Unusual love

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Chapter 47


It's been 2 weeks since I've become the waited Luna , and one week since William ans I got married . I asked him to because that was every girl's dream but of course we didn't invite a lot of people , especially that we trust no one anymore . However , being a Luna was never as easy as I thought it'd be . A lot of papers that lack my approval and a lot of meeting with other lunas for our next plans that aimed at young rogues and babies that don't have parents , in other words we have all agreed on stop the bloody path and killing those who want to live peacefully and have a family . I was the mother of this pack anyways and I was happy about it .

I also managed to come across the power hidden inside , I can't use ut yet but I know it was there , somewhere deep down . Maybe waiting for my rage to kick in to come out , I will have to figure this out soon.

In the end of the day , I felt drained and exhausted . I haven't seen William the whole day which setted my heart on fire . I got up from the desk he made for me and walked down towards the kitchen . The world around me suddenly started to spin , I was about to fall backwards when someone put me back on my feets from behind . I can tell who it was from the scent .

William turned me around and held my chin gently " Woah , slow down what's wrong kitten , are you alright ?? " He asked with worry and concern appeared on his face and filled his eyes . I payed him a small smile and nodded " I'm fine , just little bit dizzy " I answered , but somehow it wasn't enough for him to ease the feeling . " Did you eat your food ?? " He attacked with his endless questions . I sighed and rolled my eyes .

The time I spent with him , made me discover the corners of his personality . For example , the big wolf fears clowns and hates spiders , he adores sweets and always calm when he look all mad and riled up . Also he worry a lot .

" Babe , babe " I said softly " I am fine , I've been feeling this way for quite some time now but it's fine " I comforted but that seemed to add more worry on top of what he was already dealing with . " Why you didn't tell me !? " He yelled and I stepped back , not in fear but a room for him to breath .

" Kitten , It might be something serious " After few seconds of silence he finally spoke with calmer tone . I got closer from him and stood on my toes " I'm fine , don't you worry big wolf " I giggled and kissed his lips . He returned the same enegery . Our kiss immediately heated up and his hands came around my waist then down my thighs lifting from the ground . I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms arouns his neck without forgetting yhe spot that alwaysget him , the hair of the back of bis neck .

He groaned and stepped inside my office , we did a lot of dirty activities here but it didn't matter to either of us , we always put fun above anything and enjoy ourselves whenever we had the opportunity .

One arm was secured around my waist while the other threw the objects away from the surface of the desk causing a mess on the ground .

When he was about to tear my shirt he stopped midair and looked at me with wide eyes . " what is wrong ??are you okay ?? " I asked question after the other , he never looked at me this way when it comes to this . Did I do something wrong ?

" I felt that " he answered but most likely to his unspoken question . I stared at him and tilted my head " what do you mean , what did you feel ?? " I tried once again but he looked up and down my stomach .

" A heartbeat .. I felt that " He said with a smile on his face . I could tell he was hesitant not knowing what to do next , I , on the other side was confused too .

" I don't get a word you are saying " I shrugged . He looked up at me again , this time his eyes were teary . For the first time , I saw tears inside his ocean eyes . My heart clenched and a painful feeling took over me , seeing him this way made me wanna fight the world to bring back his smile , yet again I couldn't figure the reason behins his sadness .

He knelt down and put his head on my thighs with both his hands on my sides . I ran my fingers on his hair while he cried there on my lap . I gave him time to breath and clear his mind so that he can explain to me what was happening .

" as a werewolf , I can feel my pup's first heartbeat " his voice cracked " My pup is there , inside of you " Well , I put all the options infront of me but this one caught me off guard . Pup means a child to werewolves community which means I'm ..

Wait ..

I'm pregnant . My inner mind connected the dots . I wasn't mad or sad about it , but it came out randomly and out of no where . Besides , we always use protection how did it hap-... now that I thought about me , our first time .

" say something kitten , please " He begged , ans I just stared down at him . So he thought I wasn't happy about it ?? Wrong answer !

" I ... I am just shocked and " It was my turn to cry my eyes out , and begged for air to fill my lungs . I was laughing and crying at the same time " I'm happy for us ! "

He suddenly stoop up from his previous position and hugged me tighter that he should , I almost felt my bones cracking under his pressure . " I'm gonna be a father " He whispered and kissed mt head them my forehead " I love you Ellyan "

I smiled " I love you too William " . He placed his hand on my flat stomach and chuckled " you popped out of nowhere little one " I smacked his head and laughed again " You know he won't recognize you just yet silly " He joined my laughter " He needs to know " He shrugged and kissed my forehead again .

We stayed that way for more than 2 hours , we forgot about tiredness and pushed our worries to the side and focused on one thing that will light up our lives forever .

A life that I wished I lived before . I wisher my parents were this excited to meet me and hold me but I guess not everyone gets the perfect life . Yet again I was ready to give my life and everything to my child .

William and I child

I put my hand above William's big one and spoke the name we chose inside of my mind.

Liam James Blackstone , I can't wait to see you my child .

I already love you .

Heeeeello , hope you are doing great and healthy . Here is a very late update , something happened which made me stop writing for some time ( a week I guess ) I'm really sorry guys .
Also , thanks for your support and your beautiful comments . This story is coming to an end , few chapters left ! Aaaaahh I'm excited .

Please stay home and be careful , love you all alreadyyyyyy !
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