Unusual love

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Chapter 37


have you ever heard someone laughing from the top of their lungs as if you said the funniest shit ever ?

Have you ever seen tears running down someone's cheeks in shock but at the same time laughing because they don't know how do they react ?

Have you ever felt like a clown because you are the one being laughed at while you're really serious ?

Well hey I experienced the three at once . I can see sadness inside her eyes and tears , yet again a smile on her face . She didn't believe me , otherwise she would be on the ground passed out .

Her laughter died when I didn't change my hard expressions . Her eyes trying to read my mind but nothing came out . " Prove ot then " .

"Or you are making fun of me after you just broke me into pieces huh ?? Well guess what , you're not funny " she stood up and pushed me to the side . But being the hulk I am I didn't move not even a little .

I stepped on the right when she tried to take that way and the left when she took the other . With a frown on her face she said " What is wrong with you ! "

" I will show you what's wrong with me " . I caught her off guard and threw her on my shoulder . She let out a gasp and started punching my back with her little fists .

Her dress was soaked so before I got out I walked to my room and grabbed one of my coats then put it on her .

On my way outside , many eyes landed on us followed by whispers . I glared at each one of them and gave them a warning before I kick their asses .

Ellyan's heart beat increased with every step I took . With my arm wrapped around her thighs leaving her no room to escape .

" Put me down ! " She ordered but I don't take them seriously . " believe in me a little , fuck " I said back .

When I reached a place far from people , where it's only us I put her down carefully and wrapped the coat again around her . The weather here is a bitch but it doesn't effect us the werewolves due to the heat our bodies and wolves offer .

She rolled her eyes then crossed her arms " okay but save that move for bedroom " I teased . Well I know it's not the right time to but I had to say it and see her blush , it's just too adorable .

" Save that for your bitches " she threw back at me . That hurt .

" Why I'm here , I would like to go pack my things and leave tomorrow morning " . This time her voice was quieter , sadder , scarred than her last sentence .

I got closer and held her chin high enough to look at me . " I fucking hate it , because I am the one who caused this " I confessed " I'm sorry . I'm ready to fix this with whatever it takes , and I will " I promised and smiled at her .

My words took little bit much time to get to her understanding , and for her consciousness to register . I don't blame her.

" As for why we are here .. well " I pulled my shirt above my head and out it on the ground next my pants . I was exposed infront of her with only my boxers but she saw this before and she will after everything falls in place again .

Her face turned to bright red as she looked at me up and down . I smirked as the feeling of satisfaction filled me .

" Wh-.. what are you doing " she asked with shaky voice . I can tell she is aroused because I can feel it since I kind of mark her the night before . Little did she knew - and you too - I left a little hickey on her as - what a call it - wolf marking her body before her soul . Does it make any snese ?

I stretched as my bones cracked . It's been a long time since I let my wolf take over and shift .

" You wanted me to prove that I am not a human like you " I smiled while scratching the back of my neck " So I'm doing it " . Not gonna lie , I feel really nervous because one , I don't know how she would react . Two , she might reject me after what about to happen . Three , what she would see next might leave a huge surpised which will cause her to faint .

" Promise me you won't freak out please " I pleaded . That made her to look down not sure of what to say " I .. can't give promises "

Fine . Now or never . I turned around and faced the river . The next time I did was communicating with my wolf before I let him out . Unlike me , he is really excited to meet her and get closer from her but I am just ... scared .

With my eyes closed I allowed my wolf to shift and come to reality once again .

Crack .

Crack .

Crack .

Silence .

Gasp .

Thud .

Wait thud ?? my wolf's ears followed the sound and turned around to see the source of the voice . As I expected , my flower was on the ground .

I knew that would happen , as a human she wasn't used to see people turn into wolves infront of her even in her believes they didn't believe in such creatures .

My wolf ran over and put his butt on the ground while he licked her face with his warm tongue . I tried to take over his body but the motherfucker didn't let me , he won't her tho .

He let out a low howl then whimpering sounds . He kept licking her face and nuzzling her until a little sigh left her mouth and her eyes popped open once again .

But she passed out right after her eyes landed on my wolf .

Ah shit , this is going to be a very long rough night .

Heeeello !

Thanks for reading my storyy ! Love yaaa muaah

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