Beauty Is The Beast

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All I wanted was one night, one night to be wild and myself. I didn't ask for him, and I certainly didn't ask for this.

Romance / Humor
Queen Vega
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I slammed the glass down, glaring at the bartender. "Is that really the strongest you got?"

He looked me over, a smirk forming. "I don't think a pretty little thing like you can handle the strongest I've got." After what I've been through, a strong drink was like sipping water.

I leaned forward, unwillingly inhaling the smell of cigarette coming from him. "Try me." He walked away to grab two shot glasses, placing them both in front of me. I came to this bar with one goal in mind, get so drunk I forget my name. So far, I've been failing thanks to the stingy bartender.

"I take it you're trying to destroy your liver tonight, so I may as well join." He poured us both a drink, winking at me.

I grabbed mine, taking a whiff. The smell alone almost burned my nose hairs, this is exactly what I've been wanting. "Drinking on the job? How professional." I downed the shot, slamming my glass down once again. No matter how much I drank, my vision still wasn't blurring. I swore, "Give me another one."

All humor left his face, now he looked worried. "I don't think so." He grabbed both the shot glasses taking them to the sink.

A snarl left my lips. "Ever heard the customer is always right? Meaning I have a right to another drink!" If he wasn't going to serve me then I'll just go to another bar, I needed to get drunk. I needed to feel something. I needed to prove that what he said to me wasn't true, none of this was real.

"As the bartender I have the right to stop serving a customer if I feel they have reached their limit. So far you've had four shots of vodka, three of ever clear, and one of our death bombs. I know for a fact you're at the limit." I was tired of him talking and not making me a drink.

My hand curled into a fist, I was seconds away from jumping over the counter, when I suddenly felt a strong presence. A presence I knew all too well. My head whipped around, but all I saw was people dancing and drinking. There's no way he found me here, I was careful, I covered my tracks. The sinking feeling in my stomach told me otherwise though. He was here, somewhere. "Hello? Did you hear me? I think I should call you a cab." I faced the bartender again, feeling the overwhelming urge to get out of here.

"That won't be necessary." My body stiffened upon hearing his voice. The heat on my back alerted me exactly where he was. He was always hot, therefore there was always a blaze of heat around him.

I turned slowly, my body shaking in fear. He glared down at me, a dark murderous look in his eyes. I crossed the line this time. He had one rule, and I broke it. From the dark purple suit he was wearing I could tell he was in a meeting when my news of escaping reached him. I was in deep shit.

"Ma'am, do you know this man?" I vaguely heard the bartender ask. He didn't take his eyes off me as the bartender spoke. His jaw clenched.

"Uh...I-yeah." I swallowed thickly. It felt like the air had been sucked right out the room.

"Are you sure ma'am?" he asked again. His eyes flashed hearing the bartender, he was getting angrier by the minute. The longer I sat here the more I put these people lives in danger.

"Get.Up.Now." Each word was wrapped in a growl. I could feel a bead of sweat run down my forehead. I jumped down from the stool, making sure not to touch him. He turned swiftly, a silent order for me to follow him. The crowd parted for him as we made our way through. They didn't know who he was, but even they could feel his power. It wasn't until we were outside that I finally found my voice.

"Lucifer, please."

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