Unusual love

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Chapter 39

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The moment my lips touched her , the fire inside of me lit up all over again . I tried to keep it at bay and controlled but I think now that I found the love of my life, it won't go down ever .

I took my time kissing her lips and savoring it for our first true kiss . A moan left her . That alone was enough to drive me crazy .

I broke the kiss and looked at her eyes as we both catched our breathes . She is fucking beautiful , everything in her face was screaming innocence but I guess I am about to ruin if she let me .

Regret made itself known . I've been feeling like that every since I found out she was my mate . I mean before too , whenever I put my head on the pillow at night , I would think about the shit I made her go through . She has the right to get mad and reject me but .. I'm not gonna make it without her now that my heart is hers .

Yeah what ? I love her , she loved me once and fuck me I ruined it . Yet again I'm so fucking ready to build everything up again and make her fall for me .

" A-Am .. I making it uncomfortable for you " Her little soft voice brought me back to earth . Her face was wearing a regretful look which I immediately wiped off from it by another meaningful kiss .

" I'm really sorry " I said what I ached to say days ago , months ago .

" I'm sorry I was an ass to you . I'm sorry I treated you that way when you deserved the whole earth " . She didn't say a word or even stopped me but I can see tears forming in her eyes . " I'm sorry I played you but I swear " this time I felt my teard . What has gotten into me ?

" I am ready to make it up to you , ready to die if you ask me to " I gulped afraid of rejection .

" W-Would you ? " She finally spoke after a very torturous silence . I immediately got up and opened the window . " No no !! I was kidding ! " She followed me and hugged my waist " I .. I die if you die " .

I die if you die . That's a hella big promise right there . My fucking girl got the spirit of a fucking wolf ! Let's go !

As much as I hate to admit it that made me really surprised , I never thought she would say something like that especially after the incident . " So does it mean you .. forgave me " I crossed my finger behind my back as I said my next words . I even prayed .

She nodded her head but interrupted me before I jump on her and hug her tight " Only in one condition " . My heart started racing as my wolf payed extra attention to her words .

" You will not hide secrets or play with my heart again " She said with her pointy finger aimed at me . I nodded like a 10 years old , I nodded rapidly that I felt my neck crack .

" so I got my second chance ?? " I can tell I was smiling like a fool but let me be a fool if this can fix my fucked up relationship .

She held her pinky out " Promise me You will be a better man " . I wrapped my pinky around her as I vowed to myself , with my life , that I will never ever do this again " I promise you sweetheart " . I kiseed her for the third time . Tears escaped her eyes and I rushed to wipe them away .

"Don't cry please " . She reached out for my face so I bowed down so that I made it easier for her to touch it . Her thumbs wiped something on my face as she giggled " You are crying too " . Oh am I ?

Indeed . Second later I felt them tears on my cheeks , happiness is real everyone .

" oh one more thing " my heart dropped as she suddenly spoke . " looking at my first meeting with your wolf went awful , I would love to meet him again ".

" sure " I said back as I pushed my now shy wolf to the surface and let him have a taste of his mate too .

" hold on .. that's why your eyes changed colours ! " Her voice came out high-pitched .

" you noticed ?? " I asked curiously .

" yeah but I thought my mind was tricking me " she answered . " They turned gold then silver . Now they are .. both "

" yeah , gold when I'm protective or mad . Silver for jealousy also anger and both for happiness and .. and uhh what you humans call it ? " I lost my words . I looked down at her in hope she would save me from this embarrassing moment .

" Uhm excitement ? confusion ? Love ? "

" yeah yeah excitement and love , positive emotions " I smiled down at the face she was making , that face that told me she is trying her best to understand .

" black for rage and hatred " I added . They rarely turn black but I can guarantee to yoj that when that specific emotion kick in , shit go down .

" So you're not like those movies , you don't walk on two when you're a wolf ?? " . I actually don't fucking get where those creatures come with these silly stupid ideas.

I shook my head as my wolf let me take over once again " No , we walk on four , like a normal wolf but larger , stronger " I explained as much as possible .

" what's your position in your .. "

" pack "

" yeah pack ? Everyone here is fearing you " she finished . My pride went 10 times higher as I wore a glorious vicious smile on my face . Hearing that people respect me is a good felling but fear is a whole new level .

" I am the leader or Alpha . Plus they don't fear me , they respect me as their alpha " . Her lips formed 'O' , she is getting into it now . I saw the excitement in her eyes , she wanted to know more and I'm ready to give it to her , but suddenly the voices in my head started screaming 'run now , attacks' .

My head started spinning but I manged to keep my balance . " William ??" Ellyan came to my side supporting me .

I grabbed my head and tried to mind-link my beta but nothing worked . Then the realization hit me .

They are attacking us .

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