Unusual love

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Chapter 6 :

I had to hurry and wear my clothes -his clothes- as fast as I can , before he changes his mind and make me wear them infront of him but till now I don't know why or how he agreed and accepted my earlier behaviour , so I put on the black hoodie that reached my thighs with black boxers , after a long battle with myself I accepted my bitter reality and wore them , its better than nothing right ??

I got out of the bathroom and the first thing I noticed was a plate of food on top of the wooden table across the room , my stomach growled but that didn't stop me from admiring the room I am in .

It was a huge room compared to mine , and the colors matched the bathroom's colors , starting from the black walls that adorned with the most beautiful paintings , to the wooden floor , to the ceiling and the chandelier above , Although it light was fairly bright, the room lighting was still dim . In addition to furniture that screamed richness , the bed was a king size, with a set of pillows that could take you to the dreamland within seconds, along with enough blankets to protect you from the harsh cold weather , and infront of the bed , there is a flat Tv screen on the wall and underneath it , on a wooden table , set the remote with some candles and some decorations . Without mentioning the other door , which is his closet .

" Ah , look at you admiring my personal work " I rapildy turned around and looked towards the source of that voice that I am now used to it . William was sitting on the sofa spreading his legs apart and one of his hand was behind his neck while the other was on his thigh .

' He looks so comfortable' I said to myself . And why not silly ?? Thats his room .

. " N-No ... I mean n-nice " I admitted and walked towards the bed .

" Nah-uh babygirl , come here " He called and I ignored him , I don't wanna be near him after all what happened especially that I have trust issues around strangers, and that man literally kidnapped me and deprived me from the warm of my little apartment , instead he sent a glare towards me and I tensed immediately . Uh oh , I guess I made him mad now .

" How many times do I have to tell you , I hate repeating myself twice " He said with a growl and I gulped my fear and walked unwillingly towards him and sits on the other sofa but that didn't satisfy him and pointed towards the space between his thighs . " Here , you sit right here "

I shook my head and tried to back off but not under his stare , so I obeyed and sit on the spot between his legs and I'm so suprised that I fit perfectly there , it's like a puzzle and I am the lost piece .

Get a grip on yourself Ellyan ! What are you saying !

" I love it when you blush " He let out a deep chuckle and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me even more closer to his warm body , and for a moment I could smell his scent , the most attractive scent ever . " Eat your food before it gets cold " here comes a whisper that sent chills down my spine , it was a strange a feeling since this is my very first time experiencing it with a man .

" I ... I c-can't you are not giving me a room to breath " I murmured but he heard it from that close , he smirked in return and loosen his grip on me , before I could say anything a knock came up and I felt William's muscles tense behind me and his breathes coming heavier and short , is he mad ??

" Come in " He ordered allowing whoever's there to come in , I waited for him to let go of me so no one would see us in this position but he didn't , he held me ever closer till my back was in contact with his hard chest . I looked down as the blush creeped to my face . " Will , We got what you've asked for . " said the stranger and I didn't dare to look up in embarrassment I am feeling right now but my curious beast won and I peeked through the hairs that covered some of my face .

The man was big and taller but not as William of course , his face was more angelic , with big blue baby eyes , high cheekbones and sharp jawline , my eyes landed on a little heart tattooed under his left eye while his hair was cut short and dyed silver .. the rest of his body ... was fire .

" great , I will be right there " William shook his head as a sign for the guy to leave and as I expected he obeyed . Meanwhile ,inside my head questions start eating me alive 'who is that man sitting behind me ? And why everyone here is acting scared around him '

" Okay kitten , it's time to eat .. don't worry daddy will be right back " He whispered in my ear and kissed my lob and then he got up carefully not to make me stand up or move , 'Awww isn't that sweet '

And with that he left the room leaving me with my thoughts alone . But I have food and I can think about things while eating , because if I didnt I will die hungry and that's not how I want it to end .


I don't wanna leave her alone , but since her past will be revealed I am ready to do so . Damn her body was so perfect between my arms , where she belongs . I might be overprotective and possessive but I believe in love from the first sight and I am living one now , yet I'm not saying I trust her or I love her or even die for her , Nah not yet that's way too early .

That's why I asked for a research about her past , and because of my experienced men they investigated and brought me what I want and why not ? I am talking about the most dangerous and wanted men in the country , and I am their headmaster . They know about my shitty past and present , they know if they fuck with me , that means death to them and that's why they call me 'the devil' , a title that didn't come overnight but years of hard working .

I closed my room's door and walked to my main office that I keep it secretly from the most of people here . Luckily Dimitri was already there waiting for me .
Ahhh , that man is one of his kind . Strong and loyal , hardworking and heartless when it comes to work , we've met in Italy when I was on a very serious mission to kill a gangsta , Dimitri was a part of it since my father took care of the organization before his death . Anyways , that stupid saved my life and completed the majority of the mission and helped me reach my target and that's how we've become friends more like brothers .

" You seemed really comfortable with her Will " He teased and I just rolled my eyes and walked inside my office , he took a seat infront of my desk while my eyes landed on a white file on his hands . " It doesn't matter . Did you get what I asked for ?? "

" Oh William you have no idea what we have between our hands ... we have a deadly weapon " He smirked and I gave him a confused look , I am so ready to hear some stories now .

Heeeeello guys , how are you all doing?? Hope everything is okay and life's treating you well .
I hope you guys are enjoying my story even though I know its not thaaaat good but I will do my best for you .
I love you all <3
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