Unusual love

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Chapter 42


my mind was running miles , a lot of thoughts surrounding me from everywhere . The knife was right infront of me , that means I have only few seconds to take all of that in and react quickly but judging my situation and hiw fast the blade was moving towards me , my chances were low .

They said that once you die , all the moments you spent throughout your life will repeat themselves before your eyes . I just had a mate and I was going to cherish with everything and have pups with her , then watch them grow but that exact thing won't happen which really hurt my feelings.

I focused on her eyes as I waited for the knife to make contact with my skin but it didn't happen , instead it froze only few inches from my throat .

I looked at Ellyan , she was somewhere else . Her eyes completely black , her finger pointed at Jim who instantly caught up black flames joined by the rest of the other vampires , even the bastard I was about to kill . I let him go as the flames were about to burn me with them .

The knife fell on the ground that was by the way on fire as well . Fire that suddenly appeared out of nowhere . My warriors managed to get out of there along with the injured ones .

I in the other hand was standing still in the middle of the fucked up yard , not knowing what to do or say . Ellyan turned to be half witch or maybe she finally came in terms with the souls her mother used to connect with .

Not gonna lie , I was really surprised and shocked at the same time .

Suddenly everything disappeared , flames and vampires all together . Ellyan smiled and then knelt on the ground looking tired and drained . I mean after that she must be.

She whispered something before the unconsciousness took over her .

" fuck ! " before her head hit the ground, I rushed to her and picked her up . I ran my hand on her hair and then placed in on her cheek .

" what did she get you into , that fucking witch " I cursed underneath my breath and walked as fast as I could to the mansion which wasn't as damaged as the outside .

Luckily I made it to the medical wing and placed her on one of the empty beds. My heart was pounding inside of my ribcage , my wolf was excited about somthing yet scared to death . If I lost her , I won't make it out alive because she is a part of me right now , my everything belonged to her .

" Where is the fucking doctor when I need him !? " I yelled in the hallway , all the heads turned my way as the doctor peeked from one of the other rooms . I walked angrily towards him and grabbed his collar tightly " Follow me right no- .." before I could finish my statement a movement had my breathes captive inside of my lungs .

" D ... Dimitri ? " I called out . I shook my head and ordered the doctor to go to her room and treat Ellyan's scars if there was any . Her didn't say a word and ran to the room along with two other nurses .

" Alpha " He was about to get up but I stopped him . " Rest man , don't get up " I said with a calm tone .

" Where is my sister .. Joseph ?? " When I didn't get any answer , my mind started thinking of the worst scenarios .

" Talk to me ! Where are they !? " I ordered . Dimitri looked at me and shook his head " I managed to save E-Elena but .. "

" don't fucking tell me .. "I held my head between my hands , eyes wide open . What am I supposed to tell Ellyan now ??she just met her father who was looking for her over years and now we lost him over a fucking stupid battle .

" The doctor said that he might make it out alive , he was badly injured "

" vampires ? " I asked .

" No , flames " he answered me . " what is going on Alpha ? Is she a witch ?? What's with the flames ?? " He attacked me with questions I didn't know how to answer them . My legs gave up on me so I sat down on the cold floor with both my hands on my hair . " I couldn't protect my mate , her father or even my pack"

" What kind of leaders am I ? " I whispered the last part to myself .

" William , stop it " . When Dimitri aaid my name , I unconsciously stared at him . He usually call me Alpha never ever he called me by my first name " you tried your best , also we could've lost you . You know that most of us will be broken and our pack ? You come first Alpha " He comforted " And everyone was ready to jump on that knife if your mate didn't come out of nowhere and saved you " I smiled at his last sentenc but deep down I was all sad and torn apart beacsue loosing an alpha means losing balance and power , most of the pack memebers commit suicide or become rogues , that thought alone sent chills down my spine .

" Our Luna gonna be fine , she saved us and I know she is pretty strong " I can see the smile on his face without even looking . Speaking of witch I need to go and stay beside her .

I let out a small laugh , I can't use that idiom anymore if you know what I'm talking about.

" Rest Dimitri , Ellyan needs me " With that , I left his room and moved to hers . The doctor was still there looking through some papers .

When he felt my presence he looked up from the papers at me . His eyes lit up and a smile found it way to his face .

" what ?? " I asked like a fool . Why is this man smiling at me like I was his lost mate .

" Alpha , our Luna is perfectly fine . Luckily the flames didn't harm her but she is drained so we should let her rest " I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding . I smiled back and looked at her little figure lying on the mattress .

Fuck she looked hot , I will have my ways with her soon .

" one more thing " he cut my thoughts with one of his , I turned my attention to him .

I nodded once giving him the permission to speak .

" Alpha , she needs to learn how to control her powers . I believe that the strength she hides inside is much bigger than this which might make her feel tired or lose control anytime " His tone became serious as he explained the situation . I nodded in return .

With few more informations he left me with her .

I brought a chair and settled myself next to her bed . She looked like an angel with hidden secrets of course . I got closer from her face and kissed her lips gently .

" I fucking love you kitten , I fucking love you "

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