Unusual love

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Chapter 8

I can't feel the majority of my body , I've been sitting on this cold floor for hours now , it's getting colder and I only have this oversized hoodie that belongs to that monster and I don't know how much time I will spend inside this cage , hopefully for more hours . I thought my life would not get worse but God has another way to deal with it , all I wanted and want is my freedom .. it was just a dream and a wish when I was young since my father was very strict when it came to charity, given the work he was doing while my mother was always worried about my pure soul and body because she knew how cruel this hell was, so I spent most of my time learning from her and books I used to read , but after that traumatic incident , all these old hopes were destroyed and replaced by nightmares and I am living one now ... when it gonna end ?? I don't know .

A knock pulled back to reality , but I didn't dare to look at that person and then the door opened and a strong scent hit my nostrils , it doesn't belong to William so my mind started to panic .

" I brought you food , eat it .. you need it okay?? " Said the person who now placed the plate beside me , at this point I felt like an animal , there's no night stand or table , and I won't never let that happen .. I'm not eating it ! My dignity matter !

" I think you won't talk to me but here.. I'm Dimitri .. will's best friend , if you need anything tell me " The voice faded right after the door closed again , he left .

I turned around to make sure that I am alone , that guy was Dimitri I think I heard his name before ? Oh yeah , when that big guy tried to rape me .. but till now I don't know how that Dimitri looks like , all what I can say he is as big as William or he is smaller than Will , I dont know and I don't want to know .

I gazed at the plate , and it looks so tasty which made stomach growl but I instead ignored it and sit down where I was before . Tonight is beautiful , the sky looks clear with the moon shows itself proudly along with he stars glowing around it , that alone made me smile for the first time today , I really admire it .

But I ended up asleep , in a very uncomfortable position . The next day my back was completely aching as well as my neck , I didnt sleep well because I kept seeing nightmares and waking up every now and then because of the cold . But after all I did have some sleep . I got up and stretched causing few cracks , but my back pained more so I immediately stopped . I pulled the hood over my head and lift the hoodie a little bit up for some of warmth just to get surrounded by a familiar smell , I think I like it now , not because it belongs to that person but it's calming and feels like ... home .

No Ellyan!! No , it's William's ! It doesn't feel like that!

I scolded myself but who am I lying to ?? My mind already accepted that fact , even if it is what it is ,I like it and no one can change it , suddenly the door flies open and Dimitri walked it with another plate on his hand , I looked at him and Oh my god what is that ?? Is everyone here that handsome??! That man who is scanning me from head to toe is breathtaking ! With that silver hair that matched his baby blue eyes , and that little cute heart below his eye made him even more cuter , without talking about his body ladies .

" Why you didn't eat your dinner ?? " he asked and joined me " and you didn't move from your spot either " He continued and I looked down , unable to talk and I don't know what to say either so I remained silent . " Okay look , you can always talk to me , I am not as .. possissive as William " he admitted and I sighed . " You are all the same " I murmured to myself . If only I could say that outloud !

The next few minutes we spent it talking about each others and getting to know each other more , but that doesn't mean we are friends or anything besides he left right after he got an important call - his words - and now I am with my thoughts alone . Again I skipped another meal , I just drank water because I needed it . well little do you know I can stay like that for another day before I start thinking with my stomach .

I spent the rest of my day thinking about what would happen to me and how long I would be imprisoned here. The maids didn't leave me alone. They knocked on the door every 5 minutes to make sure I didn't run away which pissed me off , but I know who to blame for this , he can't even leave me in peace even if he is not around .. and I am still hurt from what he thought about me , he misunderstood me !

Now its 5 : 43 PM , how did I know ?? I asked the damn maid that kept coming to me , I asked her to take the plates but she refused but she finally accepted after long time of convincing and threatening , yeah I threatened her to leave me alone and take that food away because I won't eat as long as I'm stuck here , so let's play Mr William .

It is dark now , I am freezing , my stomach is growling and I feel like I am catching cold , but more than that I am just fine .

Plot twist ! I'm not fine .. I feel as if someone is beating my head with a hammer, my body trembles like I am completely naked, and hunger is all serious now , and at the moment I lost all my senses except the pain, my body , my head , my stomach .. I think I will die ? Well I don't think I want to go away this way . I weakly touched my forehead but I can't feel anything , suddenly I feel hot and breathing became even harder , I started peeling the clothes I am wearing but it didn't help , I'm hot or cold I don't know anymore .

I couldn't take it any longer so I started crying , crying for my bad luck for my miserable life for my damn pain , everything . Slowly my cries were more noticeable after about hours .. two or two and half , maybe minutes because time is crawling ... and my mind is busy thinking about what I going through .

The maid stepped in hesitantly to find my upper half on the mattress while the other one on the floor , I can sense her fear and confusion but that didn't stop her from coming closer , " H-...Help me " That's all my mouth could spell clearly , but the stupid woman panicked and and got even more confused so she yelled one thing...

William .

Hello guys! Hope you are enjoying my story . Just a quick question , should I make the chapter little bit longer or is it fine that way ??
Love you all <3
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