Unusual love

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Chapter 45


The sun peeked from the horizon declaring the morning . The birds outside my window singing and flying around happily . I could hear children laughing and footsteps filling the silent of my room .

I opened my eyes just a little to get used to the sunlight that was blinding me , I yawned and looked down at the sleeping beauty between my arms . Last night was unforgettable , all my emotions came back to life around her , she was able to change me to a better person despite the way I treated her , she gave me a second chance and unlocked every bit of my personality when I expected her to let me go and forget about me .

I kissed her cheeks which caused her to sigh slightly , I smiled and covered her body with the covers on the ground . By looking at her , it turned me on and made me want to have her as my breakfast , but judging what I have made her experience she probably need a lot of rest .

Getting up from my bed , I walked to my the bathroom and turned hot water on for a shower . Starting from my blonde hair down the rest of my body . While I was showering I kept thinking back and forth about her , I have ordered my men to bring her stuff here since she will live with me from now on and rule the oack with me as the waited Luna . But I was afraid of her reaction .

Anyway , after I finished . I wrapped a towel around my waist and started drying my hair infront of the mirror . As I kept staring at her reflection from here , memories came rushing to my mind once again , how she moaned and how her body reacted to me . That alone was enough to turn me on even more , but as much as I hate keeping my hands off her , resting was much needed for her .

Instead I moved to my private kitchen on my private place to make her breakfast . I heard that humans love it whenever their husbands bring breakfast to their bed . I wasn't a good chef but I could cook .

I started off with eggs and bacons since they were easy to make . Moving to some toast with butter and jam , because it was her favourite . I asked for the housekeepers to bring some goodies and pastries while I prepared coffee for me and warm cup of tea for my kitten .

After I was done with the breakfast , I put everything on separated plates then walked back to my room . I opened the door and pushed it with my back since my hands were busy . By the time I placed the food on the nightstand beside Ellyan's side , she was already awake taking a shower .

I knocked on the door " Kitten , the food is ready let's eat before it gets cold " I was asnwered with silence . I shrugged and checked my daily schedule .

I was working on an email when she got out with only a towel around her . I took her full frame in and smiled " Goodmorning , how are you feeling " I asked even though I knew the answer , yet again I let it be .

" Uhm I'm fine .. beside the soreness " She eyed the plates and saw the awe in her eyes , she laughed and walked to the closet . I sipped my coffee following her with my eyes , like a hungry wolf , I growled . She came out with one of my sweaters on and boxers .

That woman gonna be the death for me . She sat on the bed beside me . " how about we eat ? " She suggested . I pulled her between my legs with her back on my front . " Much better " I passed her her plate along with her cup of tea and grabbed my mine then put it on the other side from the bed , my free hand steoking her wet hair . She took a bite from her toast and moaned " This is so good " she complimented my food . " I can make that everyday Kitten " I kissed the top of her head and started a conversation .

" So ..I actually wanted to talk about something " I started , her in the other hand tensed . I smoothed her hair to calm her down " Don't worry it's nothing bad " She let out a sigh of relief and bit down on the piece of toast left . " So since you are my mate , and you are the Luna of this pack " I was trying to play my cards carefully , she was new to this and not ready for the responsibility of taking care of such a huge pack like mine , so my first goal was not freaking her out .

" I was thinking , maybe you would like to stay here with me forever " my sentence came out more like a question , she snored and looked back at me . " I thought you are going to reject me or something " Her hand came to my cheek wiping something then kissing my lips " I was thinking about it too . And my answer is yes , I'm staying my wolfie " she giggled .

A wave of joy filled my chest , meanwhile my wolf was jumping around like a puppy because she called him , or us , her wolfie .

" I'm happy you are mine " I admitted , I felt completely lost inside her beautiful brown eyes . I kept looking until she started laughing , hard .

" You look adorable " She faked wiping a tear and drank the rest of her tea at once .

" I wanna play with your wolf " she said suddenly , catching me off guard .

" You know he is not a dog and can be dangerous for your little body " I teased , indeed he can be dangerous sometimes but if she wanted to see him then the motherfucker gonna be gentle and behave .

" I need to take care of something first , and then you can have time with him " I promised as I got up gently from the bed to the closet to wear my clothes .

After saying our goodbyes and kissing session , I stepped out of my room down to my office on the other end of the building . Somehow when I moved here , I asked them to keep my office away from my apartment so that I can focus on one thing , either family or work .

I opened the door to see Dimitri waiting for me . " How are you feeling Dim " I threw a smile at him which was sent back with another one " I feel totally fine Alph-.."

" Ah , Nah , call my name " I ordered .

" Sorry , William I'm not used to it yet " He nodded " I got you some information we weren't aware of about the case ." He immediately switched to his serious self again .

" Go ahead " I allowed him to speak out . I have asked him to investigate about the reason behind the last attack . The attack no one was expecting .

" depending on researchers and asking one of the vampires we kept alive , they said that their leader Tom was trying to kill you as a revenge for beating his ass to death . B you stole his so called beloved one , who happened to be out Luna " He finished .

Rage was slowly building inside of me , despite the fact that he was dead , a side of me was so jealous and so mad because he landed his eyes on what was mine " So basically he was about to take Ellyan with him ? " He nodded and I just laughed my ass off, not becuase it was funny , but the anger . Unfortunately , I always destroy someone's plans . No one mess with Alpha's stuff especially when it comes to his mate .

However , After discussing some matters with my beta , he left for rest since he didn't fully recovered from his injuries . I finished some papers and made sure everything inside my pack was okay .

I pulled my phone out of pocket and called Ellyan . I could just look for her but I didn't want to bother her with whatever she was up to .

" Heey ! " she answered excitedly from the other end .

" Hey kitten , meet me outside the mansion if you still wanna meet my wolf , or you have pla-... "

She let out a high pitched scream " I am on my way ! "

Hello guys , hope you are all doing fine with the virus and quarantine . Please be careful and take care of yourself .

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