Unusual love

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Chapter 44


We stayed for long hours outside enjoying the clear sky and the beautiful stars . Our conversation carried us to a bigger topic , a topic that I wasn't ready for .

He told me that soon , I will go through a wave of heat and if William didn't mark me , it gonna take a whole bad way which really freaked me out . Not the part that include mating but the marking one .

" when is my heat then ?? " I aksed as blush crawled to my cheeks . He looked down at me and licked his lips . I followed the motion , it made my heart skip a beat , that was so hot to watch .

He stepped closer wrapping his arms around my waist then pulled me closer from his body , he leaned to ear and whispered " I need to mark you " .

His words somehow made butterflies go wild inside my belly and waterfalls between my legs . A small moan left my lips which I immediately regret . Again marking thing , I asked for more clarification .

" First " He whispered again and kissed my jaw lightly down my neck , when he reached that specific spot I unconsciously gave him more access " I need to find that spot that makes you go crazy " he nibbled my skin . I suddenly felt something sharp brush against my neck . " Then .. I bite down , don't worry it won't hurt you " . I was scared , biting has always been painful .

" I need to mark you as mine " His voice came out deep and full of lust . Well if he said I'm gonna be fine then let it be .

I nodded and took a deep breathe .

He kissed that spot one more time and bit into my skin softly , slowly burying his teeth deep . A wave of pain hit me but it immediately disappeared and was replaced with pleasure and need .

Seconds passed by and William pulled out licking the scar , I giggled and gazed at his beautiful face . His expression wasn't hard as it used to be .

He caught me off guard and picked me up , wrapping my legs around his waist I let out a small gasp " What are you doing ?? " I asked nervously even though I knew where this was going , still I played along .

" I have waited for long time, kitten " walking inside , I was met with warmth and sweet wooden smell . That didn't matter , because I was about to have a magical night with the one I love .

When we reached his floor , he didn't even bother to open the door instead he kicked it open with his foot and slammed it shut behind us . Once my back hit the mattress , he closed the gap between us and kissed me like a madman . I didn't mind , because after all he was a good kisser .

The tension around us grew thicker , hotter that I asked him to rip that dress off my body and do what I have been craving for days .

I was too shy to ask him to and kind of embarrassed of myself , but I didn't stop him. Instead I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment .

His fingers gently teased my lips and parted them for me to suck , I obeyed and returned the same energy . He didn't expect me to because he sent me a heated look .

Without thinking twice , I pushed him away gently so that I can take off my dress the way I always wanted to . He was confused for a second but never protested or anything , instead he smiled and layed on the mattress with both his palms under his head .

I stood up and kicked my heels off first , then my dress . Starting with the zipper , it kind of was difficult but managed to unzip it slowly letting it fall around my feets . I was exposed infront of him but for the first time , I didn't feel ashamed or self conscious .

Brushing off the thought , I stepped towards him and got on his lap . My hands roaming freely over his chest and the ink covering it . The next thing that popped in my head , was teasing him .

Looking into his lustful eyes , I kissed his lips slowly savoring every bit of them . I captured his lower lip between my teeth while my hand sneaked to his pants , squeezing his private area gently , he groaned and wrapped his arms around my waist , pushing me against his hard member.

I moaned and let go of his lips to pay attention to his neck , little did I know he didn't like being controlled . Suddenly , and with a blink an eye , I was under his large body . He leaned closer and whispered " Don't provoke me Kitten " He nibbled my earlobe then my neck which will probably leave a hickey the next morning " You can't take it " . But god I didn't care .

" What if I disobeyed " I teased , curious to know his next move . " Don't challenge me " he answered .

" Try me daddy " my words surprised me , I never knew I was capable of doing that .

A deep growl filled the thick air , sending shivers down my spine . He flipped me on my stomach and brought my hands behind my back . " Then you should deal with the results " he said through his teeth and undid his pants . The sound of his belt making contact with my ass was louder than our breathes , I let out a moan and bit down the sheets .

" What was that ?? " He asked ans repeated the action twice before he tied my palms with it . I tried to keep my breathing steady but failed terribly .

" such a naughty kitten , now I wanna see that ass high in the air " I ordered and i did as I was told without a second thought , his voice screamed dominance and I wasn't ready to disobey .

" Good girl " He kissed where my mark was which made my toes curl , it was unusual sensation yet enjoyable .

He adjusted himself between my thighs and filled my inside completely . As he entered me , I felt alive once again and loved . Never thought sex would make me feel this way but with William he proved me wrong .

He gave me time to get used to his size before thrusting in and out , fast and slow , gently and rough . I tried them all at once . He fisted the sheets beside my head which caused his veins to pop and become visible . The bed moved under us with each mive taken , my hair was all over the place , but William took handful of it . It didn't hurt but added more pleasure .

His thrust grew faster and rougher , then I knew he was close from his orgasm , so was I . After few minutes he let out a groan and slowed down .

He untied my hands and collapsed beside me , trying to catch some air .

He pulled me closer and hugged my body , but he wasn't done yet . He was just getting ready for another round .

It gonna be a long night .

I'm really sorry for the mistake I have made , chapter 44 was submitted but not completely because my Wifi went crazy . Any ways , enjoy <3

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