Unusual love

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Chapter 41


I felt so much better , my life was getting better . Although I wasn't really comfortable with him being a werewolf . I mean the whole situation surpassed my understanding limits . I was taught that werewolves , vampirs and witches were mythical beings but William proved us all wrong . I couldn't come around the idea of being a part of his world , yet again I will get used to it sooner or later .

Call me naive but I am ready to spend the rest of life with him despite what he is . The emotions that his eyes reflected while promising me told me everything . Also , he mentioned us being mates for life so I guess we will be fine .

Not gonna lie , I was excited when he let me speak with his wolf and introduced to his inhuman side .

Every since William left the room , his scent hugged me from everywhere . I was addicted to it .

But a huge part of me was restless . First of all the way he suddenly acted left millions of questions inside of my head which were left unanswered . Then he almost fell and whispered attacked many times . Without mentioning the lost of control that caused his eyes to change to black . I was really aware of the fact that he was super mad at something unmentioned so I tried to calm him down by calling his name , luckily it worked but it never washed off the worried look on his face .

I tried to get out or at least ask someone but the two dudes on the door didn't let me or even spoke to me .

My anxiety levels hit the sky when I heard howling followed by screams and what seemed to be cries from the outside , somewhere really close to me .

And suddenly , out of no where I began to feel other presence around me but when I turned behind I found no one . I gulped as fear started eating me alive but deep down , beside that feeling , I had another one . The same one that I experienced in my room where I was all broken and upset .

Even though I didn't remember what happened exactly , but each time I cried loud a wave of emotions - that didn't belong to me - came out , I heard crashing outside nearby me but didn't pay any attention to it.

Minutes passed by , I didn't move from my spot , the feeling never left me . I looked at the sky in hope the beautiful view would calm me down a little . Unfortunately , nothing worked .

I tried to figure out an escape . I noticed the open window , an idea popped in my head .

I stepped towards it and looked down . It wasn't really high but it will hurt a little .

I took a deep breathe and prayed to god to give me the strength to do it . I sat on the egde and jumped off the window after I counted to three .

I landed on my back but luckly the bush underneath me eased the falls damage .

I got up and checked for any injuries , thank god I was perfectly fine . I walked around the mansion barefooted and exposed . Whenever I breathed , white smoke clouded my vision because it was freezing outside .

I ignored my pathetic state and focused on the voices .

The more steps I took towards the yard , the better my mind took in what was going on but I wish I never did . I wish I stayed in my room until William knocked and got me out of there .

I looked at the scene with terror written all over my face . Blood , that remineded me of something I had experienced before .

Within few moments I was standing infront of my mom's corpse . Knife deep inside her chest and blood surrounding her . Her eyes were still open , still looking at me , with the same way she used to do whenever our play time arrived . Our eyed locked , her lips moved.

" It's time to submit " .

"It's time to submit " I repeated and eyed the place around me once again .

This time death danced around the layed down bodies and carefully picked the next victim in the best way possible . Rather slaughtered or torn apart , didn't matter . Some of those people were naked or half covered , I recognized some because I have seen them around the mention many times .

They were once my friends and smiling at me just like my mom did .

" it's time to submit " I whispered to myself . Scared .

My eyes drifted to the side of the yard .

His back was facing me but I knew his unique large body . He was trying to end someone's life , it was clear from here , I saw the blade .

From the corner of my eye I caught someone pointing a knife . My breathes hitched as I looked at who it was aimed at .

My William ...

I opened my mouth then closed it again like a fish that was trying to breath . I tried to scream and warn him before it harm him.

I looked at the guy again . My eyes widen when I analysed the figure .

" Jim " I whispered to myself more than to him . He looked my way and payed me the most sick and devilish smile I have ever seen .

" Good , now you gonna watch him die too " He spoke and winked . He turned back to William and stepped back a little before throwing the knife full force at him .

I gathered every single drop of power I had for one single yell . The yell that might save or kill William .

" WILLIAM ! " as I shouted shadows surrounded the area , standing between the frozen people . Silence filled the place as the movement died .

My eyes still fixed on the knife that was stopped midair .

I rised my shaky hand pointed at knife then Jim . " Kill .. him ! " I somehow felt the power over these shadows , deep down I knew that I met them somewhere , maybe our play time , or my dreams . The shadows charged at him , spreading fire all over the place . Burning every single person I landed my finger on .

" KILL THEM ! " I shouted again this time anger took over me as the voices came back to life .

Screams .

I was satisfied , so satisfied that I asked for more . No one gonna hurt my loved ones , ever again .

Flames , black flames catched on them on everything . It didn't take long to die out .

My arm fell on my side as I knelt down feeling all drained and tired .

The screams were soon to die as well , replaced with silence and cracks . Ashes covered the ground and flied around as the wind announced the end of the bloody war that was going on here .

My gaze focused on a very surprised Willaim . I smiled his way and said with weak voice " I .. did it " .

" I did it " I whispered once again before the darkness embraced me .

Another plot twist yaaaay 😂💕
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