Unusual love

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Chapter 46 :


Ellyan and I spent the whole day at the forest nearby . She was so fascinated of how beautiful the place was , especially that most of trees were covered in snow which gave the forest a beautiful view . However , she seemed to enjoy my wolf's company as well . Ellyan would pat him and pull his ears or hop on his back and he was like a puppy .

She even confessed how cute he looked , which was acceptable for him even though he was 2 times bigger than her .

After it started to get dark , we decided to head back home . Little did she know , I ordered my pack memeber to get ready for the Luna ceremony which also meant a party and a chance for the other Alphas to join and meet wach other again .

Meanwhile Ellyan seemed to enjoy the calmness of the place and clear her mind of whatever filled it . I didn't tell her anything in order to surprise her .

When we reached the entrance of the mansion , I shifted back to my human form and wore the shorts I kept there . Everything around us was calm since everyone was inside waiting for our arrival . Ellyan rushed towards the front door but I stopped him immediately . She gave me a curious look and crossed her arms " What is wrong with you ? " She let out a giggle as I pushed her back gently .

" Can't open the door for my woman ? " I put my hand on the handle and twisted it slowly revealing what was waiting for her .

I watched her eyes open widely and her hands covering her mouth . She gazed at the event before her then and my smily face .

" welcome back kitten " I gently wrapped my hand wround her waist and guided her inside .

Whoever decorared this place did a good job . There was a white carpet taking place from the doorsteps to the stairs where the ceremony was . Which basically was at the top of the stairs , so that everyone could see who this beautiful lady belonged to .

Anyways , my pack members along with the alphas and their betas were present and well dressed for such an important event . They were surrounding the small tables that were placed around with drinks on their hands .

They payed their attention to us and bowed their heads in respect .

" what is that William ? " She whispered and held my hand tightly . Running my hand up and down her body I whispered back " It's all for you , they are here to see their Luna " I smiled and walked her towards the stairs .

" let's go change kitten " On our way to our room , whispers could be heard among the claps of people present . Positive ones of course , such as 'they look cute together ', ' can't wait to see their pups ' blah blah blah .

I smiled amd held my head high then excuse myself . She guided me and closed the door behind . " Why you didn't tell me ?? I .. I could .. m-maybe "

" shhhh , there is no need to panic , I wanted to surprise you " I put my pointy finger on her lips and gently teased them . Not able to hold back anymore , I closed the gap between us and kissed her like there was no tomorrow .

Both her hands on my chest , she pushed me away " It's not the right time to do it ! I need to get ready " She complained and disappeared inside the closet .

I in the other hands stood there in the middle of the room watching her ass move . Now wait , I am not a pervet but being a wolf and when you mark your mate , you feel strong pull towards her which makes you wanna be in bed with her all day and night , that's what I was going through .

Anyway , I took a bath and cleaned myself from the dirt then let my hair to dry by itself . The next thing was my suit , I put it on and opened the first buttons . See ladies , how fast I got ready ?

I pushed my hair back and fixed my sleeves . By the time I finished , Ellyan came out looking as beautiful as ever . She decided to go with a long black dress that hugged her curves perfectly . Honestly everything looled damn good on her , but deep down I was so annoyed and possessive because everyone could gaze at her such as that dress , the front of that damn dress showed most private part of her chest . I walked around her but lucking her back wasn't that exposed but her ass was .

" Change it " I said firmly , she looked at me while putting her earrings on . " why ?? " she asked .

" I don't like it " I crossed my arms and bit down my jaw . " I don't want anyone look at what belongs to me " I answered .

" It's not that showy you know " She admired herself on the mirror . " I really like it Will " knowing my weakness she gave me her puppy eyes .

After a long fight with myself , I let her be .

We finished getting read and head back to the ceremony holding hands . The silence fell on the room as everyone looked at us .

He father walked to us and stood next to his daughter , while my sister and Dimitri stood next to my side .

" Now that everyone is present , let's begin the ceremony " I declared and faced Ellyan .

I also was nervous but I managed to keep it down and speak my next words " Before , my pack lacked a Luna . I ruled it alone and tried to keep it together , but from now on things will change " I started my speech , my eyes didn't left hers .

Smiling at me as if she was saying continue . I gulped " Today , I found my one and only loved one . The one that will rule with me and be mine for the rest of the path " . Finally , after long fucking time without a mate and a luna , I have finally found one . The one that won't never betray me and be by my side .

" The moon godess has sent me this beautiful lady to be the next Luna of this pack " Dimitri handed me the holy necklace as my elders called it , since it was given to the very first werewolf that have ever existed on this land from the moon goddess , and it was passed through the next generations to claim their Lunas , not it was my turn .

" As an alpha I claim Ellyan Calderwood my Luna and your Luna " I came behind her and out the necklace on her . Everyone on the room cheered up and roared .

" Now you are a Luna " I whispered near her ear and kissed the back of her neck .

I never been this happy before , I never thought that one day I was going to be mated to someone since everything in my life told me I was going to die single .

But thank goddess I found her .

Thank goddess she accepted me as her mate.

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