Unusual love

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Chapter 35


Jessica looked at me , ready to jump on me and tear me apart but I stood my ground with the same energy . I will fight if needed .

" you are such a slut , you know " she glared at me and I stood there waiting for her next insult . " But you know it's funny that you think he loves you or even cares about you " she let out a sarcastic laugh and rolled her eyes .

" It's none of your business " I simply said and turned to leave but her next words had me captive .

" He got what he wanted . Now you are one of his ex bitches "

My body froze and my mind brought the worst scenarios . The ones I truly fear .

" what do you mean " I asked with shaky voice . Anger was taking the best of me . Usually I am a calm person but at this moment I feel my blood boiling . I don't even feel the cold anymore . My mind too blurry to feel it .

" you are not only a whore but stupid too . Naive and such a piece of meat and easy to get " She continued with her insults . But all what mattered to me was her sentence 'he got what he wanted' .

I frowned and stepped closer to her . " Cut that shit and tell me "

She sighed in irritation and crossed her arms " well since he didn't tell you . He never cared about you or even loved you . " she started " he played you , I mean I would too , look at you .. so ugly " she pointed up and down my body . I felt so disgusted yet confused because none of this was making sense to me .

" The first time he approached you was of your last name . Your father is his enemy and you were his prey , you still are " She started again , but this time connecting the dots " And being the stupid you believed and gave him and his sister what he needed . information " she finsihed and I was blinking , trying to take everything in .

My heart tightened inside my chest as I felt sharp pain breaking it into pieces . How did she know that ?

As if she was reading my mind she said " you can ask him . He even put you in a separated room , while we fuck in his room , on his bed . Not you but me " She smirked evily and ran a hand through her hair . From the look in her face I can tell she was so satisfied , so proud of what she have done .

" He brought you here because He knows your father would follow and once he is done with you .. he will throw you next to his other whores . And I will be his one and only " She shrugged and walked past me " Enjoy your night bitch " her laughed echoed . Everything disappeared around me . It is just me and my wild thoughts .

Everything is clear now . He wasn't answering my calls or even my texts . And all what he was doing is using me , no feelings of his were involved in this but mine . I bet he is with someone now .. having fun .

That hurt alot . I have gotten my heart broken before but not as bad as this one . Now who's gonna stay here and keep me alive ? I was seeing him as the light , as life . Now ? He is the source of my pain . I hate to know he doesn't need me as I need him . I hate him !

The coat fell on the ground . Everyone was looking at me as crazy . I didn't even notice that I was sobbing , I didn't even see me shaking .

I ran to the bathroom and slammed the door closed . I looked at the mirror , my make up was ruined as tears made their way down my cheeks . I squeezed my eyes Shut and grinded my teeth . In the quiet room my sobs were loud and miserable . I walked to the bathtub and turned the water on . My back met the cold wall as I slowly started sliding off until I sat down .

The water soaked my dress and touched my body . I thought he liked me back , I thought he would be my strength .

I rested my head on the wall , memories rushing back to me . When he would make my heart beat fast whenever we kiss or when he smiles or make smile . Everything is gone now .

My sobs were getting stronger with each passing second . A gasp left my lips " WHY !? WHAT DID I DO TO YOU ! "

" I GAVE YOU MY ALL ! " it was hard for me to speak when my breathes were unsteady . I grabbed my hair and pushed it all to the top of my head . "I give yo-.. (whisperes) my all " .

After what it seemed like 30 minutes of crying . I finally managed to calm down but not the fire that was settled inside of me . I was really stupid to believe that William loved me , that he at least felt something for me . Not only him but the girl I was calling bestfriend . They both did me dirty and used me for their sick games .

I felt betrayed , by my bestfriend and the one I loved .

There was a song playing on the background , everyone was happy down there but me . He didn't even notice my absence . Like who am I kidding ?

I brought my legs close to my chest and hugged them together , then I placed my head on my knees and started crying again .

I heard the door opened and I saw someone walk in . My father came closer and asked me what's wrong but in my state of mind I didn't care at all . I don't have the energy to answer anyone .

He sat infront of me and wrapped his arms around me as he ran them up and down my back , trying to comfort me somehow .

He didn't talk but let me cry in his arms and sobbing mess .

He tried his best calming me down but nothing worked . I mean what is he supposed to do when his only daughter is on the floor broken and alone ?

We stayed like that for long time . The water turned cold but never minded it .

" I ... wanna stay alone " I managed to say but he disagreed .

" Dad please leave me alone " I said with new set of tears filling my eyes .

He bit down his jaw and closed the door behind him .

Like that I spent the night crying and breaking things around me in hope my anger would cool down .

Crying yet ?

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