Unusual love

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Chapter 43


It's over now , the voices inside my head had finally calmed down and finally got to know my own thoughts .

I didn't know what did I get myself into and if those who I submitted to are going to control over my body or not , but it didn't feel as bothering as before . For the first time I feel free .

I was aware of the fact that I burnt everyone on my path , I was worried and scared for William's life . I had to do it for somebody's life .

I stayed like that for a while , replaying the previous events untill I decided that it was time to open my eyes and face reality .

I tried to get up but something kept me in place . My eyes popped open , I eyed my surroundings . Wait where Am I ? I never been in this place before , It looked like a hospital yet again the walls were similar .

My eyes drifted down to come face to face with a head on top of my chest and arms wrapped around my waist . It didn't take me much time to recognize the person .

He changed into more comfortable clothes , sweatpants and a t-shirt . Too simple but he looked hot in them .

I ran my hands through his soft hair and gentle twisted some strands around my pointy finger . A smile crawled to my face when he snuggled closer and tighten his grip around me . I pulled the cover over his large body and my petite one as well .

His head shot up ready to kill whoever moved the covers . He then looked up to make sure I was still there .

His hands fell from my waist as he supported his weight on his other elbow .

" Hey " I said still smiling . He returned the smile with on of his that reached his tired eyes . My cheeks heat up with her leaned closer and kissed the corner of my lips gently .

" Hey kitten , finally awake ?? "

" What do you mean ? " I asked curiously . I didn't really know what he meant but judging his face something was definitely off.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes " You've been out for 2 days , I thought I lost you " He answered and kissed me again . This time he added more feelings into it , making it more passionate and meaningful as ever .

We pulled away for some air . " I'm here now " I told him with both my hands on his cheeks . After a long speech , he finally won over it and let out a sigh of relief and calmed down .

Actually , we have come a long way . From the close little bastard to an emotional man who had finally understood the meaning of love , after all what matter to him was sex and fun . His sister -who didn't show up yet- told me alot of stories about him , how he treated women and bought them for one night stand then walked away like nothing happened between them .

Now , he was about to cry because I was out for 2 days .

William has changed , changed to a better man as he promised .

<< 2 days later >>

It's been two days since I woke up , and thing were coming together once again . I was told that my dad was hurt because of the flames , that alone made me feel guilty to the point of hiding in my room all day long . I didn't know how to face him or even apologize to what I have caused but being the amazing father he was , yes amazing father , He hugged me and kept whispering that things like that happen all the time and he was fine now with me in his arms . Again , for the first time I felt like I was home and a piece of me came back to life . I have a father now .

In the other hand , Elena showed up the exact night I woke up . Her head was down low , she didn't say anything but begging and crying for forgiveness and explained herself . I didn't let my negativity take control over the situation , instead I hugged her tight and fixed what she destroyed .

It was the evening when William asked me to dress up and meet him at the garden . I accepted without any questions and obeyed his orders . I called Elena to help me out , she gladly accepted and appeared in my room with no time .

I put on a light pink dress . It reached my knees and covered my whole back and front as well as my neck . My hair was styled in a bun with few strands falling on my face . As for for my make up , Elena decided a soft look which I agreed on .

After we finished , I walked down the hallway to the backdoor . Elena kissed my cheek and held both my hands . " First date with William , good luck beautiful " she smiled and walked back inside .

I hugged myself when the night breeze attacked from from everywhere . Following the little red candles that decorated the ground I reached a beautiful yard . It was breathtakingly beautiful , red roses everywhere along with candles on the ground and on the table in the middle of the garden .

Beside that table , William was standing there . He looked behind when I cleared my throat . His eyes were studying my body , when he fuxed his gaze on my face , I saw the surprise on his face. He in the other hand left me craving him with the three piece suit and hair messy in a styled way if you wish . Honestly he was like a freaking god ? You name it . In his hand , there was a red rose .

He stepped forwards and bowed like the gentleman he was . I took the rose he offered and inhaled it beautiful scent , then he took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles . " you look beautiful my lady " He said against my hand and smirked .

My cheeks heated up with look he was giving me .

As I started shaking , he immediately took off his suit and wrapped it around me thw we walked to the table and pulled my chair for me , I murmured a thank you before sitting down . He took his own chair while eyeing me .

Few moments later , two waiters interrupted our sweet conversation and placed two plates on the table . One for me and the other for William .

Our meal was so delicious and full of jokes that William would tell here and there , most of them were dirty but god I liked them .

After we finished our dinner , music started to play softly on the background .

While I was sipping my wine , Willian stood up from his seat and stopped infront of me . " Would you dance for me , kitten " He asked politely with a very soft tone that I have never heard before .

That scene is out of romantic movies , a scene that I never thought I would experience with a werewolf ever in my life . I cleared my mind and took his hand .

" Sure , gentleman " I teased as he walked me to dancefloor with a hand around my waist and the other holding my free hand . It was kind of hard for me since I never danced with someone before but I followed his movements , turned out pretty well .

He suddenly stopped and looked me in the eyes . " I have waited long time for this moment , after all what we've been through and the stressful days I put you through , it is finally the perfect time to .. " he knelt down and pulled a little valvet box out of his pocket . I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a gorgeous ring inside the box .

My eyes started to water as my hands covered my mouth .

" Ellyan Calderwood , will you be mine for the rest of our lives . Will you marry me "

A sob escaped my lips as I nodded over and over again . I made sure that I wasn't dreaming or anything , luckily I wasn't . This was all real .

He closed his eyes and let out a chuckles before putting the ring on my finger and kissed my hand once again . He stood up and held my face and replaced my hands with his large ones then wiped my tears . " I love you very much " he caught me off guard and took his chance to kiss my parted lips and pulled me close to warm his body .

" I love you too " I whispered between kisses and closed the gap between up once more .

Hey guys ! I hope you are all doing fine , please please be careful and stay at home till this virus pass . I love you and take care !

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