covered my body with his coat and smiled at me . He leaned closed and whispered in my ear " I will be right back . I need to meet some people , be a goodgirl for me yeah ? " he kissed my lips lighty and turned around leaving me alone with my drink . With evry sip , I feel the liquid warming my body slowly .

The night was going perfectly , but nothing last forever because the next person who stood infront of me with her sluty tight dress was Jessica . Her eyes were burning holes on my body . she gave me disgust look and I sent her one of my own .

" So you are another of his bitches right ? "

One of his bitches ??

Ouch .

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I am sorry for this chapter . I am not feeling myself so hope you accept it !

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