Unusual love

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Chapter 38



"wake up my child" My mom said as usual every normal morning . We would wake up at 8:30 a.m and eat our breakfast then walk to the basement or what my mom calls it 'play room' .

Whenever I asked her about the weird stuff she made me wear every time we head to this place she would answer with a smile and point at the floor "We have friends that like to meet you every now and then . They like to paly with you especially when you are wearing the little dress I made for you " . I nodded my head and eyed the room .

Since it's always dark I never had the opportunity to look around but today the sunlight reached the basement and kind of lit it up a little , still dim but you can see through .

The walls weren't painted which made the bricks look very old . Even the floor was rotten and covered with stains of diffrent liquids that were once on me . There weren't much of furnitures but a chair in the center of the room surrounded by milted candles . Most of them were white while the very few were red . Aslo , there were shelves filled with books and other items like jars , herbs , and dolls that my mom called it voodoo one day . And of course a mirror with difficult words to understand but I managed to get with time .

The first one was Satan , then other names of dead people or maybe spirits I don't know .

Me being a kid , I didn't know what satan was or spirits but my mom always tell me that they are friends and they can help us gain power to defeat bad people and protect ourselves.

Anyways , today is one of these days when I spend the whole day here . With no food or water . I sat on the chair and put on the necklace my mom has made me .

Mom in the other hand picked a book from those shelves and started reading it out loud.

Chills ran down my spine as the little hair in the back of my neck stood up . I got used to that feeling years ago , but the part that always got me was when everything disappeared around me .

I never knew what's the meaning of the screams around me , it sounds like people are dying or being tortured over and over . But with courge my mom has planted Within my soul I managed to keep myself together .

I opened my eyes to meet the darkness , but not the silence . I blinked many times but never worked so I used my other senses . Hearing .

"Mommy ? " I called out but no one answered . " where are you ? " I said again in hope I get the answer I'm looking for .

" you will submit to us " Someone said . I didn't know if it's from behind or front or the sides . I turned out quickly that I was about to fall down .

" Where is mommy ! " I said again .

" You will SUMBIT " the sound shouted causing the whole place to shatter .

My breathes quickened as my body started to shake . I knew that voice but I didn't know to who it belongs , but in fact that person is really really harsh and mean .

I started crying and then covered my ears . I will never submit to someone I don't know.

" LISTEN TO US ! " other voices joined .

" TIME TO FREE US ! " They said again .


" WAKE UP ! "


I want to wake up from this scary nightmare . Everyone is shouting but the last voice was concerned and familiar . I heard it before .

" Wake up ! " I opened my eyes and fixed them on the face before me . William was holding me in his arms inside a room .

Memories rushed back to me . Memories that were once buried and keot secret , One after the other . My dad was right , she was using me for her own sick games .

But why I just remembered .

" Ah fuck me , you scared the shit out of me " William sat down on a chair with his legs and arms stretched out .

" You feel okay ? " He asked in a worried tone . Well mister I don't know the answer of that . My mom used me so you did you what else ?

" what happened " I spoke what came to my mind first .

" Uhhh well after I showered you my other self you passed out and that's it " he explained but nothing made sense right now .

I fisted my hair and looked down " My dad was right "

" huh ? "

" She is ... a witch " the last word sounded really heavy and was like knives cutting my heart into tiny pieces . " you ... were right " I looked at him .

He was indeed confused just like me , but seemed more happy that I am " so you .. forgive me ? "

" I mean it's up to you but I explained myself . I used you because your father was so called a hunter , hunting down my kind but were wrong he was fighting witches like your mom "

I stared at him . I wanna forgive him badly because how clearly his behavior was .

" It gonna take time .. " I finally said not knowing what else I should say .

" Take your time kitten " he smiled .

" why are you still calling me that " I asked irritated . He must've thought we are good now but no sir we are not .

" Alright listen , I as a werewolf have a certain ability I can use to find my mate . " he started. " In other words , there is that one person who was made just for me . I should love and protect with my life " he added . " I am so stupid because I treated her completely diffrent but now I am ready to make it up to her " he finished .

I felt tears burning my eyes as my heart tightened more . Lucky girl .

" So it's like girlfriend and boyfriend ? " I asked since that's what I got from his explanation .

" yeah but for life " he said with a nod .

I had that question in mind but I could speak it out loud . It ate me alive to know that someone else won his heart and that person wasn't me . My heart ached while my mind refused to accept that idea .

" who .. is she "I asked quietly afraid of reality that was about to hit me .

He chuckled and got closer from me . With no time he pinned me down the bed with his hand on my cheek running hus thumb over my lower lip .

" I was fucking dying to kiss my mate " with that being said he lowered his head and kissed me like there is no tomorrow .

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