Billionaire's Ex-Wife

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VII. First Day of Work

Vivian’s POV:

Exiting the bus, Bob helps me carry the stroller off. He leans downward and waves at Marisa. “Have a good day.”

Suddenly, she burst out into tears causing me to freeze momentarily. I unbuckle her and grab her, “Why are you crying?”

Bob threw up an arm and inhaled his armpit. “I’m sorry. Do I smell?”

I rock Marisa over my shoulder before I grab the milk bottle from the back, praying she is merely hungry. Immediately, Marisa sucks against the tip, and I sigh, “She’s probably just hungry. This morning she refused to drink her milk from Lisa.”

Bob exhales and nods before running his sleeve across his forehead. “Have a good day at work,” he said, before leaping into the bus. I wave at Bob, who smiles and closes the door. Soon, the bus disappears around the corner with the other soul-sucking corporate workers.

Exhaling a breath, I set Marisa down, buckle her up, and stroll her inside the company. Marisa rests there, still with fresh tears while her cheeks suckle the bottle. The bottle drops, and I sigh, glaring at it momentarily before I duck down to pick it up. A man rudely kicked it out of the way before, and I wanted to glare at him, but he disappeared out of the double door.

“Does it kill people to have some common courtesy?” I duck down once more, but a hand captures the bottle before I can.

“Sometimes, it does kill them.” I look up to see Gianni with the bottle.

He hands it to me. “Thank you.” I smile, before tucking the bottle back in the bag. I tumble my fingers along with the stroller and smile tensely, “So-” boss “how are you?”

Gianni chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest. “Relax, Vivian, I’m not going to eat you-” I exhale, “well, not in front of all these witnesses anyways.”

I tense up and lean back slightly before bursting out into a forced laugh. “You got jokes.” I wonder if this is the right moment to slap his arm casually, but I’m afraid he might cut it off and hit me with it for inappropriately touching him.

Gianni smiles, “Sure...Jokes.”

Eventually, the laughter dies down, and mind you; I was the only one laughing. I stood there, waiving my eyes back and forth, realizing Gianni won’t say anything else. Steadily, I took a step back, ”Ummm, pardon me-” boss “I need to go drop off Marisa and clock in.”

Gianni leans downward and brushes Marisa’s unexisting bush of hair. “Hey there, sweetheart, looking as handsome as ever.”

I frown at his statement. Marisa is pretty! Why are you calling her handsome! Gianni straightens himself out. “Well, see you in the office, Miss Blanc.”

I nod and tailor my way towards the daycare center. Glancing back, Gianni was still staring at me, causing the sweat to dwell down faster. Out of sight and hidden behind a plant, I threw my butt in the air, to ensure that I didn’t sit on anything this morning. “Maybe, he thinks you have a nice ass.” Liar.

Shaking my head, I stroll back to the lobby to see Gianni’s spot vacant. Quickly, I straddle towards the front desk to see Cheryl. “Woah there, co-worker.” It seems like she got the memo that I’m hired. “I just saw you disappear around the corner. Why are you back?”

“Well, I was actually running away from Gianni because breathing the same air as him makes me anxious.” Cheryl shook her head, but I couldn’t stop blabbing, “It’s just he signs my paychecks, which I desperately need and this job! I really need it. It’s not like Gianni isn’t nice. He seems nice except for the odd nicknames he gave his co-workers, which isn’t so nice.”

“Well, it’s nice to know that you think I’m nice but also not so nice.” I froze at that voice. Steadily, a body appears from behind the desk with a folder and grin. “What’s going on, Miss Blanc-” no longer Vivian, “why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Cheryl sighs, pressing her fingers against her forehead before she slaps Gianni’s arm. “Stop being mean to her, Gianni. She’s nervous enough.”

He rubs his arm, “How dare you hit your boss! Plus, I didn’t even mess with - oddio, are you crying?”

Placing a hand on my cheek, there was a strand of tear lurking down. “Oh my gosh, I’m crying.”

Cheryl hit Gianni again. “See what you did! You made her cry!” She turns towards me and pulls out a tissue. “Calm down, sweetheart. You’ll be okay.”

I grab it, dabbing it against the edge of my eyes to ensure the makeup won’t smear. When I realize there was a stingy sensation, I notice it’s because one of my lashes got into my eyes. “Oh, I’m fine. My lashes-”

Cheryl cut me off, “Gianni, why are you standing there? Help Vivian find the daycare center! It’s obvious she is lost!”

“Cher, aren’t you afraid I’m going to fire you?”

She rolls her eyes, “Good luck finding another gal who will keep all those crazy ex and fangirls away.”

Gianni grin, “You’re my favorite receptionist. You know that?”

Cheryl waved us away, “Leave. Leave. I got work to do.”

Gianni walks towards me, “Let us not disturb the best receptionist in the world.” He winks at Cheryl, who grants him another eye roll, “Come on.”

I walk behind Gianni, quiet as a mouse. People would often face him and bow down with respect, which he returns.

“If you were lost earlier-” he presses the elevator button, “why didn’t you tell me?”

I bit the edge of my tongue. “Well...I...umm.”

Gianni exhales, “All because I’m in a higher position with more power, much more attractive, and makes more money than you doesn’t mean I’m not like you common folks.”

I turn my head, “What?” Did he call me common?

“We-” he points his finger at me than him “are-” He places two hands in the air and level it, “the same.”

“Except you’re more attractive, wealthier, and much more powerful than me?”

He pats my back, “You’re going to fit in just fine here.” Gianni nodded. The elevator ding, and he stepped out. “Coming equivalent co-worker?”

I quickly nod and walk after him with the stroller in my hands. “Mr. Galilei,” they would respectfully greet him before he dismisses them with a nod.

"Umm, Mr.Galilei,” I said quietly, hearing the wheels squeaking in the silent hallway.



“You may call me Gianni.”

I scratch my head, wondering if I should accept his proposal. “I think I’ll stick to Mr.Gal-”

“I’m the man who takes part in signing your weekly paycheck.”

“Understood, Gianni.” He nods and presents me with a wide grin. I continue following him, peeking ever so slightly. “Can I ask you something, Gianni?”


“Why did you guys give me this internship?”

He ran his hand across his jawline before puckering his lip. “You left an impression on us.”

“That’s all?”

He nods, “Everything about you is quite ordinary from your physical appearance to your skills.” Now, that is damaging to my self-esteem, “However, we like the baby.”

I stop walking, tilting my head towards him. “You...hire me because you like Marisa?”

He nods, “Cute baby.”

“You thought Marisa was a boy.”

“A cute baby is a cute baby!”

I exhale a breath before hearing some screams. Turning at a corner, the daycare came to display. “Here we are-” Gianni said, and a woman came up to greet us, “Agatha will help you with all the paperwork in enrolling cute little Marisa.” He pinches Marisa’s cheek, causing her to giggle.

Gianni hides his hands behind him. “I’ll see you around.”

I nod, “Thank you for showing me the way Gianni.”

Gianni’s smile, “We also like your speech,” he said, before walking out the brown door.

I stood there, unable to contain the happiness as Agatha introduced me to the daycare center. After filling out some paperwork, I waited with Marisa in my arms for Agatha to finish punching everything in. “May I know why Marisa’s last name is different?”

I suck in my cheeks, “Marisa is my fourth adopted brother’s daughter, who suicides after his wife passed away with cancer.”

Agatha chuckled, “Or you can merely tell me that it’s her father’s surname.”

I ran my tongue across my cheek, “We don’t exactly look the same, so I was concerned.”

“I’ll assume the baby is adopted.”

“It’s okay if Marisa isn’t my child?”

She tucks a hair back, “This is a multi-million dollar company. The last thing everyone is concerned about is taking care of a baby who isn’t related to the employee.” She began typing, “I’ll put Marisa down as your daughter, so you don’t need to bring additional paperwork to why Marisa is underneath your custody.”

After Agatha finished, I handed Marisa over. “Be good for your fake mommy,” I told her.

“I advise you not to go around saying that,” Agatha said.

I nod, “Oh, milk and dia-”

“I believe you didn’t read the additional paperwork. We provide Diapers, milk, and all essentials.”

“I love this place already,” I said, kissing Marisa’s cheek. “Bye, Marisa. Thank you, Agatha.”

Soon, I rushed towards my floor, grateful that I decided to come to work early. I step inside the elevator with a full planting smile. Squeezing a hand on top of the other, my right leg refuses to stop shaking. “Relax, Vivian. Chill. You’ll do great on your first day. They hire you for a reason. Chill. Chill.”

Once the elevator ding, I took one step at a time, feeling my armpits sweating a waterfall. When I reached the designated room, my smile widened; seeing the workers behind the double glass door - punching in the temporary number they gave me since I don’t have a pass, the light turned green. I took a deep breath before reaching the silver handle and opening it.

“You call yourself a designer!” that voice, “Even my fucking cat can paw down something better than this!”

I froze at the door, eyes staring forward at the scenery in front of me. Becca threw the folder across the room, causing the paper to scatter all over the pattern tiles.

“Get out!”


“Get out of my office!”

Immediately, the employee ran out.

Her eyes pinned me. “Violet!”

Is she calling me?

“Get me a triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato,” she orders. Do I look like a barista?

I took a few blinks, and she looks back down at her papers. Someone tugs my shirt. “What are you doing? Why are you standing there? Go get Mrs.Baker the coffee.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m the new intern, and I don-”

She gasps, “You’re the new intern?” I nod. “Oh, may God bless you.”

“Vinh! Where is my coffee!”

“I’m going to make this quick,” the girl said, pushing up her glasses. “Your desk is over there, right in front of Ms.Baker’s office. The desk has everything you need, from a laptop to pens. There is also a phone to use for work. The copy machine is down the hall, and you need a pass to enter.” She ran towards a room while I was still stunned by the situation. “I don’t have time to make you a pass now, so here is one from the last intern. If you stay here for over a week, I’ll make you an official one.”

"Umm, okay?”

“Ms.Baker’s favorite coffee shop is in the lobby, and the number is on speed dial one on the phone. Call them before you go down there and tell them you’re Ms.Baker intern. Always bring in a cup of water. Also, even if your title is intern, you might as well tell everyone you’re her assistant.”


“Valentina! I’m getting thirsty!”

“Godspeed,” she said, walking off.

Oh Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

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