Unusual love

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Chapter 7

I started at him for minutes trying to analyze what he just said , Ellyan Calderwood . The girl I just kidnapped is the daughter of the most wanted man on this earth , Joseph Calderwood . The man we've been chasing for years without any result , but now that we have his daughter things can get little bit better and easier for us to know more about him .

" So now if you dont mind we can continue " Dim cleared his throat and held the papers once again " Okay , so she is 21 years old , her birthday is on May the 23rd and she moved to many states because of her family issues , the most important one is the death of her mother " he continued but I was unaware of what he was saying because now ,I have a weapon to destroy my enemy , and I want to know things from her , because I don't trust what these papers had to offer . Especially that she must know stuff that no one else does , everything I need to know ..

" William ! Dude we are here , I have some stuff to tell you the fuck is wrong with you?? " He complained and I rolled my eyes knowing what he wanted , and I am not going to do it because I hate following others orders , I am me and I will do what I want and I get what I want . So instead of listening I got up and held the papers in my hands because I need to investigate for certain reasons , as for her father .. well she will tell me , because that asshole owns the largest organizations in the world specialized in killing and selling drugs and girls' bodies , I wonder if he ever tried that on his daughter , and beside all of that he is protected by more experienced and organizations, which makes it so hard to reach him or land a hand on him but if I want it then I got it especially that i have his little baby girl , Ah I can't wait blackmail him about it .

" What's now Will ?? " Dim suddenly spoke and stood up to face the huge window , I sat there holding my chin for few moments " You know what I will do " . He looked at me and I rolled my eyes , He likes to play dumb in these kind of moments to get more info , and I really hate to repeat myself or give details I don't want to give . " Man screw you ,I know what I am going to do so leave it to me " I dodged all his questions and walked towards the door , before I could touch the door handle , Dimitri sighed and placed his hand on my shoulder " William , whatever you are thinking about .. be careful " With that he opened the door and left the room .

That man .

I walked back to room through the dark hallway leading to my floor . I like my privacy even without anyone around , I sometimes feel like eyes watch me and I dont like that and I mean cameras by that .

I checked my phone for anything interesting but as usual , hoes I fucked before sending me messages and all . I sighed and bit down my jaw , " For fuck's sake " I chuckled and opened my room's door to find it empty . I felt rage rising slowly as I searched around for her little tiny figure but she was no where to be found . I left my room in rush and started looking around for anything that could lead me to her .

Down the hall ? Nothing .

Living room ? Nothing .

Kitchen ? Nothing .

Where the fuck is she ?! Did she escape from me ? Just by thinking about it I was ready to kill , ready to hurt her , ready to make her suffer but when I reached the exit I felt small presence behind me , I turned around to find my little babygirl standing there with plates on her hands . She looked ... fine with same black hoodie exposing her beautiful legs .

" Where the fuck did you go !? " I pinned her at the wall and glared at her face , she almost dropped the plates . " I ... I needed w-water and .. I-I th-thought the kitchen will be somewhere here but .. I- .. " She gulped " Got lost " If not my rage I'd pull her cheeks and tease her but she didn't ask my permission or ever talked about it .

I grabbed her soft cheeks tightly with one hand and brought my face closer to her , close enough to feel her warm breathes on my face and with a hiss I said " Do that again , and I swear baby ... you will get hurt , badly " I let go and I saw red marks on both her cheeks duo to the force I used on her . Well that was gentle to me . She didn't dare to move from her place , but her eyes said everything . Eyes that are now filled with tears threatening to run down her cheeks , I snatched the plates from her little hands and threw them at the wall . " You better move little girl .. " I warned but she didn't move , I crossed my arms and looked down at her " You deaf ?? "

no response .

" oh no no no don't cry babygirl , Daddy will take care of the mess .. " I joked and glared again " You better move before I lose it " .

Yeah , she looks disappointed and cringed because she thought I will really comfort her . Well I don't do that here or anywhere else . She finally decided to move .

" Go straight and turn right . That's your room " I smirked and shook my head .

Ellyan :

I was really lost , why can't her understand that ? That place is huge and I can't even tell how big it is . But hey look at the bright side ! I finally breathed fresh air alone and had a tour , isn't it ?

Isn't it ??

I had fun right ?? I am looking at the bright side right ?? Why am I hurt ?? Why I can't stand him treating me like that ? Who am I kidding ? He kidnapped me and now treating me like a doll . That really hurts my feelings .. I haven't slept in days because of this , I am living a nightmare there's no bright side in that nothing but darkness and only God knows how long I will stay here . Maybe forever .

I followed his instructions with my heart on fire , and eyes crying themselves out .. I found myself infront of a darker door , wait his room's door wasn't that dark ! Am I going to get a room !?

I opened the door in excitement but my smile immediately dropped and my heart as well . The room wasn't as I expected , comparing to the other rooms and everything that's a cage . It is literally small and smells bad , with old painted walls and that colour makes you wanna kill yourself right away , add to that the dust that was covering the majority of it . There is not much furniture here, just a mirror, a closet , a whistling bed and a window .. no sheets , no blankets .

I can't stay here , I don't want to sleep here . I stepped backwards and I suddenly hit a hard chest that smelled familiar .

" that's your punishment baby , you will stay here till you learn that escaping daddy is bad " He stated and I was ready to argue with him but he put a finger on my lip shutting me down , I shook my head and tried to speak but his stare was unbearable .. not scary but daring me to talk , but I don't want this to get worse than it is already so I looked down and slammed the door at his face not caring that he will get mad . Fuck it !

I walked to the cold bed and lied down .. I need to sleep , I have to .. but who am I talking to ??

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