the bad boy's sunshine [COMPLETED]

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hi there! my name is Ophelia Bellerose and I just moved from London England to New York to a new foster family. I'm 17 and going into what the American's call "senior year". I'm not the type to draw too much attention my way because it only brought me trouble, I learned that the hard way... even though I always seem to be in the spotlight.I'm sassy, sarcastic and I hate bullies! let's just say that elements of my past have changed me in a way that I no longer trust. Till an idiot in my new school crossed my path and man I wasn't expecting the outcome... ----_____________ A/N I don't own any of the pictures. And this story is subject to copyright so, don't steal my ideas! This story gets better with time so please give it a chance :) Completed on 10/02/19

Romance / Action
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chapter 1

Ophelia Bellerose:

A/N this is what Ophelia's hair colour and length is.

After the longest trip of my life I finaly arrived in front of the house of my new foster family. This was probably the 7th family I have been to since I was 8 years old. You get used to the system changing you about. And when you land in the orphanage at such an 'old' age you have lost the chance to get adopted, so they hand you from family to family until that said family doesn't want you anymore and the cycle starts again...

But this time the change was a huge one for me. Why? well because they sent me in a freacking different country, not only a different country but a bloody different CONTINENT!

I was still in my thoughts and thinking how could they make me move so far away after what happened, that i didn't see the people coming straight at me. I was standing in the street with my bags at my feet and the orphanage lady a few feet away with her clip booard waiting to sign me off to the new family, looking like she had had enough of me already and couldn't wait to get rid of me. to be honest I wasn't very pleasant with her because she wasn't with me. I miss Benji, the guy that looked after me after what happened with my last family... He was american and he worked part time for the orphanage i was last in. But they snatched me away from him. the only person i actually liked and took care of me.

With out realising my hands turned into fists and some lady took me in her arms followed by some bloke. when i realised what was going on , I pulled away and said

" what the hell guys! give a girl some space! haven't you heard the 'stranger danger' rule?"

By that time I was even more mad then I was before. I looked towards the lady that hugged me and she seemed quite sad after what i had just said. I couldn't bare seeing her like that so I put my head down and started fiddling with my hair elastic around my wrist, making it slap agaisnt it as my punishment for being so rude.

The man however looked at me with a smile and said the following in a deep new yorker accent:

" well, ain't you full of caracter! the boys are gonna love you!"

"boys? what boys?"

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. last time there were boys in my foster family... Well let's just say they either treated me like a little sister and kept me safe or they would try things with me that weren't very catholic (not that i believe in God or anything). The man saw the look of panic start to forme on my face and called out the boys saying

"don't worry they are very obedient"

The biggest smirk came accross this lips and i looked towards the lady who was also smiling they winked to each other and the man whislted and yelled " come here boys!" . Bear this in mind, we are in the streets of new york i have bags of stuff at my feet, cars are passing by, so are people and the lady that took me here was still waiting for the new family to sign me off when these two big german shepherd dogs come running down the building stairs one of them barking. I bent down to greet them and it turns out that it was a big german shepherd and a smaller version of the big one, a puppy!!!

At that moment in time the biggest smile came on my face as i was sat on the floor with these two beautiful dogs with me. I must say I love animals and I really love dogs of any shapes and sizes. the couple bent down and the older dog came and sat next to the man. He then said

"This is Rex, he is 5 years old. and that little monster in your arms is Teddy Bear. we are the Anderson's. this is my wife Mollie and i'm Trey. Sorry for the late introductions and the hugging but we are so happy to have you here with us."

he had such a soothing voice and spoke to me very softly. I'm guessing not to freak me out or anything. i looked over to Mollie and she had now a sweet smile accross her lips. I thought for a second that seeing me smile or how the dogs calmed me down made her smile but who am I kidding? Most of the previous foster families I had started all lovey dovey and then dumped me like an old rag!

My attention went to Teddy and I just said back to them not looking them in the eye

"hi! i'm Ophelia. Ophelia Bellerose."


A/N: this is my first story on any platform so please start off slow with me, and sorry if ever there are spelling mistakes or the punctuation is not super great.

i'll try to update as much as i can but i do have school and other activities and writing this is like my get away.
Fyi i like to curse and so do my characters.

feel free to leave a comment and tell me how you like it so far!

till next time! xxxx :)

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