Unusual love

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Chapter 9 :

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William :

Today was so hard and important to me , I canceled all my plans and meetings just for that event , my men called me and asked me to be there right away the reason was a man I always wanted to catch, and now I have finished a problem that could've been the last for me , and since I got rid of him I can rest for little bit , and have my own time to plan and decide what to do next . As you don't know I am a very very cautious man who plans for every step he takes , I have made a lot of serious mistakes that led to the death of most my friends and relatives .. and I am not ready to do it over again .

I opened my room's door and took off all my clothes expect for my boxers , I moved towards the bathroom and turned the lights on to reveal a very stressed yet hot me , no doubt . I am busy yeah but I never forget about myself so I make sure to have extra time for it , when I was about to get into the bathtub and have my time a knocked disturbed my mood and I know exactly who . So I threw my head back and shouted giving him permission to step it .

The steps got closer and they stopped on the door , a very voice I am familiar with spoke and I sensed kind of worry so I opened one eye and looked at him . " What's up Dim ? " I asked still gazing at him , his adam's apple moved up and down which made me pay more attention to whatever he is about to say . I sighed and asked once again impatiently " Dim you better speak or fuck off " , I know something is wrong when he takes his time , probably picking his words carefully since he knows about my anger issues . After what it seemed to be seconds he took deep breath " Ellyan didn't eat anything last night or even today "He stopped and cleared his throat " She kept sending the plates with the maid who were watching her " He finished and I growled . Why she needs to behave like that ?!

I stood up and wrapped a towel around my waist , I didn't bother drying my hair so I just pushed it back and rushed towards her room , only to hit one of the maids , I was about to curse but her pale face made me step back and look at her questionably . She was scared of something and my looks added another layer of fear as if she was about to faint , so I crossed my arms and waited .

" S-s-s-sir , El.. Ellyan is .." I interrupted with the louder 'huh' I've ever made , and at this point I felt rage rising up slowly but thankfully dim was behind me to calm me a little and gave me a look of 'let her continue ' .

" Go ahead Sarah , what's wrong with Ellyan ? " Dimitri asked softly from behind since my words refused to leave my mouth . " Sh.. She fainted and .. she .. asked .. help from me but I didn't know what to do " She finished and my eyes went huge , it took me while to analyze her words and understand the meaning , but when I did .. my body lost it temperature and I felt my legs giving up on me , my heart racing inside my chest and my breathes coming short and faster than usual , a new feeling replaced the previous one , it was so weird to feel this way .. worried .

I was seeing red , nothing more nothing less . I started walking , faster .. and fater till I started running towards the little room I felt her in and then .. I saw her little figure lying on the bed , she was pale but when I got closer I noticed that her cheeks were red and she was sweating . I got closer and closer from the bed , then I was on the floor gazing at my little flower ..

She's still breathing but I can say that it was much harder than anything else , I picked her up and yelled at everyone around us including Dimitri , but I dont know what was I saying because all my mind and heart was focusing on the hot body in my arms , then I realized that all I want now is her innocent looks, her positive energy, her beautiful brown eyes and he smile that I have never seen before , I don't know what is she doing to me but I can't help the feeling inside my chest , she is too pure for my world , despite the cruelty of my heart I still believe she does not deserve what she is going through , despite my selfish inner I still want to see her smiling , I fucked her life and I am fucking it again . I have to do something before it's too late .

I'm falling .

I kicked my room's door open and rushed towards the bathroom and then I put her on the bathtub and allowed the cold water to cool down her burning figure , I have to do something about it before it's too late .

I'm falling .

I gently shook her , once and twice , gently slapping her cheeks and called her name softly along with words and sentences I could never say in her face . I shook her again and this time she let out a small whimper ! She is waking up ! I pulled her closer and kept talking to her so that she stays awake till the doc arrives and check on her , before it's too late .

Fuck I'm falling !

We sat there with her in my arms and I won't lie , I like how her body completes mine as a missing piece of a puzzle , both of us dripping wet but I didn't care because all what matter is her , if she is fine then I will be too .

" William ! The doctor is he-.. " Dimitri stopped when he saw our position , sitting on bathtub with a girl on my lap and we are both wet af , I mean we look like lovers .

' Soon , this position will repeat itself but with another atmosphere ' I murmured to myself and Dimitri slowly got closer , "William Doctor is here , take her out of water now " He spoke softly and I asked him to bring the doctor to my room so I will be there watching over her as I expected he obeyed.

The next moments were living hell , about half an hour the doctor left after she was diagnosed and everything .

" She suffers from fever , and she didn't eat anything for days as the maids reported, which increased the severity of the disease, so she must stay in bed for a while, and eat her meals at the time as well as medicine " was all he said .

Hours passed by , and I am still waiting for her to wake up .. putting both my elbows on my knees and my chin on my hands .

That was my position for the entire night ..

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