Unusual love

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Chapter 40


I was nervous , actually scared . Because vampires are attacking us , my pack members are in danger . And three my mate . I don't want her even scratched

" Ellyan , kitten . Do me a favor and hide yeah ? " I had to control my tone and keep it cool and both my hands steady while holding her face .

" William your eyes .. " . With each passing second I felt my wolf taking over and ready to tear everyone who even thought about hurting my mate and my people , no fucking person will stand a chance .

" William "

I took deep breathes then opened my eyes , I looked down at her little face . I leaned down and kissed her gently .

The atmosphere around me helped my adrenaline to increase and my temper to touch the roof , but one touch of this woman in front of me made all the pain and worry vanish . But as much as I want this last and take it further I have to go and fight with my people as their Alpha .

I kissed her again and made sure the whole building is secure , especially her room .

On my way to the field and before I shifted , I came face to face with a very terrified Joseph . " Ellyan , where is she ?? " he was visibly shaking .

At this moment my face was blank with no emotion on the surface meanwhile my feelings and guts are going crazy . " she is safe , I put my best man around the building and her room " I answered coldly .

" She needs to get out of here now ! "

I should've ended his life a long time ago, I should've pulled out his tongue then shove it in this son of a bitch's ass who thought giving orders to me was a fine thing . I grabbed his throat tightly " I should've fucking end you pathetic sorry ass , I don't trust you I don't fucking know you . Now stay the fuck away from my way " My threat came out as a hiss . I let go of him ran to the field . If not for Ellyan's sake he would be dead by now .

Once I stepped out of the mansion my breathes left my lungs , I felt like I was kicked right in the guts . The grass that was once green is now red and the crystal clear water too . with head all over the place and torn parts of bodies , hands and legs .

The blood scent was really strong that I almost puked .

I also noticed naked dead men which I immediately recognized . My pack members.

Some of them were still on their forms and that means they are still alive . My next order was given to all the doctors and nurses to pull out and help the injured ones . My beta showed up next to me along with my sister in their wolf form . When I was to join a hand held my shoulder tight .

I turned around expecting a vampire but it was Joseph . Joseph with his old dangerous guns and attitude .

" I'm doing it for my daughter , let's dance " He smiled , actually smiled to me . I looked like a dumb but what the fuck ?

He stood beside me . That mean only one thing . " I'm gonna join you and take my revenge " the look in his eyes told me everything , that man is about to go beast mode and that what exactly happened .

He moved fast between the bodies and shoot everyone that came his way . Within few second four vampires fall on the ground dead .

Dimitri was next , his white wolf charged towards a bloodsucker . He lost his balance which only gave Dimitri a chance to bite down his throat killing him immediately , one after the other .

My sister nodded and did the same with the few vampires infront of us . Although she was smaller than the rest of us she was faster , smarter. Unfortunately , she did not have an opportunity to train with my father or even me since I was busy . But she did it on her own and got better now look at her , savage .

I didn't need to shift . With my state of mind I wanted fresh meat , I wanted to do it with my hands . Joseph seemed to understand me and threw me a knife . Well it won't do much but I would love to try .

I looked around me then spotted the familiar face stabbing a wolf to death . He didn't know who punched him or how , he stumbled and looked around for his next victim .

The man turned and wiped his blooded nose . Something shiny caught my eyes and immediately knew who decided to attack us.

Tom .

" We meet again " He said sarcastically . I smirked in return . " Looks like your little ass still didn't learn a lesson "

He turned red , really red . My words made him truly mad because I have just disrespected him .

He charged at me but I was fatser . I had him trapped , right where I wanted him . I grabbed his arm and pushed him down the ground . I kicked his face multiple times . He groaned and tried to free himself but failed against my strong grip .

I noticed his nose piecing so I pulled it out of its place and threw away. Next was his mouth piece . Let me tell you this , he screams like a bitch .

My wolf came to the surface as I fisted his hair and hit his head over and over . At this point he stopped moving but he was still alive .

I lifted him from the ground and looked at his ugly face " I thought you'd put out a fight but looks like you are pussy "

I felt so satisfied , we were winning .

I put the knife on his throat " Say hi to the devil for me " . He let out a sadistic laugh and opened the only working eye . " You are coming with me "

My smile widened . " I am not as weak as you are "

" William !! Behind you " she shouted , Ellyan shouted .

I let go of Tom and turned around to meet Jim with what it seemed a poisoned blade aimed at me . Few inches from me ..

It gonna hurt .

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