Unusual love

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Chapter 36


Every since I arrived here that bad feeling never left my chest . Something my strong instincts told me whenever shit was about to go down .

Today was one of these days . When I was by her side .

I pushed that feeling to the side and walked towards alpha Edward , one of my best friends and alphas out there . He is the 5th to take over the throne and make his name known between the rest of the packs . You must be wondering why . Well , his pack was wiped by the witches as Joseph claimed , Edward was one of the few ones who survived and promised to bring back the glory to his home .

Our conversation was going smoothly untill I felt the same feeling which started to annoy me so fucking much . I looked around for Ellyan but didn't spot her anywhere , but instead Jessica was roaming around with the most victorious smile .

I frowned " what have you done now " I murmured to myself and joined the conversation once again .

Alpha Edward excused himself and left to meet an old friend . I turned around ready to meet my flower . But Joseph wasn't really happy while walking towards me , his eyes were telling everything .

" what is it old man ? " I asked crossing my arms .

" What in the FUCK did you do to my daughter ?! " He stated angrily . Well I am about to disappoint you man because I have no idea what are you talking about .

I narrowed my eyes " what do you mean ? "

" Tell me " his hands wrapped around my collar . I glared at him " Watch your moves " I used my alpha voice that naturally sent chills to everyone who hears it . Want a proof ?

Joseph let go of me and cleared his throat " She is in the fucking bathroom , miserable because of you ! " He was trying his best to keep his voice down , but he failed .

Everyone looked at us in a questionable way .

I shoved him to the side and moved to the mansion . I was so fucking right when I told you I had a bad feeling about the whole situation .

Everything was making sense now . I'm sure Jessica told her about my sister and I's plan , I really regret it tho but it's from the past . Plus I was going to tell her sooner or later but couldn't face her . I was afraid of her reaction when I tell her about it .

Jessica and I are nothing . I used her for my own desires , but she thought I am into her especially that she is craving the luna position . Also , when we first started to fuck we agreed nit to involve any feelings which means we fuck we live out lives do whaf the fuck we want with no one of us getting into each others business , it's a part of our deal but it seems like she broke the rules as usual.

I knocked on her door first then opened it . My eyes almost fell from my sculp of how messy the place was .

The furnitures that once were placed perfectly around the room , are now damaged and all over the place . But what caught my attention was the marks on the wall , I honestly don't know how to name it but it looked like the place was on fire or a certain force turned the room upside down .

I stepped in carefully . She was nowhere to be found .

The more I walked in the more the sobs got stronger so I immediately knew where she was . On the bathtub with her head on her knees .

I got closer and knelt infront of her . I caused all that damage ?? Was she really in love with me ?? I mean I noticed how she acted around me but I thought it was for my charm only or wealth .

" Ellyan " I said softly as I placed my hand on her shoulder shaking her gently .

She caught me off guard and pushed me away from her " stay away from me ! " she shouted " Leave me alone ! " she said again " Fuck you and your sick games ! You piece of shit ! " she stopped talking , allowing tears to run down her cheeks .

Her eyes were puffy and really really red with black shadows dancing under them , make up I mean .

" I .. " words refused to leave my mouth , I don't even know what to say after the shit I've done to her . Honestly , I would've killed me if I were in her shoes .

She was right to rage and curse my name . I deserved it .

" Listen to me , listen to my side of sto-.."

" Shut up ! I don't wanna hear your voice ! " she covered her ears as her body shook violently " Leave me alone please , if you are really sorry leave me "

Sadness hit me at once . I bit down my jaw " listen to me Ellyan " I said as calm as I possibly could . " Jessica must've told you some bullshit beside mine of course so you need to listen to me and clear your thoughts then I will let her decide " .

Now or never , she must know my kind or maybe she would understand my position more . I really hate these moements when you must reveal the truth , but I am really nervous about it . She won't believe me that's for sure but I can show her and hopefully she'd stay .

" And I said NO ! " she yelled .

That NO was like a knife through my heart . Her eyes switched . I swear I would've missed it if I blinked , what in the fuck was that.

I grabbed her shoulders and pinned her down with my stare " And I said LISTEN ! " It was my turn to shut her up . Her eyes wide and filled with tears .

" listen to me for fuck's sake ! I have my reasons "

" reasons ?? So it's fine to play with me and break me ?? "

" No it's no-.."

" reasons to make me feel like piece of shit and one of your bitches!? " She gave me disgusted look when those words left her mouth .

" but .. it's not your fault but mine " A sob escaped her " It's mine William not yours "she repeated .

" Don't say that and let me finish " I looked at her and held her head between my hands . " I'm fucking sorry for everything I've done to you . Once I met you , you looked like someone I was following for years . You had the same last name so I kidnapped you for info but instead I felt guilty and let you go " I started " yes I used you , I got closer to get what I wanted ,but it turned out that your father wasn't the bad man in my story , I accused him but he explained everything .

I wanted to face to you and spell the tea but I was afraid of your reaction but I also didn't want you to know that way . I'm sorry " I looked at her .

" that doesn't make sense . "

" I know , but your father is dangerous for our kind and he killed lots of people in the past BUT that's what we thought before he explained . He is innocent "

She tilted her head " okay I get it that you misunderstood my father but what kind you're talking about "

Silent fell between us as I tried to find the right words " I am not a human like you " I confessed .

" A monster who plays with hearts I get it "

" I am a werewolf "

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