Unusual love

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Chapter 48 :


Every since William knew about my pregnancy , he grew lot more possessive and protective . He would growl at whoever gets close from me or even walk past me , even Dimitri , his beta, or his sister . He refused to let me work and do my duties and if I tried to he is around making sure I don't exhaust myself or do extra work . All in all , he became pain in the ass yet again cute .

Today we picked a room for soon to come baby , and started designing it . We srull don't know if it's a boy ir a girl so we went for cold shade of gray and white . As I expected , William did all the work while I watched him with a bowl of ice cream and chocolates .

While eating , I noticed that William was painting the wall shirtless , everytime he stood on his toes to reach a certain corner , his muscles flexed . I bit my lip trying my best to stay calm and not a pervert or else I would jump on his bones . But my attemps seemed to fail . I stepped towards him and hugged his waist , then kissed the center on his back . Not knowing what I was doing , I repeated the same action . He tensed under my touch and took a deep breathe .

" You know we can't do this right ? " He spoke and placed one hand on mine while his other hand kept painting the wall . " Just wanted to taste you " I answered and placed another kiss . He turned around as I felt his chest vebrating " you're being a brat " I pouted at his words but he immediately grabbed my cheeks and pulled them . " I was kidding , don't be sad "

" Hands off me , you don't love me anymore " I faked a cry and tried to walk away .

" Where are you going ? " He spoke from behind , I froze in my spot as I recognized he tone he was using . I can tell he was serious . He let out a sigh and got close from me , so close that his breathes caressed my neck .

" Turn around kitten " He ordered and I obeyed . He looked damn serious but still hot as hell especially when his wolf takes over . " what did you say ? "

I crossed my arms and held his gaze . Sometimes I can be a brat but I like teasing him , so much fun . Especially the fact that he is an easy target .

" I think I asked you something "

I shrugged and tried not to laugh at the face he was making .

" Once again kitten , what did you say ?? " At this point , the butterflies in my stomach went wild because of how deep his voice sounded and how close he was .

He leaned down and whispered in my ear " Don't provoke me , I know the game you're playing but " His arm went around my waist pulling me closer to his warm body " I can play along " He chuckled as the blush crawled to my face . When I was about to speak someone opened the door and stepped in .

William and I turned around at the same time to see who interrupted our little chit chat . " Oh fu-.. Guys get a room ! " Elena laughed more at her brother than me , then covered her eyes with her palm .

" what do you want now ?? " He said madly while he rested his chin on the top of my head and his hands on my hips .

" Dinner ?? Maybe ? You're not gonna starve the poor girl, aren't you ? " She joked . We finally came around each other again after the incident that made things tense between the two of us , but she apologized and explained herself . Now that she knew about the whole pregnancy thing , she couldn't hide her excitement but promised to keep it a secret untill William and I say it out loud to the pack and our family .

" I've been working for too long that I haven't noticed " William murmured tiredly . I pat his head and freed myself from his grip and pulled him along to dining room " Time to feed you big wolf "

" big wolf ? " Elena laugbed and kept repeating the nickname I gave him . He galred at her then smacked her head gently but it didn't stop her from making jokes out of it .

However , when we reached the room , everyone was settled down either with his loved ones or friends . Three seats were left empty for us . William sat on the head of the table with me on his right and his sister on the left , my father was beside me and infront of him sat Dimitri .

The dinner was delicious and full of joy , the atmosphere was so much better than before , even William was laughing with Dimitri at some random highschool memories . Elena and father grew lot familiar with each other , she even called him dad once which he didn't mind of course . I remember Elena telling me what a great father he was , but honestly I don't know how to respond to that especially with the tragedy that took place .

I snapped out of my thought when a familiar hand covered mine . I looked up to see my man smiling at me . My mind still couldn't come around the fact that he was mine , he promised to protect me with his life and never leave my side . I feel like I'm the luckiest person alive . I fee like ...

" time to say our little secret " he whispered to me and pushed his chair behind in order to stand up . He held a glass of red wine high in the air and smiled to his people . I stood next to him .

We were met with confused faces " Can I please get your attention " he was the first to speak , everyone stopped talking and payed attention to William . " So now that we are all together I would like to share some news . few days ago , I discovered that someone will join us in the few next months . Someone that will bring happiness and joy and also take my position as an Alpha " as he was speaking , I can feel how proud and happy he was , I can tell he can't wait to meet his child and teach him or her about life and stuff like that . Also , is he or she gonna be a werewolf since I'm a human or what ? I need to ask him .

Whisperes can be heard of people teying to fugure out what's coming their way , meanwhile some figured out amd smiled our way .

When hestopped talking I knew that my time has come , time to reveal the secret. " My dear people " Ut came out naturally but I iept going " as a part of my family I would like you to know that .. I am pregnant " I heard the females gasp and cover their mouths while the males clapped and started to congregate us followed but the females who almost broke my bones .

My father was next , his eyes were red and few tears escaped them . He pulled me to a very longed hug that was returned with one of mine . I missed him all these years and when he was badly injured then I released how much I loved him and wanted him by my side . As much as I hate to admit it , It was never his fault , he tried to protect me but didn't know how . It gonna take time to forget about ityet again it gonna be alright . I cried on his shoulder when he murdered I love you and congratulations afterwards .

" I love you too dad , I love you so much " I said it back and tightened the hug , he rubbed his hand up and down my back to calm me down . I wasn't sad , no I was really happy .

I have a family , and very big lovely family that will definitely grow over the years . I have a friends that I can trust and people to live for .

I have a beautiful, breathtaking man who will love me till the end of the road and have a little family full of little badies and midgets like him and me , but I will make sure to teach them how to treat people so they don't hurt their feelings .

As for now , I will focus on giving my whole heart to him and show him the world he was missing and fight his demons .

I took his hand in mine and kissed his lips gently and smiled at the look he was giving me , he was so clueless . " I love you "

" That was random but I love you too darling , let's start a new chapter shall we ? " He smiled back and I nodded .

Yeah , let's give this unusal love an new chapter ..

A new start with everyone we love .


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